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Very patient and always positive
— Michelle, Cliffside Park, NJ on 12/7/14


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Dear Student,

To help you succeed is my mission. We launch right into tackling one skill at a time and breaking it down so that it's manageable. And when you get it, you feel instantly picked up: "Competence breeds confidence." Then we review, and if needed, I show you ways to remember the material, and then you practice after the session.

I'm a believer in encouraging students, and in taking the fear out. When something is made clear to you, it's not scary, and it's not overwhelming.

My commitment to you:
It doesn't end when the lesson does. You can call me if you have a question, even just to make sure of what you know.

I've tutored many subjects since 2000: SAT, math, English, writing, history, biology and more. And I've taught in classrooms for over six years, My students have ranged in age from seven to sixty.

My education:
-Sixteen years of a parochial education, a BA in Psychology
-A rigorous training in Massage Therapy (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Handskills)
-My education has never stopped: I read extensively, especially in history, language and economics.

I'm here to help you do well.

Rachim B.
Dear Student,

To help you succeed is my mission. We launch right into tackling one skill at a time and breaking it down so that it's manageable. And when you get it, you feel instantly picked up: "Competence breeds confidence." Then we review, and if needed, I show you ways to remember the material, and then you practice after the
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"Very patient and always positive"

- Michelle, Cliffside Park, NJ on 12/7/14

"I look forward to more lessons with him."

- Barbara, Bogota, NJ on 10/18/15
Rachim replied on 10/23/2015

Thank you for the positive comments

Algebra 1,
Algebra 2, Elementary Math, Geometry, Prealgebra,
Precalculus, SAT Math, Trigonometry
Biology, Elementary Science, Physiology
English, Grammar,
Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing
Reading, Writing
Special Needs:
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Reading, Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar,
Reading, Spelling, Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing

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Approved subjects

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Algebra 1

I've taught Algebra 1 both as classroom teacher and private tutor. This has included Regents prep.

What is it? Just a bunch of skills - learn each, practice, and have the common errors pointed out, so we can avoid them. If needed (often is), we go back to fractions and make sure it's clear when to cross-multiply, how to add, and how to multiply.

When I see they've mastered a skill, I make up purposely complicated problems (17.9x-19,034 = -.039-98x), because they prove - to themselves - 'I can do anything thrown at me. I've got it.'

I love the subject, I enjoy teaching, and work to make the lessons enjoyable - which I think they should be.


My knowledge of anatomy comes from my training as a New York Licensed Massage Therapist. That meant three trimesters of A&P in school - more than was spent on hands-on work. And of course, since then, clients have reported on their conditions, which refreshes or adds to my knowledge.

Also, I was fortunate to have taught A&P to massage students for a year in Jersey. It was enjoyable to introduce students to what's going on in their own bodies.
I've studied a lot of different things, so I know that knowing a field doesn't mean you can also teach it well. I took a few lessons in driving a stick, but never did catch on. The guy knew how, but couldn't figure out how to pass it on to me. And I've seen how most students of great teachers learn fast. 'Don't blame the student.' Confucius said that.

The final piece: I feel that teaching has to include helping students remember the material. I love it when I can use mnemonics. (You won't forget that the cardiac atria are on top of the ventricles after you picture that 'A' fits naturally over 'V'.)

I love both to learn and to teach, so I try to make the learning process fun, or at least tolerable.


I'm considered a wordsmith, with a poem of mine published in a respected collection. My SAT and GRE scores averaged about 700.

The nice thing about grammar is that learning and practicing only 15 rules makes a big difference. I try to find out exactly what you need work on, and get right to it.


I received a yeshiva education, K-16, with four hours daily of Jewish and Hebrew studies, learning grammar and vocabulary and texts in Hebrew. My family spoke it at home and we prayed in it daily - it's my second language.

In second grade I spent many hours making charts of Hebrew grammar - just for fun!

In high school, (I'm a natural and patient teacher), I taught my brother Bar Mitzva lessons, and got a 100 on the Hebrew Regents.

I have a talent for language in general, but also a love for our ancient tongue. I consider it an honor to teach our ancient tongue.


Learning physiology is different from learning anatomy. Easier, because whereas anatomy is a long list of items to memorize, physiology is a bunch of processes. Therefore, there's a logic to each that makes it a kind of story - so it's easier to learn and retain. Mitosis is not haphazard, but a matter of increasing separation.

There's still a lot of memorizing, and I help you with that - e.g. calcitonin 'tones down' calcium; antigEN=ENemy.
I'm a licensed massage therapist, which is how I came to learn physiology in the first place, and I'm proud that I got a high score on the state licensing exam, which included much A&P. I enjoyed learning it, and even taught it later on for a year in massage schools. And, as I enjoyed learning it - it's fascinating and it's going on inside us - I enjoy teaching it, and bring that feeling of enjoyment to the lessons.


I've both tutored Prealgebra and taught it in the classroom. Now's the time to master it, because the rest of high school math leans on it.

I've also tutored science and English, and taught SAT Verbal in the classroom.
And since I've studied - and taught - Anatomy and Physiology for Massage, I know that not everyone is as science-confident as I am. Where that's the case, I cultivate the trait in students.

Study Skills

I have years of experience tutoring study skills, helping students improve them.

How do I do this? A good tutor is one who can make any subject clear, and study skills is no exception. It's not mysterious:

First, I help you organize your tasks and then do them one at a time. While we work, you don't worry about all your tasks - you're focused on this one. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed.

If needed, I also help you estimate how much time the individual tasks will take, so that you know what you're dealing with. "When we I be finished with this?", "Should I take a break?", etc. You're not in it alone - we do the process together. I help you learn what works for you and what doesn't.

Another of the skills is distilling information: What does this paragraph (or even book) come down to? I'm particularly good at doing this and at showing you how.

The same applies when you write reports or papers. I ask you for your own ideas, in your own words. There's no pressure, we're just talking. Then we build up from there. It's pretty simple. (I hope you can tell by now that I work on taking the fear out of things for you.)

The goal is that eventually. you'll own these skills yourself and carry them into the rest of your academic life and beyond.

Yeshiva University


Yeshiva University (Psyc)

Very patient and always positive

Rachim is honest and willing to help the student. He also likes to encourage the student and likes to see the improvement. He is a good teacher. Thank you.

— Michelle, Cliffside Park, NJ on 12/7/14

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