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Chemical Engineering
chemical engineering
Computer Science


Chemical Engineering (chemical engineering)

education (Master's)

Computer Science (Master's)

About Ken

“Master Tutor” of Both High School & College Mathematics & Sciences Courses.

-I work mornings, afternoons, or evenings. A background check is on file with WyzAnt if you needed.

-I travel around meeting students at schools, libraries, coffee houses, or homes.
Usually meet at Barnes & Nobles...these work out very well. Some libraries also work well. I do not travel to various school campuses because of new parking restraints on non-student parking. Parents and students of mine do trust me for home visitations...

-I customize according to your needs, but usually work to get you “right on top of current studies” so that you can do well on current tests. Then as needed, we go back and pick up old items that are important for course development. I usually perform a very informal brief written and oral diagnostic to help pin-point your area(s) of difficulty – and after that, I make immediate feed back to you with necessary corrections and suggestions. ego…just fact…I am better that Khan Academy! This is because I am excellent at teaching efficiency of the essentials rather than teaching non-essentials that are never used.

-“High School” tutoring includes all levels from regular, honors, IB, AP, CCP, & Vanguard. Specific assistance for Calculus AB/BC, AP Computer Science A, PAP & AP Chemistry & Physics Includes PSAT, SAT, SAT Math Level I & II Subject Tests.

-“High School” students have come from Rocky River, Lakewood, Solon Sr., Mentor, North Royalton, Strongsville, Brecksville, Independence, Laurel, Brooklyn, john Marshall, Berea-Midpark, Parma Sr Hi, Valley Forge, Normandy, Holy Name, Strake Jesuit, St Edwards, Ignatius, Trinity, Hawkins., Kenston,

-“College classes” include geometry, algebra, finite math, pre-calculus, business math, business calculus, engineering and science calculus I,2 & 3, differential equations, engineering math, linear and matrix algebra, PDEs, complex variables, discrete math, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, computers, computer math, computer programming(C, Java, MatLab, Excel), and various engineering courses (ChE, PetroEngr, others).

-“College students” have come from Oklahoma State, Lehigh U, Washington U, Harvard, Stanford, Auburn, Georgia Tech, LeTourneau, DeVry, University of Phoenix, Rose Hulman Engineering, Tufts U, U California, & U of North Dakota, Indiana-Wesleyan, Notre Dame, Ursula, DeVry, Cleveland State, Rice, Tri-C, Miami U

-Specific experience …10+ years professional teaching of mathematics and chemistry
10 years of master tutoring including training of teachers and tutors
15+ years chemical & construction engineering including technical training computer controls systems

-Currently, I have a "*****" rating and over 1250 tutoring hours with WyzAnt.

-Specific Work Experience:
School Districts: HISD, Aldine, Spring,
College : University of Houston
Companies : British Petroleum, Aramco, Fluor, Petrolite,
KBR, John Brown, and Bailey Controls

-My degrees are the following:
-BS Chemical Engineering, Ohio University
-BS Chemical Engineering, Cleveland State University
-BS Computer Information Sciences, Cleveland State University
-MS Mathematics Education, University of Houston
-PhD General Engineering…in progress

-Professional Credentials: -Registered Professional Engineer in Texas
-Certified Mathematics and Chemistry Teacher.
-Teacher of the Month (several times
-Teacher of the Year
-Presidential Nomination for Excellence in Teaching of Math and

-Hobbies/Athletics - Country Western Dancing, Country Western Waltz, West Coast Swing
Martial Arts, Registered Black Belt with U S Chung Do Quan Association
Weight lifting
“Master Tutor” of Both High School & College Mathematics & Sciences Courses.

-I work mornings, afternoons, or evenings. A background check is on file with WyzAnt if you needed.

-I travel around meeting students at schools, libraries, coffee houses, or homes.
Usually meet at Barnes & Nobles...these work out very well.
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For groups of 2-4 people I reduce the hourly rate per person.

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"Awesome Tutor"

- Kevin, Houston, TX on 12/9/09

"Knowledgeable and dedicated tutor."

- Hannah, Cleveland, OH on 10/21/17


- Tracy, Solon, OH on 9/23/17

"Great tutor"

- Jack, Cleveland, OH on 7/22/17

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"Highly Recommended"

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"He's amazing!"

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"Awesome Tutor"

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"Ken is extremely knowledgeable!!!"

- Hilary (for Connor), Houston, TX on 7/15/13

"Awesome Tutor"

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"Very patient! Very smart!"

- Debra, Houston, TX on 12/28/12

"The best tutor"

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"The fog is lifting..."

