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— LeeAnn, Brooklyn, NY on 1/9/17


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About Sofia

As a teacher, I have met and inspired many different students across the learning spectrum. My career has encompassed students from grades 5-12 in various academic subject areas. I am a NYS certified History teacher as well as a NYS certified education administrator with more than ten years' experience in the classroom and out. My hard work and determination to succeed stems from my own academic studies and self-discipline, as demonstrated by my recognition as a summa cum laude graduate from my undergraduate to my graduate studies, graduating second in my class. Twice my efforts in helping students succeed have earned me an award through Who's Who Among America's Teachers. I also have received awards through my community service outside the school. Upon leaving the classroom, I worked for three tutoring agencies throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties in NY as well as private tutoring in Queens, NY.

My areas of expertise are diverse. I have nine years' teaching experience in Math (Algebra 1 & 2/Trigonometry), fourteen years' teaching experience in Social Science (US and World History/Economics/Government), twelve years' teaching experience in Science (Earth Science/Biology), eight years' experience in test preparation (SAT/GRE), and eleven years' experience in Regents preparation across the curriculum. I engage my students through discussion and critical thinking to challenge them to think outside the box and develop an understanding of the "why" side of a topic. I do review before each session and provide homework to reinforce my lessons. I keep in full contact with the parents and guardians of said students so they are aware of the progress made after each session.

To guarantee success, I prefer working in a quiet environment such as a library or the students' homes with an adult present. I welcome feedback from those involved in the students' academic lives; therefore, I offer free consultations to learn about each student and what areas of study need to be strengthened as well as any other pertinent information that will help me to view the full picture and develop a proper assessment plan. If at any point during my tenure working with my students parents are not satisfied with my performance, no fee will be charged and another session could be arranged to re-teach the lesson. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required should we not be able to meet for any reason, and a make-up session will be scheduled. I maintain regular contact with parents to address any concerns through progress reports and grades from my assessments. My philosophy is that successful education stems from a student's holistic world, not broken into compartments of study.

I look forward to hearing from you, and guiding you to higher achievements!

When tutoring Math - especially higher Math disciplines such as Algebra and Trigonometry - it is essential to demonstrate the importance of a given topic and how it relates in their personal lives. Real world examples are provided to achieve this goal. Challenging concepts are broken down into easy to understand terms step by step so the student is not overwhelmed with the complexity of the task. Diagrams and learning videos help the student to visualize the abstract component of these subject areas. I take as much time as I need to with a given student to ensure that they are not discouraged in their attempt to learn. I have inspired countless students who had previously attended summer school in Math to pass the courses during the regular school year.

As Science Department Chairwoman, I insisted on developing more challenging Science curricula. I instituted an Engineering elective for the Senior class when I taught high school and pushed for higher technologies for the classroom. I use my quirky sense of humor to ease my students' anxiety and relate to them. I have many times presented "boring" topics as exciting possibilities for them to research in more depth. I allow my students to relate any Science topic to seemingly unrelated areas and to offer explanations as to the relationships.

Success is the goal for any student. It is vital for open, continual, honest communication between tutor and tutee to allow for that success to blossom. I am always available to interact with student or parent/guardian so that we can learn more about each other and to make arrangements for our sessions.
As a teacher, I have met and inspired many different students across the learning spectrum. My career has encompassed students from grades 5-12 in various academic subject areas. I am a NYS certified History teacher as well as a NYS certified education administrator with more than ten years' experience in the classroom and out. My hard work and Read more

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"Fantastic Tutor"

- LeeAnn, Brooklyn, NY on 1/9/17

"Great teacher! very patient!"

- Lanlan, Huntington Station, NY on 10/26/17

"Great preparation for the test"

- Donna, Bellmore, NY on 10/10/17


- Caterina, Patchogue, NY on 1/15/17

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Kristina, Northport, NY on 11/3/16

"Amazing Tutor!!"

