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Queens College, CUNY
Queens College, CUNY
graduate center, cuny


Queens College, CUNY (History)

Queens College, CUNY (Master's)

graduate center, cuny (Master's)

About Michael

I have a license to teach Social Studies Grades 7-12. I have taught Social Studies in the NYC school system on the junior high school and high school level, and have prepared students in high school for the Regents in American History and Global Studies. I have tutored expository writing to students at Queens College, and as an instructional assistant to a history professor at Baruch College, CUNY have improved the essay writing of students whose first language was not English. I have tutored reading and writing to all ages, from the second grade through the adult years. I have tutored at WyzAnt about 200 hours and have achieved an outstanding rating of 4.91 out of 5.

I provide practice on past standardized tests, such as the English Language Arts Test, but I also work with the student in writing about subjects that interest him or her. The student learns that writing is a means of communication, expression, and thinking. I work to move the student to express emotion and include sense experience in his or her writing. I teach all kinds of writing, especially the personal narrative story form and the persuasive form. I teach students how to organize their writing simply, to make a point and to support it, and to recognize the organization of writing when they read. The student learns to differentiate important from less important text and to see how each part of an essay or story contributes to the whole. This consciousness of organization in writing helps the student in his reading in all subjects. I have tutored the literary elements as well and will show the student how characterization, conflict, setting, and point of view contribute to a work of literature. I have experience tutoring the English Regents and the English Language Arts examinations, as well as the ACT.

I have a Master of Arts from Queens College, and a Master of Philosophy from the Grad Center CUNY in History, and have completed a good deal of Doctoral Studies work at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, particularly in the subject of modern European History. I have conversed in writing with practicing historians in the United States, France, Britain, and Israel.

I have a certificate to teach Social Studies to Students with Disabilities. I have taken a good deal of special education courses on the graduate level at Queens College, and am trained to develop lessons that focus on student strengths in learning style. I can develop lessons for a kinesthetic, auditory, visual/spatial, or verbally oriented learner. I excelled in a course in Behavior Analysis, which through observation studies the function of student behavior, and decides on appropriate interventions to improve behavior, in order to ensure student is on task and learning. I have experience teaching students with learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities.

I take great efforts to show the parents of the students what I do and how the students are progressing in the work I provide. I find a means to challenge the student without frustrating him or her, and I make the lessons lively and fun.

I have a license to teach Social Studies Grades 7-12. I have taught Social Studies in the NYC school system on the junior high school and high school level, and have prepared students in high school for the Regents in American History and Global Studies. I have tutored expository writing to students at Queens College, and as an instructional Read more

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"Experienced Tutor"

- Michael, Oakland Gardens, NY on 5/27/11

"Knowledgeable and detailed"

- PEGGY, Queens Village, NY on 9/17/17

"Very nice experience with Mike"

- Qiong, Great Neck, NY on 9/14/17

"New technique"

- Silvana, Middle Village, NY on 7/20/17

"Knowledgable and kind tutor"

- Agnieszka, Bayside, NY on 5/1/17

"Excellent tutor"

- Jack, Great Neck, NY on 3/27/17

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Amy, Forest Hills, NY on 2/20/17

"Michael is Great"

- Lena, Forest Hills, NY on 12/4/16

"Patient and knowledgeable mentor"

- Susanne, New York, NY on 11/12/16

"Helpful For Writing"

- Irene, Flushing, NY on 11/10/16

"Very knowledgeable tutor"

- Marilu, Howard Beach, NY on 9/28/16

"Michael is a true mentor!"

- HOC, Bayside, NY on 2/10/16

"great tutor"

- Al, Elmhurst, NY on 7/12/15

"Great Tutor!"

- Boris, Rego Park, NY on 6/7/15

"Wonderful Tutor"

- Adria, New York, NY on 6/24/14

"Very thorough"

- Manya, Forest Hills, NY on 6/4/14

"A Great Tutor"

- Jenny, Oakland Gardens, NY on 3/13/14

"Great Tutor"

- Josie, Whitestone, NY on 8/15/13
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ACT English

I've been a writing tutor and ACT tutor with WyzAnt for several years. I know how to analyze student weaknesses and correct them. I teach a simple and clear essay structure that the student may use not only on the ACT, but throughout his or her academic career. I have been particularly successful in explaining grammar and logic of writing. My main concern is engaging the student's enthusiasm and curiosity. I find ways to make connections between what I am teaching and the student's experience and interests.

