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About Daniel

I am a unique mix of a creative and technical personality, an artist with a very logical and analytical approach to life and learning. I have my college degree and technical training as well, but the tools I treasure are the experiences I have had of learning HOW to learn something for myself, and learning by doing. I have been able to share that with many others in the past, of all ages. I understand how each person has a natural ability to hold on to certain things passionately, and just not care about others, There is often a way to bridge that gap in learning to make a subject relevant to real life! My grandfather did this for me one summer with geometry. I took what he taught me about his shed roof, and took my own students to the soccer fields to make perfect right angles and circles in a way that brought geometry to life for them.

I am a Kinesthetic learner, which means I am particularly able to learn something by engaging my body in motion, or playing with something in my hands! Tutoring is often about learning how you learn, and how to make the material real and alive. I possess the patience and personal experience with creative distraction that helps me relate to many people who may struggle learning. If a student just needs help studying a subject, that is easy. There are many ways to memorize lists or paragraphs of text by engaging more than just your eyes and ears to reading or listening. I can start right in with a subject to find the trouble spots, and once we identify together how you learn, it makes learning any subject much easier!

A little history of me:
I was raised in some great New England private schools, but went to a public high school specifically for the diversity and creative experiences available there. I believe it is a privilege to speak and write correctly, but that does not make me judge others who have not had the same opportunities. I like to share my excitement for life, and for learning, but do not approach it in an overbearing way. And I like to listen and learn from people as much as share my experience with learning.

My passion for working with young people grew out of a desire to be like my 4th grade teacher who always had a kind word of encouragement, and believed in me. I followed my creative passions simultaneously as an artist and a camp director, waterfront instructor, art tutor and wilderness guide in the summers, and photographer, athletics director, and computer graphics lab instructor. Now that I have five children of my own, and a career in graphic communication, I still have that passion to work with people, as I do often at my local community.
I am a unique mix of a creative and technical personality, an artist with a very logical and analytical approach to life and learning. I have my college degree and technical training as well, but the tools I treasure are the experiences I have had of learning HOW to learn something for myself, and learning by doing. I have been able to share that Read more

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I am laid back and flexible, but passionate about learning! If you have a need, let's talk!

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In-person lessons

"Very patient and thorough"

- Emily, Franklin, TN on 6/4/15

"Committed teacher and artist"

- Mike, Nashville, TN on 2/26/16

"Photoshop LE"

- George, Brentwood, TN on 7/17/15

"Professional, personable, and extremely helpful"

- Jamie, Nashville, TN on 4/6/15

"A Great Photography Accountability Partner"

- Rudy, Nashville, TN on 1/16/14
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Adobe Illustrator

I am an Adobe Illustrator Expert - I have worked with illustrator since the early days of vector based illustration tools. My experience with vector illustration began with Gem Draw - the vector tool which later became the drawing tools of the Corel Suite. Currently I work with vector illustration both in technical applications, editing PDF documents and designing logos and technical art, also in creative style as creator of a newsletter comic strip.

Adobe InDesign

I started using InDesign professionally about 12 years ago, publishing small journals. I went on to work for several publishers and help integrate Adobe InDesign to replace the former workflow. I am still an avid user of InDesign as my primary tool for designing print materials and even interactive PDFs. this is my bread and butter, I love it, and I enjoy teaching it!

Adobe Photoshop

I have been a Professional Adobe Photoshop Artist, designer, and photo editor, since 1998. I still work in the Photoshop on a daily basis as a creative professional, and enjoy teaching it to beginner and intermediate users. I can help you become a power user, with tips and shortcuts, and a deep understanding of the most powerful tools Photoshop has to offer.

