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Very knowledgeable and patient!
— Shannon, Salisbury, NC on 10/22/11


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North Carolina State
Major Chemical Engr., Minor Spanish
North Carolina State
Graduate Coursework


North Carolina State (Major Chemical Engr., Minor Spanish)

North Carolina State (Graduate Coursework)

About Beth

Current availability:

I am booked with standing appointments at times when traditional students are available (after school and weekends), but I can work students in when I have cancelations. I have plenty of time during the day as noted. Contact me with any questions and I will respond quickly!

About me:

I have more than 15 years of professional experience tutoring students as young as 8 and as old as 70+ years. I have worked extensively with middle and high schoolers, college students, and returning adult students.

I taught high school math in North Carolina (Intro to HS Math all the way through Calculus BC) for four years. I also hold a teaching certificate in ESL/ESOL (teaching English to non-native speakers). My Bachelor's is in chemical engineering, which gives me a strong background in chemistry, physics, and other mathematical sciences.

I have a minor in Spanish from NC State and speak well. Most of the music I listen to is in Spanish and there are many Spanish speakers in my life. So I can help students in beginning Spanish and on, or help people who just want a practical grasp of Spanish for their work or daily lives.

The time I have invested learning a foreign language has given me a deep understanding of how English sentences are structured. Therefore, my grammar and writing are excellent and I enjoy helping others express themselves effectively.

I can teach all portions of the SAT and ACT and have lots of experience doing so. My GRE scores were very high as well. I am certain private tutoring with me is the best help available. (I have taught for some of the big-name companies). But, please note that these tests are substantially different than tests on specific concepts so scores are less plastic than grades in a class.

I generally navigate academic settings well and like to help others reach their full potential in their classes and personal endeavors. As a Caldwell Scholar alumna, I have interviewed students applying for the scholarship, so I know what colleges are looking for. As a high school teacher, I helped students with college applications and saw 3 of my students win prestigious full scholarships.

Even in subjects with which I am not familiar, I am often able to dissect a textbook in a way that makes more sense to a student than simply reading or listening to a lecture.


I travel to students' homes unless they'd prefer to meet elsewhere. I try to space appointments appropriately, but I am at the mercy of traffic, so sometimes will run late. I do NOT rush out of my students' homes after 59 minutes and 30 seconds if there are still questions, so please be understanding if I am a few minutes late. I strive to be flexible and understanding of my students' schedules as well.
Current availability:

I am booked with standing appointments at times when traditional students are available (after school and weekends), but I can work students in when I have cancelations. I have plenty of time during the day as noted. Contact me with any questions and I will respond quickly!

About me:

I have
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In-person lessons

"Very knowledgeable and patient!"

- Shannon, Salisbury, NC on 10/22/11

"Really great tutor!!! I highly recommend her."

- Jay, Raleigh, NC on 11/20/17

"Great tutor overall"

- Summer, Cary, NC on 10/4/17

"Great tutor"

- Kyle, Apex, NC on 9/5/17

"Awesome Tutor!"

- Deborah, New Hill, NC on 5/31/17

"Very Experienced Tutor"

- Hua-shuang, Cary, NC on 10/2/16

"Excellent Tutor"

- Mike, Cary, NC on 6/15/16

"Statistics help"

- Trevor, Raleigh, NC on 4/29/16

"Overall Highly Recommend"

- Max, Apex, NC on 3/29/16

"Tailoring to the student's need"

- Seema, Cary, NC on 2/1/16

"Makes things very clear"

- Ziya, Raleigh, NC on 1/19/16

"Amazing Tutor - One of the BEST EVER!"

- Suzanne, Cary, NC on 11/28/15

"Awesome Tutor"

- Kris, Cary, NC on 11/26/15

"Beth rocks"

- John, Raleigh, NC on 11/23/15

"Excellent tutoring with high schooler"

- Dharmesh, Apex, NC on 11/22/15

"Great Math Tutor"

- James, Cary, NC on 11/20/15

"Beth is great!"

- Kylie, Raleigh, NC on 11/19/15

"Extremely knowledgeable"

- Addison, Cary, NC on 8/30/15

"Great tutor"

- Betsy, Raleigh, NC on 8/12/15

"Very Knowledgeable"

- Katrina, Cary, NC on 7/17/15

"Great Common Core Tutor"

- Ashlea, Apex, NC on 6/2/15

"Outstanding Tutor and Professional"

- Sherri, Cary, NC on 6/2/15

"Awesome, thorough, and patient!"