ACT Reading

I have tutored ACT students for several years, connecting my vast reading and writing experience across the curricula with my understanding of the student mind and heart. I develop enthusiasm for reading in the student and show the student how reading material is structured, so that the reading passage fits together in the student's mind. I develop skills in reading by pointing out to the students rules and procedures in multiple choice questions that must be followed for the best results.

American History

I have a Masters of Arts and a Masters of Philosophy in History. As a teacher and tutor I have prepared students for the Regents Exam in American History. In addition, I have served as a research and teaching assistant to the history chair at Baruch College, CUNY. I have taken extensive doctoral courses. I am certified to teach social studies to children with disabilities.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a good deal of experience tutoring elementary level studies to young children from kindergarten through through the sixth grade. I have taught reading and writing to students, science, and the social studies. I have a great rapport with elementary school students. Parents have often commented that their young son or daughter has a lot of fun taking my lessons and that he or she has improved in many of their school subjects because of my intervention. I know how to tailor lessons so that my tutoring is a challenge to a young person, without being a source of frustration. One of my elementary school students went on to Hunter College High School in the seventh grade, and the mother called me to say, "I have to thank you for my son making it to Hunter." I have worked successfully with phonics, vocabulary, and grammar studies.


I have an excellent knowledge of literature, both poetry and prose, and can make reading and writing come alive for the student. I know how to open up the student's curiosity and imagination and harness the student's natural love of learning to a writing and a reading structure. I have successfully tutored every different type of writing from personal narrative to persuasive writing, from creative to research writing. I have tutored English reading and writing to students from the first grade through college. I tutored a sixth grader in writing and his essay on the the Hunter College High School examination gained him admission into their highly competitive lower school.

European History

I have a Masters of Arts and Masters of Philosophy Degree in History, with a specialization in British and European history of the last three centuries. At the doctoral level I was tested by a panel of European historians for three hours and passed my oral examination. I have prepared students for the Global History Regents as both a tutor and a teacher. As a writer of history in my doctoral work I have conducted research and have spoken to historians in this country, in Europe, and in Israel. I have a particular interest in World War I; my Masters Thesis was written on the subject of Britain during that war. I have taken several doctoral courses on Russian history as well.

Government & Politics

I work to explain government and politics not only by referring to my wide knowledge of history but also of present day politics and the structure of government. I took many courses in political science at Queens College, and I have done a deep study of political through my thorough study of history. I am knowledgeable and have taught about the different forms of government and the different political philosophies that gave rise to these differing governments--liberalism, conservatism, legalism, democracy, oligarchy, fascism, communism, social democracy, absolutism, and confederation.


Good grammar means good communication. I have helped students improve in grammar through my tutoring of standardized exams over many years. I can recognize weaknesses, and teach the student how to cease making them. Since I am a writing tutor I am constantly looking at grammar mistakes that are made in writing paragraphs and essays. I show the student how to avoid errors through clear explanations. I use humor to provide the student with examples of good grammar. I have long, successful experience in tutoring the multiple choice writing sections of the SAT and ACT, which test grammar as well as organization in writing.


I am knowledgable in American and British literature and successful in developing enthusiasm and understanding of English literature in every century. I am highly effective in teaching poetry and prose at every grade level and well able to teach students how to use literary elements such as setting, characterization, conflict, and irony to discover the theme of a particular work. Students find the pre twentieth century literature challenging on such tests as the SAT, but I show them that mastering these challenges has its rewards. Literature lives down through the decades or centuries because the reader recognizes the truth of life in it--the truth of the individual in society, the truth of human nature.


I have extensive experience teaching reading comprehension as a classroom teacher and as a tutor on the elementary through high school level. I have prepared many students for reading on standardized tests for the arts and for social studies.