- Jaine, Cypress, TX on 10/28/11

"Very patient"

- Octaviano, Spring, TX on 9/27/09
Reading, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT Math,
SAT Math
Reading, Writing
Special Needs:
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, Elementary Math, Reading, Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math, Reading, Study Skills, Writing
Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft Word,
Martial Arts

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT Math

As part of my teaching experience in all areas of math, including algebra, geometry, stat, probability, trig, and up, I have developed methods which not only help a student "review" for the ACT exam, but also how to be more "efficient" in getting the problems done, where by hand or by calculator. I have my own so called important core items that I work with you on.

Algebra 1

I teach all levels of mathematics for both high school and college. This includes regular, honors, IB, Vanguard, or other. I am able to simplify itmes so that the student is able to perform the work on their own. My basic philosophy is to work on the current items being studied by the students, get that down solid, and then pick up previous items as needed. References available if needed.

Algebra 2

I have taught all levels of this algebra 2 and can definitely assist. My goal has always been to get the individual on a level of being able to do well independently of me.


The ASVAB consists of basically 3 parts, math + algebra, English, and mechanical. I am very good at getting people on top of their math and English skills so that they can score relatively well on these tests.


BioStatistics is extremely similar to other statistics courses. The calculations are the same. The statistical and probability interpretations are the same. Only difference is that the problems use BioStast data rather than some other type of data. I am very familiar with the type of calculations and interpretations of numbers and can do either TI calculator, Excel, or MegaStat stats calcs. Unfortunately, I have never done SPSS. I have taught statistics and also tutored my WyzAnt students and references are available.


I have studied and done the "C" programming language as part of my engineering studies. I have done other programming types also which are very similar. I understand very well their structure and format in order to get them to work. I have worked with several software programs used to both write, test, and run these programs, and because of all that, can help you in your programming area(s). I have taught some of this and am also tutoring several students in WyzAnt on this subject.


I am very familiar with all areas of calculus and can customize all for your needs.

Chemical Engineering

I am a chemical engineer. I actually have 2 chemical engineering degrees, a math education degree, and another one in computer science. I not only have a reasonably good understanding of my "area of expertise" but also have a way to teach it in such a way that you will be able to understand more easy. I am currently doing some tutoring of ChE students at the Univ of Houston.


As part of my chemical engineering studies, I have had to study/do a lot of chemistry including science/engineering chemistry, organic, and physical chemistry. There have also been other chemistry courses. I have also taught chemistry at school and tutored many WyzAnt students in this subject. In addition, I also help the student(s) with their math required for doing the chemical calculations which is absolutely essential for their studies. References are available.

Computer Programming

As part of my engineering, math, and education studies, I have had to do a lot of work with computer programs. Writing them, testing, debugging, and final run are all part of the process. The "process" is very similar for many software including C, C++, Java, MatLab, etc. I have done all of these and taught some also. I have also tutored some students on WyzAnt on these subject. and I can simplify it for you.

Differential Equations

I'm reasonably familiar, experienced, and competent with differential equations. See my profile for overview of my work.

Electrical Engineering

As part of my engineering degree, I was required to study not only chemical engineering, but also the other engineering, civil, electrical, mechanical, computer. So I had studies a minimum of 1 year for the electrical and electronics portion, then spent time with several advance classes using advanced math. I am reasonably very good with my basic circuits analysis which is usually what most students have difficult with during their 1st year and I am able to tutor and help them.


I have experience with no only writing my own papers but also with helping students write papers for high school and/or college. Usually i need to get the student to see and understand the basics of the papers they write which is IBC...Intro, Body, and Conclusion(s). For students doing additional research and proper documentation of their references I also help with, especially when doing APA style.

Finite Math

From experience I have taught "all" levels of math from Geom, Alg, thru Diff Eqs. Finite is special because I have had to teach discrete number solutions for students. Explaining this to them is odd for them because they are used to fractions and decimals. Being able to communicate these whole-number concepts to them is one of my assets and helps them understand difference between say Algebra, Geometry, and this Finite work.


As part of my engineering studies, it was required that I take Fortran programming. I had studied Fortran IV, and have updated myself to the new Fortran VII. There are not too many changes. I can help you construct, test, debug, and run your programs. The process can be tedious; however, with a little time & patience, you can be successful. I also do C, C++, Java, MatLab, & Excel programming.

General Computer

I know a reasonable amount of computers and related software I can help not only with getting around on it but how to use MS Word and Excel efficiently. I used bot of these programs in my engineering studies and work. However, I do not do not work on Apple machines.


Not only have I taught all levels of geometry and algebra, I am able to get them to be successful with current work so can do well on tests and after that go back as needed for important previous items...and then also review future things where needed also.


