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California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
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California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (Applied Math)

About Grant

Hi, my name is Grant. I graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied and Computational Math. After graduation, I was recruited as the Robotics Program Developer at the Pasadena Educational Foundation, serving middle schools across Pasadena, California. I moved to eastern Pennsylvania at the end of 2016 to be closer to family.

I've been tutoring math and physics for almost 8 years, starting in my junior year of high school. At the time, I was taking a class in differential equations at a local community college. One of my classmates there offered to pay me to work with him one-on-one to improve his understanding of the material. That was my first introduction to the concept of tutoring, and I found I had a natural gift for it and loved helping students gain confidence while improving their skills.

I tutor because I see a lack of proper learning relationships between teacher and student in today's educational system. I seek to provide that relationship, which is one I believe every student needs in order to excel.

I specialize in tutoring every kind of math from pre-algebra to calculus, differential equations, and statistics. I also tutor physics and SAT test prep.

In total, I've probably had several thousand hours of tutoring experience with students from almost every educational background and grade level, from 4th graders to college seniors to adults wanting to learn something new. The vast majority of this experience has been in one-on-one tutoring, but I've also worked with small groups (2-5 students), and even entire middle school classrooms on occasion.

I enjoy solving puzzles, building robots, and playing video games. I try to channel my analytical skills when tutoring into helping my student work through a problem in an understandable sequence of steps. If one approach doesn't work, I try a different one, until I find the one that works best with that particular student.

To me, tutoring is a learning relationship between an educator and a student that is far more personalized and adaptable than a traditional classroom setting. As a tutor, I expect my students to be engaged and inquisitive, continuously striving to improve their understanding of the material at hand. The experience of the tutee should be one where they are not afraid to ask questions, or worried about being judged because they don't already know everything they are "expected" to know. For me, the experience of tutoring should be one where I am able to freely share my knowledge, in as patient and understanding a manner as possible.

My love for tutoring math in particular has its roots early on in my life. I was home schooled until 7th grade, and took the opportunity to advance through my math curriculum at my own pace. When I entered junior high, I was 3 years ahead in the subject. As a high school freshman, I took pre-calculus with a class of seniors, then started attending a local community college the next year for calculus and higher math classes. After graduating from high school, I attended the California Institute of Technology to further grow my mathematical skills.

Along this educational journey, I observed that a great many of my classmates didn't share my love for math. My tutoring activities grew naturally out of my desire to make math understandable, approachable, and maybe even enjoyable for as many students as possible.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a tutoring session.
Hi, my name is Grant. I graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied and Computational Math. After graduation, I was recruited as the Robotics Program Developer at the Pasadena Educational Foundation, serving middle schools across Pasadena, California. I moved to eastern Pennsylvania at Read more

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"Fantastic and helpful tutor"

- Vishan, North Hollywood, CA on 2/13/17

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Algebra 1

Algebra 1 was the last subject I explored in my homeschool math curriculum before transitioning to an actual junior high class in 7th grade. I tested into an Algebra 2 class with high school students at that point, which reinforced and built upon the topics I had learned in my last few months of home schooling. I've helped numerous students with Algebra 1 over the years I've been tutoring. I've found that Algebra 1 is often a significant turning point in a student's math studies, in that the introduction of concepts such as variables and functions and the math you can do with them seem completely foreign compared to what they've done before. However, Algebra 1 is foundational for every math subject that comes after it, so it's important that these concepts are grasped firmly by the student.

Algebra 2

Upon transitioning from homeschool to junior high in 7th grade, I tested into an Algebra 2 class that was otherwise populated by high school students. Since it was my first actual math class with other students, it was a great learning experience for me in how to not act like a know-it-all, and help my fellow students with patience and understanding. I've had many great teachers over the years, but the teacher for that Algebra 2 class really instilled in me a love of sharing my knowledge with others.

Differential Equations

I first took a class in differential equations at a local community college while I was a junior in high school. I helped one of my classmates improve his understanding of the material over the second half of the semester. At the California Institute of Technology, I learned about more techniques, both numerical and analytic, used to solve various types of differential equations.

Discrete Math

Discrete math is a broad term for the study of mathematical objects that are discrete (i.e. separate or countable) by nature. Examples include integers, graphs, sets, and sequences. I took a series of classes at Caltech in discrete math, which were some of the best classes I had there because they covered such a range of topics, including logic, combinatorics, and number theory. These topics permeate many of the subjects I've tutored.

Finite Math

Finite math is closely related to discrete math, in that both are subjects involving a wide variety of topics, such as matrix algebra, linear programming, and probability. The difference between them is that discrete math is a collection of topics involving discrete objects (integers, sets, graphs, etc), while finite math has to do with topics which don't involve infinity or infinitesimals (so no calculus topics). A lot of topics which could be considered components of finite math were part of the standard curriculum at Caltech, and afterwards worked their way into subjects I tutored.


Many students I've worked with have been of the opinion that Geometry is primarily about the mathematics of shapes and figures (triangles, quadrilaterals, polyhedra, sets of intersecting lines, and so on). I believe the more valuable concepts in Geometry have to do with logical, proof-based reasoning skills, as these can be applied to other subjects as well. Being able to start with a set of given facts and theorems, and use them to prove or disprove a given hypothesis, is useful not only in theoretical domains, but everyday life as well. This was the theme of the Geometry class I had in 8th grade, and it served me well when I got to the more rigorous and proof-based classes at Caltech.

Linear Algebra

The class in differential equations that I took while I was a junior in high school included a component of linear algebra, and showed the intricate connection between the two subjects. This component of linear algebra, as it pertained to solving differential equations, was part of what I helped my first student with. One of my classes at Caltech was solely dedicated to the study of linear algebra, as a more theoretical concept. However, topics in linear algebra such as vector spaces and matrix manipulation applied themselves in a more concrete way to many of my other classes there.


I first had a formal logic class in high school, which focused more on the language aspect of logic than the mathematical side of it. As part of the series of classes I took in discrete math at Caltech, there was an entire term dedicated to the math of logic, how to manipulate syllogisms, relationships, and other kinds of logical statements with mathematical precision. This in turn helped me tutor proof-based subjects such as geometry.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Applied Math


California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (Applied Math)

Fantastic and helpful tutor

Grant has been a great tutor. He's extremely knowledgeable and is able to help with whatever you throw at him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor

— Vishan, North Hollywood, CA on 2/13/17

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