I develop a program that taps the interests and skills of the child. I evaluate the child's reading level, then proceed to challenge the reader, without frustrating him or her.
Phonics, vocabulary development, and thinking inferentially will be more easily developed if a good portion of the child's tutoring session deals with material that truly interests the child. My ratings have been high (4.98 at WyzAnt after 600 ratings) because I treat the child as an individual.

Writing is organization. I teach the organization of a paragraph, story, or essay so that students may more easily follow what is written down.


I am an experienced English Regents tutor. I have experience as a teacher and as a tutor preparing students for the Regents examinations in American History and Government and in Global History as well. As a tutor I have taken students who have failed the Regents before and have helped them pass. I have a Permanent License to teach Social Studies Grades 7-12 and a certificate to teach Social Studies, Grades 7-12 to students with Special Needs.

SAT Reading

I have been a writing tutor and an SAT tutor with WyzAnt for several years. I know how to analyze student weaknesses and correct them. I have been successful in tutoring the essay and multiple choice reading and writing sections of the exam. I know how to connect the student to the reading passage, and I know how to impart rules and procedures that will help students make the right choice in questions in the SAT multiple choice reading section. Being a student of literature and history, I am able to improve the student's understanding of the eighteenth and nineteenth century literature the student is sure to find in the SAT reading section.

SAT Writing

I teach a highly structured and simple form of SAT essay writing that the student may use throughout his or her academic career. I analyze weaknesses on the multiple choice sections, and find effective means to correct them. I have been tutoring the SAT through its many forms (including the newest form) successfully for years. I use only official SAT material in student practice. Studying for the SAT is fun because I approach learning with a sense of humor. I permit the student to relax. At the same time, I am patient and inspiring.

Social Studies

I have a NY State Permanent License to teach Social Studies, Grades 7-12, and a Certificate to Teach Social Studies, Grades 7-12 to Children of Special Needs. I have a Master of Arts degree in History and have taken extensive doctoral level courses in history. I have taught Social Studies, including Global History and American History and Government Studies, in junior high school and in high school in the New York City public schools. I have successfully tutored students for the Regents exams in American History and Global History after they had failed these exams, and have successfully tutored elementary students in the social studies as well.

Special Needs

I have a New York State certification to teach students with disabilities. I have taught students with intellectual disabilities at the JFK Jr High School, and at elementary, intermediate, and high schools throughout the city. Furthermore, I have tutored students in special education programs from ages 6 through adult years.


There are two effective ways to teach vocabulary, through exercises that are interesting and entertaining for the students, and through works of fiction and non fiction that challenge the student. My own success in developing vocabulary was especially due to the latter approach, an approach that permitted me to obtain two Master's degrees in History. The vocabulary and reading tutor's job is to find works that challenge the student without frustrating him or her. In obtaining my certificate to teach students with learning disabilities, in obtaining my social studies license, and in my long service as a tutor, I have discovered means of teaching words that are both engaging and effective.

World History

I have a Masters of Arts and Masters of Philosophy Degree in History. I have done extensive doctoral work on global history subjects and have been in contact with historians in Britain, France, and Israel. At Baruch College I helped foreign born history students improve their essay writing and served as teaching and research assistant to the Chair of the History Department. Finally, as a tutor and teacher I have prepared students for the Global History Regents.


I have tutored writing at Queens College and Baruch College, CUNY. Most of my students at WyzAnt are writing students, and my rating after over 600 submissions is 4.98. I have tutored writing to very young children, to intermediate and high school students, and to adults. As a teacher and tutor I have taught writing to children and adults with disabilities.

Queens College, CUNY
Queens College, CUNY
graduate center, cuny


Queens College, CUNY (History)

Queens College, CUNY (Master's)

graduate center, cuny (Master's)

Experienced Tutor

Michael is an experienced and wonderful teacher. For the past of six months my son learned a lot from him and I see that he has a better grade in every subjects now. This is all thanks to Michael's efforts and time. I want to thank him for everything. He is truly a good tutor.

— Michael, Oakland Gardens, NY on 5/27/11

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