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— Katie, Sparta, NJ on 2/5/13


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I'm a MENSA member who loves to see students that care get the help they need. I prefer to use analogies, mnemonic devices, and drawings when I teach, so if you learn best through seeing or visualizing material rather than rote memorization or repetitive listening I will be a great match for you. I have previously taught lab sections for Introductory Biology at Cornell University and TA'd for the graduate level advanced plant genetics. I feel very comfortable discussing and explaining biology and chemistry at any level and have had the chance to do so with hundreds of students throughout my TA'ing and tutoring career. I've been professionally tutoring for over 5 years and have accumulated a ton of resources, experience, and advice for both high school and college students that I'm excited to share!

I have three goals when working with my students so that I become a learning enabler beyond the lessons. The first is to identify what types of problems each student is encountering in their studies. There are so many reasons students seek help. Knowing which applies to each student is the key for me to format my lessons and pick strategies to get the best results. Some reasons that I have experience with are: mismatch between teaching style and learning style, poor teaching, difficult concepts that need additional support, poor study habits, good study habits but poor dedication/discipline, lack of accountability, diagnosed/undiagnosed learning disabilities, and combating a sense of being overwhelmed by material. Sometimes the trouble is less distressing: moving from a B to an A, preparing for or improving scores on standardized science tests (SAT subject/MCAT) where support isn't provided from the school or teacher, or providing expertise on projects and papers.

My second goal is to improve my students' ability and confidence in the subject(s) that we're working on. I do this through explaining the material in ways that resonate with each student, demonstrating how to solve a problem, guiding my students through the problems, and then asking them to do it independently. Depending on where a student is with the material, I can jump right to one of the later steps. I really believe that with teaching and explanations which match a student's learning style, and dedication from the student, true mastery and excellent grades are in all my students' reach regardless of where they are starting from.

The third goal is to demonstrate how to learn and study independently. This third goal is the most important in the long term for my students to improve their study habits and learn how to tackle material independently in future courses. This goal helps me to ensure that students need me less as time goes on and I become an opportunity to schedule studying as opposed to a necessity to get learning done. This kind of teaching isn't always done explicitly. Sometimes I do it using a model or by explaining how to study a concept. Sometimes I'll explain my thought process when setting up for a quiz or test. Ultimately, I want all my students to gain skills that will help them learn throughout their future studies. Helping students engage and conquer science is one of my most enjoyable goals in life, so I've found that this strategy of becoming a learning enabler makes me the most happy and my students the most successful.

Some more background about me is that I received my B.S. in biotechnology from Rutgers (minor in biochemistry), and M.S. from Cornell in plant biology where I was a part of the Plant Cell and Molecular Biology Program. I'm an excellent molecular biologist with a desire to help people understand more about life from molecules and up! I currently help my students with biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology. I also help students prepare for the SAT II, Regents, and AP in biology and chemistry as well as the MCAT. I took the MCAT's 2015 updated version and scored very well (521, the top 1%), but ended up deciding that the route to becoming a doctor was not the way for me. For long term lessons (3 months or more), I do offer a discount so please inquire about it if you're interested in long term help from me.

I feel that its best to receive help early, before you get too far behind! The earlier you get to me, the more I can do for you, but don't be afraid to schedule a last minute cram session: sometimes desperation can lead to inspiration! Please contact me with any questions you have.



PS - If you're preparing for the SAT subject test in chemistry, I've published a book and would love to help you work through it! You can find it on the Amazon store by searching for "320 SAT Chemistry Subject Test Problems".

PS - my scheduled hours listed are just a general availability. My actual hours change week to week depending on recurring lessons I set up each semester/school year and what is happening that particular week. I also tutor in NJ near NYC, but the circular radius approach this map uses doesn't allow me to capture that.

I'm a MENSA member who loves to see students that care get the help they need. I prefer to use analogies, mnemonic devices, and drawings when I teach, so if you learn best through seeing or visualizing material rather than rote memorization or repetitive listening I will be a great match for you. I have previously taught lab
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"Excellent pre-med tutor!"

- Katie, Sparta, NJ on 2/5/13

"Extraordinary tutor"

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"Excellent tutor"

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"Outstanding Organic Chemistry Tutoring"

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I think biochemistry is a challenging and awesome synthesis of biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry which creates an important corner stone for understanding molecular biology. I've tutored many students in biochemistry at universities/colleges in the NYC area and while there is diversity in the topics covered, I've identified common themes that professors everywhere from CUNY to Columbia focus on. Using these common testing concepts focuses our study time to help you improve your scores on tests, which is an important goal of my lessons. Being able to understand and apply biochemistry is crucial for the MCAT, and my score (top 1%) lets me feel very confident in my ability to understand, interpret, and explain biochemistry concepts to all my students!


I taught Biology 109/110 lab sections at Cornell for a total of 5 semesters and I have to say that I love teaching and tutoring students in Bio. So much of the coursework applies to understanding the world around us and even our own biology! Putting these concepts into perspective encourages learning and understanding.

Biology is a gigantic subject. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but I focus on breaking down complex ideas so that my students can understand the concepts one part at a time.

My goal is to teach students to understand like a teacher does. Once you can explain it to me, in your own words, the comprehension tends to stick and you're ready for any question!


Update: My experience tutoring chemistry for the last several years led me to publish a book preparing students for the SAT subject test in Chemistry! This book is most helpful at the high school SAT level, but still provides good qualitative problems for AP and college students. Students at the higher levels will need more practice with quantitative problems, and that's one of my goals for a future book!