- Candice, Patchogue, NY on 8/23/16

"Great Start"

- Marylin, Riverhead, NY on 3/11/16

"Wonderful Tutor"

- Lisa, Center Moriches, NY on 2/5/16
ACT Math, Algebra 1,
Algebra 2, Elementary Math,
GED, Geometry, Microsoft Excel, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Probability, SAT Math, Trigonometry
ACT Science, Astronomy, Biology, Elementary Science,
Geology, Physical Science,
Music History,
Music Theory, Songwriting
Art History, Art Theory
ACT English, ACT Reading, Grammar, Public Speaking,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, GED, PSAT, Regents,
SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word
American History, Art History, European History, Geography, Government & Politics, Music History,
Social Studies,
World History, Writing
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science,
Grammar, Handwriting,
Spelling, Study Skills,
Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking,

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

I have taught Algebra I for nine years on the middle school as well as the high school levels. I am well versed in the required test content areas. I have privately tutored the subject matter for an additional four years. Math is a favorite content area of mine. I understand and appreciate how difficult some concepts are for younger students, especially when taking Algebra for the first time. Therefore, I carefully simplify the concepts for better understanding on my student's part. My students have all improved their performances by a significant gain, resulting in higher confidence in their ability and renewed interest in the subject.


I moderated the Chess Club on the high school level for five years. I am an avid chess player who is difficult to defeat, but I would make poor choices to create teachable moments for my pupils. I would let my novice pupils challenge a more experienced player to assess their progress learning one technique at a time. About 50% of the time, they won the challenge. Before I moved on in my academic profession, I was seeking to create a competitive Chess Club. The students requested it, especially as they became more proficient in their Chess play.

Elementary Math

When teaching in a mainstream math classroom consisting of students of varying skill levels, I offered after school tutoring with extra practice and reinforcement. I have received praise from parents who were very excited that their children had passed math for the first time while under my tutelage and did not require summer school. I am very confident in my abilities, following my first place ranking in my school's annual Math Bee, my recognition in Who's Who Among America's Teachers twice - a rare accomplishment - and in my ability to simplify complex math topics in easy to understand terms. I have a 95% success rate when working with struggling students.

Elementary Science

I dedicate 100% of my passion for the subject in each lesson I present, and I continually contact their parents for updates as to progress. Through my hard work and dedication, I served as Science Department Chairwoman on the high school level for five years, during which I created challenging Science electives curricula to broaden my students' scope and understanding. Under my leadership, I designed a state of the art Science laboratory in the school complete with advanced technology and equipment. My success in these areas were recognized by Who's Who Among America's Teachers twice.


In every subject I teach or tutor, I require my students to include a writing sample. Since common core emphasizes writing samples, I deem it necessary to assist them in practicing their handwriting while learning writing techniques. As an amateur writer myself, I place utmost importance on sentence structure and penmanship. The editing process is a key component of handwriting, and it is utilized each time I ask for a writing sample. Legibility is a skill that needs to be practiced so it can be mastered. I insist that all writing samples demonstrate neatness when submitted, or it must be redone. Therefore, I take time to create practice handwriting skills with them each time I see them - reinforcing previous lessons while introducing new lessons.

Music History

As an amateur guitar player, I look to the past for inspiration from the great guitarists of yesteryear to incorporate techniques into my style of play. I majored in History; to me, history encompasses all facets of the past from writings to maps to cultures. A big part of any culture is the musical styling they used when celebrating rituals or events. This historical study demonstrates the connection between the styles created and the function of those uses in daily life. To receive a holistic education - especially during a period in which the arts are slowly removed from academic programs to make room for more academic study - it is essential to convey this knowledge to our young scholars. I attempt to include a brief music history component in every history lesson I prepare to show them connections between the historical events and the music it inspired.


When pursuing my MS for my certification requirement, I was required to participate in two literacy courses. A major part of my grade was determined by my ability working with young children and teaching them how to read. I applied this knowledge to my mainstream courses on the middle school and high school levels any time I received a non-English speaking student in my classroom. The school was too small to provide remedial services, so I took the initiative to assist these students as they learned how to speak and read English.

Physical Science

I was Science Chairwoman for 5 years and took great pride in upgrading the school's Science Lab to a state of the art facility with new technologies. I have taught Science - especially Earth Science - on the junior high school and high school levels for a combined 13 years. I have been concentrating on tutoring students in this area for the past four years.

Public Speaking

I served as a Speech and Debate coach on the high school level for 20 years teaching the fundamentals about public speaking. I have presented more than 15 speeches to crowds ranging from a handful to several hundred. I am comfortable speaking publicly, and I can think on my feet when the speech is not going well. These techniques are passed on to my students. I emphasize the basic speech writing skills when creating speeches as well as the importance of practicing a speech for familiarity. The key components to successfully present a speech are eye contact, developing confidence in your presentation, and simple oratory skills (articulation, enunciation, pace, uses of pauses, and gestures/facial expressions). The range of my public presentations ranged from student recruitment to training of staff, from important topics on women's issues to speeches about historically significant events. Each of these requires different presentation formats that presenters need to create and address to different audiences.