- Jackie, Cary, NC on 4/22/15

"Patient and flexible tutor!"

- Kim, Holly Springs, NC on 4/20/15

"Great Teacher"

- Phoebe, Raleigh, NC on 2/3/15

"Very professional and extremely responsive"

- Margarita, Cary, NC on 10/31/14

"Very good tutor!"

- Malee, Spring Lake, NC on 9/28/14

"Terrific with so many different subjects!"

- Tiersa, Apex, NC on 9/15/14

"Very Satisfied. Thank You"

- Jenny, Raleigh, NC on 7/6/14

"A Great Calculus Tutor"

- Bob, Raleigh, NC on 6/19/14

"Outstanding Tutor!"

- Karen, Apex, NC on 1/19/14

"Very knowledgeable."

- Tammy, Holly Springs, NC on 1/13/14

"Great tutor"

- Sandra, Apex, NC on 10/24/13

"Great tutor"

- Dragana, Morrisville, NC on 8/5/13

"So glad we found Beth!"

- Jared, Apex, NC on 3/21/13

"Great tutor"

- Bill, Cary, NC on 3/19/13

"Great Tutor!"

- Leslye, Cary, NC on 3/18/13

"Awesome Tutor"

- Louise, Cary, NC on 3/17/13

"One of the best tutors out there."

- Srijib, Apex, NC on 11/28/12

"Great help!"

- Noru, Raleigh, NC on 6/8/12

"Fantastic tutor for AP Calculus, a lifesaver!"

- Jenny, Cary, NC on 5/6/12

"Excellent Lesson"

- Tony, Durham, NC on 2/21/12

"Fantastic Tutor"

- Thomas, Cary, NC on 2/10/12

"Great resource"

- Deb, Cary, NC on 12/6/11

"She Is Simply The Best!!"

- Amir, Morrisville, NC on 10/19/11

"great tutor"

- Paige, Cary, NC on 9/7/11

"Great Communicator!"

- Jennifer, Raleigh, NC on 4/14/11

"Great tutor"

- Margaret, Raleigh, NC on 10/12/10

"Very organized!"

- Cynthia, Apex, NC on 8/12/10
Special Needs:
Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Study Skills,

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

The ACT English is substantially different from the reading and writing sections of the SAT. Many students who do "not great" on the SAT reading and writing will be able to perform well on the ACT.

ACT Math

ACT math is different than SAT math. The questions are easier, but include questions on topics through pre-calculus. Furthermore, one must answer questions very quickly to do well. I am happy to help students determine which test will be better for them.

ACT Reading

ACT reading is not that different in content from the SAT, although it is more predictable. However, time is more of an issue.

ACT Science

The existence of a science section is the biggest difference between the SAT and the ACT. Many students will enjoy this section. I am especially qualified to help because I have a degree in chemical engineering.

Algebra 1

I taught Algebra I about 5 times during my 4 years teaching. It is the foundation for math through calculus, so it is crucial for students to master it.

Algebra 2

I taught Algebra II about 10 times during my time as a high school teacher. I know the NC EOC test backwards and forwards. The concepts in Algebra II are essential to success in precalculus and calculus. Students intending to move on to higher level math MUST master this math.


I taught AP Calculus AB/BC for two years. This is the equivalent of Calculus I and II in college. Based on what students have told me, many tutors did very well in calculus, but not all remember the nitty-gritty details after a few years. In tutoring calculus I will be able to hit the ground running.

Chemical Engineering

My bachelors is in chemical engineering and I tutored this subject in undergrad extensively.


I am experienced with tutoring chemistry on the high school honors level and college level (first and second semester level). My foundation in chemistry comes from my bachelor's in chemical engineering.

College Counseling

As an high school teacher, I helped students with SATs, college essays, application processes, and more. I've written letters of recommendation and seen some students go on to win full scholarships. I am also active in a university so am familiar with the procedures from that end as well.

Discrete Math

I have taken three whole college classes with various discrete math topics. However, this subject is so broad that it could include any number of concepts. Although I am familiar with 90% of discrete math concepts taught in high school and undergrad, I may need to refer to notes for a few topics. This usually works out fine and I extend the lesson appropriately at no charge if needed.