In the 98/99 NJ Chemistry State Science League I scored 5th in the state. I also scored a 5/5 on the AP chemistry test. Since then I found chemistry to be valuable for my college career, my graduate study, and even cooking!

Chemistry can be a challenging subject for many students. At its most challenging it incorporates calculus with abstract molecular concepts and unrelentingly asks for answers that are precise beyond 6.02x10^23rd!

I prefer to tackle questions by helping my students get a handle conceptually on what is occurring, and then introduce the appropriate formulas or secondary concepts to move us towards the answer. I find that having a framework of conceptual comprehension makes applying the math much more meaningful. To aid me in this I use a whiteboard to visualize the problems for my students which everybody has found immensely helpful.

If you have any particular hobbies, interests, or activities that would be applicable, I like to make analogies to aid in understanding. Cooking is a great one because delicious food involves a lot of excellent chemistry!!


During my graduate work I mentored multiple students in molecular biology and genetics surrounding my research project and the projects which I designed for them. This required excellent comprehension and communication so that they were able to present their research to either their peers, in the case of the summer students, or to write an undergraduate thesis in the case of the fall/spring students. All of my students were able to feel comfortable and give excellent presentations, or received A's for their research credits as a result.

A large part of my graduate work required an in depth knowledge of genetics. I used positional mapping to find candidate genes for a mutation. This required that I understand the structure of genes, genomes, and how to use molecular markers to coordinate physical with genetic distances.

Additionally, I took and then TA'd for the Advanced Plant Genetics course at Cornell.


I have significant experience tutoring individually in each the biology, chemistry, physics, & biochemistry portions of the MCAT at the college level. Additionally, I took the newest version of the MCAT (April 2015) and scored in the 99th percentile (521: 132, 129, 131, 129), but ended up deciding that my family's current life plan isn't compatible with medical school after all. However, I put in a lot of hard work and would love to use it and share my knowledge to help prepare students to get excellent scores!


I've had to employ a complex understanding of microbiology in order to pursue my plant molecular biology work that I did for my Masters degree. Using plasmid vectors, bacterial hosts, transfection, and understanding the cellular processes that underly these important types of experiments is crucial to the success of any molecular biologist.

Visualizing the cells, bacteria, plasmids, or viruses involved in the topic at hand is probably the best approach to gaining a complex understanding of microbiology. Some microbio courses involve a greater focus on pathology and memorization of disease causing agents, but most microbio courses are best approached through a molecular understanding. Either way I'm excited to help you conquer it!

Organic Chemistry

I have tutored organic chemistry students across the city. Organic chemistry differs slightly for the level of depth and reactions that are emphasized between NYU, Fordham, Columbia, and at the CUNY schools I have tutored for. It is really important that that Organic Chemistry is attacked through explanations and immediate practice. Unlike sciences such as Biology and Chemistry where there is a large set of material to memorize or a smaller set of material to apply, Organic chemistry requires both of these skills in large amounts which makes it very difficult for many students. I love helping my students to know the principles underlying a problem and guide them to 'Ah Ha!' moments during studies.

In order to help my students with this, I have assembled a large amount of practice material to share with my students so that we can move directly from the theory to application of ideas and practice of mechanisms in each lesson.

Physical Science

A little bit of physics, a little bit of chemistry, and a dash of geology and bam! You've got physical science. I generally tutor science starting at the high school level, but physical science is a distilled version of the harder courses that I work on with students. I've had the opportunity to help siblings of my older students in the past, so I've gotten familiar with the major themes in P.S. I'm happy to help students who are having trouble in this potpourri of science!


Physics is one of those sciences that usually gets taught one of two ways - equation based or example/logic based. What throws students off is when their teacher picks or favors the method that doesn't work well for them, or the teacher goes too fast and students don't get a handle on some of the early ideas. Physics is a science that builds on itself, similar to chemistry. If you don't understand atoms, its hard to understand molecules or moles. In Physics, if you don't understand vectors and force diagrams, centripetal motion becomes difficult. If centripetal motion is difficult, certain parts of harmonic motion become troublesome. If harmonic motion... well you get the idea. I think Physics is one of those subjects where you should get help as early as you think you *might* need it. I feel comfortable using both example based and equation based teaching methods (Although, honestly when I think back to learning physics the first time, I needed the example/logic based version. So I love helping students think their way through the questions, but quick and dirty equations is effective too!)
I've had experience tutoring physics at the high school regular, honors, and AP levels as well as at several colleges and universities (Columbia, NYU, CUNYs) in the city at non-calculus and calculus based levels.
If you're looking for physics help on the MCAT, the good news is that most of the physics 2 curriculum won't apply to the MCAT! So you mainly just need to survive the current class and brush up on physics 1 topics.
No matter what your physics situation is I'd love to help you out!


I'm an excellent Chemistry tutor and have prepared students for the AP Chemistry and the SAT II Chemistry exams. I believe that the Chemistry Regents are simply another extension of standardized testing and that I can show my students all of the tricks and ways that they will attempt to push on your chemistry knowledge!

Rutgers University
Cornell University


Rutgers University

Cornell University (Master's)

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Excellent pre-med tutor!

I reached out to Chris after returning to school and, quite frankly, failing my first exams in Chemistry and Biology (pre-med). I was having trouble digesting the material taught in the lectures and did not know how to approach the topics I did not understand. It is clear that Chris has a thorough understanding and passion for math and science, and as so, was able to break down difficult material

— Katie, Sparta, NJ on 2/5/13

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