I served as Science Department Chairwoman for five years and trained my department on the Regents grading system. I have extensive knowledge of their formats and the breakdown of topics from previous exams as a guide to help prepare my students for eventual success. I also have nine years' experience grading Math Regents on all three levels (Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trig) which allows me to gear my lessons on the topics and skills that are essential to passing the exams. I have experience, as well, grading the various History Regents from my tenure as a History teacher. I keep abreast of changes to the Regents exams and I take previous tests myself to determine the difficulty levels of the types of questions that could be given. I offer test taking skills that I suggest in my test prep courses to help ease the worries of my students towards the exams.


I am a practicing Catholic who continually reads new religious material on spiritual topics from dilemmas in faith to biographies of saints. I am a certified catechist who has taught Sunday school for approximately three years. In my studies I have become well acquainted with the tenets of the world's major religions; in my travels I went to the major sites associated with each of the religions to speak to practitioners about their rituals and prayers. I have made connections with leaders of various faiths, including Protestant and Catholic pastors as well as Buddhist monks. I am very familiar with Bible studies through my retreat experiences and have trained for a bit for religious life as a nun. My scope in teaching religion includes the middle school as well as high school levels; recently, I began to lead adult discussion groups on important religious topics from the point of view of a regular church goer and not a church leader.


I have been sewing for more than ten years. At first, I began sewing as a hobby, but I discovered that I had developed a love for it. I have taught small groups of women how to sew different fabrics and tricks for threading needles. Recently, I began to learn crocheting and have crocheted small practical items. I include my love for arts and crafts wherever I can by applying sewing to the creation of small trinkets, ornaments, and jewelry. I continually read about techniques that I wish to incorporate in my sewing practice.

Social Studies

I have a History degree and am certified in NYS as a Social Studies teacher for grades 7-12. I have taught/tutored students in the various social studies - history, government, economics, civics, and geography mostly with some sociology at times. I love the content areas encompassed by the umbrella of social studies, and I impart the significance of these concepts and topics to life in our society; society is the largest social setting encompassing people of multiple educational levels, and to impress someone or to succeed, one must have a basic understanding of the topics addressed.


Songwriting is the same art as creative writing but with sounds as well as words. I have been writing music lyrically and instrumentally for twenty-five years. My compositions cross many genres depending on the subject matter and the audience I wish to reach. I have learned to adapt the styling of the great songwriters like Irving Berlin, Mozart, James Taylor, and Lennon/McCarthy into my creations. Like everything else, songwriting is a skill that takes time to master. Every songwriter has a handful of inspirational writers they look back to who have influenced them and inspired them to create music in the first place. To be a songwriter that stands apart from the others requires a thorough understanding of the relationships that exist among the written word, the mood reflected in the composition you wish to convey, and the intertwining of music theory components to bring the piece alive. I focus on the basic rudimentary skills when writing songs - the pieces of the writing process to flesh out lyrics that grab the attention. I focus on the rudimentary base components of music theory to connect the chosen words with a mood that best reflects them. I focus on the styles of music coupled with keys and scales to create the music that will enliven the composition. What I bring to the table is my compassion for songwriting as well as my love of music that could inspire or influence others to want to improve their skills in this area. Musicians and songwriters learn from each other; I approach each lesson with the mindset that I will learn from my students rather than the other way around.

Study Skills

I have always prided myself in my study habits. I create outlines, word associations, acronyms, silly ditties, flashcards, and other methods of study to assist me in my producing the goal I set for myself. In today's school environment, such knowledge is missing. My goal is to help students succeed one student at a time. With the technologies available today, research material and practice questions are at their fingertips instantaneously. It is my role to demonstrate and advise my students how to research, what study habits and techniques to adopt that fit them, and how to determine important information from less important information.

St. John's University
St. John's University


St. John's University (Economics)

St. John's University (Master's)

Fantastic Tutor

Sofia taught my son Explicit formulas and recursive formulas and helped him understand how to use them and when he should use them.He was beyond satisfied with her help and he can't wait to work with her again.She is simply amazingly!

— LeeAnn, Brooklyn, NY on 1/9/17

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