I love grammar and writing. Effective writing is crucial if one wants one's knowledge to ever be useful in any setting. I know grammar rules backwards and forwards.


I am certified by the PRAXIS exam to teach ESL in NC. I speak Spanish fluently so I know what it's like to learn a new language. I have detailed knowledge of English grammar, so I can explain how sentences are constructed. I love helping people learn about English, American customs, and social conventions. Another thing I really enjoy about teaching ESOL is learning about the cultural backgrounds of the students I teach.


I taught this course five times in my time as a high school teacher.


The content of the GMAT are topics with which I am familiar. I have not taken it myself though. Nonetheless, I am good at figuring out how to work a standardized test.


Good grammar is essential to conveying oneself clearly and being perceived as an educated adult. I use "whom" in casual conversation and delight my close friends by correcting their grammar. While this is annoying to them, my ear for grammar can be a boon to students.


I scored 99th percentile in math, 94th percentile in verbal, and 96th percentile in writing on the new GRE.


I did very well in economics in college. Although I do not remember all the different laws off the top of my head, I can help students who struggle with reading the charts and understanding the mathematical concepts very well.


I did very well in economics in college. Although I do not remember all the different laws off the top of my head, I can help students who struggle with reading the charts and understanding the mathematical concepts very well.

Microsoft Excel

I used Excel extensively as an undergraduate and use it in my daily life as well. One of my favorite things to do!

Microsoft PowerPoint

I made numerous Power Point presentations in undergrad and as a teacher. I can help with what to do and offer advice on what not to do.


I worked in the Physics and Math Tutorial Center at college as an undergraduate, so I know the first two semesters of college physics well, and of course high school level physics.


Not only do I know the topics in precalculus well, my experience in teaching calculus gives me an excellent perspective regarding which topics are the most important to retain for success in calculus.


I write very well. I view this as a very analytical skill related to engineering. Sentences must be constructed appropriately with modifiers in the correct place to convey meaning correctly and efficiently. I really enjoy helping others express themselves effectively in writing and can help with trimming papers that are too long and adding additional content to ones that don't meet word or page requirements.

SAT Math

I have taught SAT prep courses for some of the well-known companies but strongly recommend one-on-one tutoring for students attempting to improve their scores. I have books with lessons on each of the specific concepts tested on the SAT.

SAT Reading

Improving this score is one of the hardest things to do in relation to SAT scores. I can help students understand features of typical "bad" answer choices and decide what questions to omit. I also know good strategies for the "fill in the blank" questions. However, reading quickly AND retaining is a skill that cannot be mastered very quickly. Nonetheless, I am happy to help and will approach it with a positive attitude.

SAT Writing

SAT writing is the "low hanging fruit" for improving overall SAT scores.


I love the Spanish language. As a native English speaker who has mastered speaking Spanish, I can offer lots of good advice for becoming fluent.


Statistics is a course required in many fields that otherwise are not very "math-y." This fact has brought me lots of students struggling with statistics. Adult students especially need support when attempting this math after many years without math courses. I really enjoy it and understand it inside and out.

Study Skills

As someone who has helped students from 5th grade to adults returning to college, I have seen a lot of what works and what doesn't in terms of study habits and organization.


A detailed knowledge of trigonometry is absolutely essential to success in calculus. I am very familiar with the nitty gritty details of trig graphing, identities, proofs, etc.


I believe an advanced vocabulary and appropriate word choice are essential to portraying oneself as an educated adult. I can help students understand not just definitions, but connotations of words and the context in which they are typically used.


I love helping students express themselves effectively in writing! Writing is more of an engineering activity than one might think.

North Carolina State
Major Chemical Engr., Minor Spanish
North Carolina State
Graduate Coursework


North Carolina State (Major Chemical Engr., Minor Spanish)

North Carolina State (Graduate Coursework)

Very knowledgeable and patient!

Beth is a fantastic tutor because she is very knowledgeable and so patient when you are confused or not sure what you are doing!! She has helped me through so many tough assignments and has made me feel much more confident in my math abilities and she has simplified many functions and applications for me.

— Shannon, Salisbury, NC on 10/22/11

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $60.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

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Beth will travel within 13 miles of Cary, NC 27511.