Bible Studies

I grew up the son of a preacher, and grandson of a Nazarene minister. I have attended Christian schools for most of my life, and when I was in public high schools, I was leading the Bible study after school. I attended two Christian colleges, completing New Testament and Old Testament studies with high marks, among other bible studies. I teach Sunday school, and teach my own five children directly from the Bible. I was a camp counselor and became camp program director at a Christian camp where I worked for 8 summers, and developed my own Bible study curriculum for both 8-11 and 12-15 age groups. I continue to study the Bible regularly and with an open mind to new understanding nearly every day. I do not hold to a particular denomination, but my children are part of a Baptist school, and I am active in an independent, Bible believing church.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing support is a significant part of my current full-time Creative Services position which I've held since 2006. I am a trained graphic designer, but continually am called on to offer support for basic users in desktop publishing. I understand the need for everyone to be able to improve their level of communication design using the tools they have at hand, and I frequently am called upon to train professionals in understanding basic principles of publishing from alignment, placement, scaling and quality of images, to preparing files for print and getting what you expect from the printer, either a desktop printer or professional printer. I also can help people understand the basics of finding and using images, including copyright issues related to images found on the internet.


I have studied art and illustration all of my life and taught individual art lessons to children at summer camp and as a paid tutor. My drawing expertise is in portrait drawing in pencil, or pen and ink, and I tend to draw in a very realistic, but loose fashion. I have taken the skill set to professional digital illustration as well. Currently I sell illustrations on stock art websites, and am building an online gallery of illustrations for sale.

General Computer

I grew up with computers starting in the 80s, and have worked in programming in software development, as well as graphic design technology and working in desktop publishing. More importantly, I currently teach and train people who do not understand technology, and I have the patience and experience working with all ages and learning styles! Currently I teach and train an advanced technical course in Nolensville Tennessee, and I can help you find the right services, software, and help you to connect your devices in your home or small office.


I've been a computer technician since the early days of computers, and I naturally speak the language of computers. Not everyone has to be technical or experienced to really learn the ease and efficiency of a Macintosh computer, iPad, iPhone or similar device. They are designed with the user in mind, and the user can quickly learn what the computer can do, and is designed to do. My broad experience helps when someone is transitioning over to the Mac world from Microsoft PCs, or from Android devices.


A big part of my profession as a graphic artist relies on photography. I have studied with some great photographers to hone my skills and help me understand and apply natural light, reflected light and artificial, or studio light. The principles of design apply to taking a good photograph, and understanding how light is transformed in your camera, may help you understand all these technical settings. Even the iPhone camera is subject to the principles of light and the limitations of available light. I can help you understand how to use the most simple point-and-shoot camera to take good pictures. I can also train you in the use of your DSLR and related professional photography equipment through hands on shooting experience.


I've been playing for over 30 years on teams, and continue as an adult. As a director, I run leagues, train coaches, and work in preschools to train youth in advanced footwork skills, helping to develop muscle memory and specific high level footwork. I understand the process of learning by doing, especially among artists and athletes, and I have the technical understanding to analyze mistakes and break down moves into their elements for better understanding.

Special Needs

As a camp counselor and camp director at New England Frontier Camp for 8 years, I worked with children with various levels of distraction and learning disability. Highly functioning individuals with Downs Syndrome and many and children on medication for disorders such as Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit. I worked with them teaching water sports such as swimming and canoeing. I involved them in question answer sessions involving reading and answering questions designed for self improvement and self evaluation, such as Bible study times, and also skills classes, such as fire building and archery, which involved learning the skill as well as knowledge tests.


I worked for 8 summers as a lifeguard, swimming, canoe, sailing and windsurfing instructor at a summer camp, teaching proper swimming technique to new swimmers. I excel in water rescue swimming technique to help someone prepare to become a lifeguard. I also can work on specific technique with young people who have a basic comfort level in the water. I can teach correct diving technique and help someone gain confidence in and around the water, developing proper stroke, rhythm, timing and individual style to become a faster and stronger swimmer for swim teams. Freestyle (crawl), backstroke and breaststroke are my personal strengths. I can also teach specific leg strokes used in lifeguarding for hands free swimming. I cannot teach the butterfly stroke.

Williamson College
BS Management


Williamson College (BS Management)

Very patient and thorough

Photoshop, he focused on the areas I needed the most work and followed my request not to get deep in the program where I did not need to go. Daniel figured how to work with me and my learning disability. He catered the lesson completely to my needs in every way.

— Emily, Franklin, TN on 6/4/15

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I am laid back and flexible, but passionate about learning! If you have a need, let's talk!

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