I have done many types of programming including C, MatLab, Java, VBA, etc. I primarily have used these calculating numerical values from sc, science and engineering equations, which I was very good at doing. I am also helped many students understand the basics of programming so that they can do the programming on their own, and not only do the programming but be able to deBug the program so that it will run correctly, and then be able to interpret the answer to know if it is right or wrong, and proceed accordingly.

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra in an area of mathematics that studies matrices, how they are used, and what can be done with them to solve a problem. They are mostly used for solving a system of equations in order to determine the answers. I have studied many areas of LA, not only the theoretical part but also the application's part. My major application area has been in engineering and related math and science areas. I am able to help a student understand so that he can do the work without any assistance.


Logic is nothing more than an application of the logical part of the brain. We can use symbols to represent not only what certain statements say but also can use other symbols to specify specific meanings, ex, using 'V' to represent an 'OR' situation as in 'it is raining OR is it sunny" After using these symbols, we can then apply the many rules of logic to determine the validity of one's conjectures. Sometimes we can determine a total truth - ie a tautology, and other time it will not be true, ie a contradiction. In many ways, this area of study is fairly easy; however, it does get a little more difficult when proofs are required. I have already helped many students in this area.

Martial Arts

I earned my Black Belt in Michigan several years ago. I am a member of the U. S.Chung Do Kwan Assoc. I help others learn the basics and the main Black Belt form of Koryo


MatLab is a computer software program using the general syntaxing of both C and Java. MatLab allows one the ability to either write the code for the problem at hand or to use built-in programs that can assist to get the calculation complete. It is extremely helpful for both matrices and graphing. I have had many experiences programming in MatLAb using both user-written as well as internal-progs and even combining these 2 items into a streamline matLab computer program. I also know both C and Java and can therefore implement programs reasonably efficiently. I also studied this area in the area of engineering applications. In addition, I have already helped and tutored clients in this area and they have all been successful. References available if required. Finally, I have written the MatLab certification test for Wyzant tutors who desire to teach/tutor this subject area.

Microsoft Excel

I have done many things with eXcel. I have used it for taking data and making graphs from it. I have used for statistics analysis. Mostly have used to make and build excel sheets for constructing, analyzing, and determining answers for various scientific and engineering formulas.

Microsoft Word

I have done mutiple projects and papers with both word and excel including using excel for calculations. I keep it simple so that one does not get lost in all the extras

Organic Chemistry

As a student studying chemical engineering, I was required to take 3 years of chemistry, 1st year - college chemistry, 2nd year - organic chemistry, and 3rd year - physical chemistry. These classes included all the needed detailed labs to complete the training and education. I understand organic, nowadays referred to as "orgo" reasonably well, and with my teaching/tutoring skills, can definitely help a student learn what is needed in the orgo class(es). Therefore I feel qualified to help in this area.

Physical Science

I help people with both chemistry and physics very much and have excellent success. Physical Science is merely a combination of those two. In some cases, I have to help my students gets there math exactly right which is absolutely necessary for the work done in the PScience class.


I have helped students with various levels of Physics, including high school and college and have done both general and engineering physics work. I will usually make sure that in whatever level we are working that the mathematics is solid for the calculations and work to be done.


I have dynamic experience with all phases of P_Alg whether trying to bring student's grade up or trying to advance them in honors classes. My method advances familiarity at all levels. I have very high success rates and am extremely dependable.


Excellent in all items of precal including regular, IB, honors, and PAP level students. Refer to my profile for details.

SAT Math

I tutor in all areas of mathematics, chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming and understand all the items needed for students to be successful is both the PSAT and SAT. This includes statistics which also comes up on the exam.


I have had to study and do both basic and advanced probability and statistics as part of my engineering studies. I have both taught statistics and also tutored many WyzAnt students in this area. In some cases I have to help them with their math to make sure it is correct in order to obtain the exact statistics calculation values. I am very familiar with using either the TI or Excel to get stats answers. I have also used other software programs; however, have never used SPSS. References are available.


I have taught many trig classes both regular and honors in high school and college. I can customize according to your needs and help with all your arithmatic and algebra related to trig studies

Chemical Engineering
chemical engineering
Computer Science


Chemical Engineering (chemical engineering)

education (Master's)

Computer Science (Master's)

Awesome Tutor

Ken has been consistently accessible, timely, patient, thorough, knowledgeable, and pleasant each time he has worked with Kaitlyn. He works with her in such a way that provides her with a sense of confidence that has translated into her having a good understanding of her work. As a result, her stress level is down and her grades are UP!

— Kevin, Houston, TX on 12/9/09

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $45.00

For groups of 2-4 people I reduce the hourly rate per person.

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Ken will travel within 30 miles of Beachwood, OH 44122.