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My name is Chris
I have a diverse background in both the creative side and production side of music. Combine this with an extensive computer background of the digital aspects of data transfer I can provide the necessary skills needed by students to be successful in this very changing world.
I own a software encryption startup company that has developed an application that stops the piracy and storage of data.I also own a full music production company that includes a record company and two music publishing groups with affiliations with BMI and ASCAP. My company Fernando's Production is also a member of the IFPI an international anti-piracy group.
I am certified as a RIAA recording engineer and certified in television production. I am
also a member of the Dallas Songwriters Association and founding member of the Texas Music Association.
I have been performing music since I was 14 year old as a singer and guitarist and have worked both behind the scenes and in front of the curtain throughout the United States. I'm a songwriter with a released CD that received accolades in the UK in 1996 with a distribution deal through my record company Hideaway Records. I feel that I have a lot to offer with my experience as both a record and events producer. The record company has produced 5 CD's.
Media Wizard is the name of my software company. Along with my partner, we designed an application that helps protect data from being compromised.
With my extensive diversity in the arts and business world I feel I can offer a student a true aspect to the world and help guide the student achieve his desired goals. I use simple techniques when teaching and expect my students to practise and ask questions. I show a student how to improve his talent and enhance his creative skills.
My name is Chris
I have a diverse background in both the creative side and production side of music. Combine this with an extensive computer background of the digital aspects of data transfer I can provide the necessary skills needed by students to be successful in this very changing world.
I own a software encryption startup company
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General Computer

I started learning about computers in 1967 when I attended a software class using the IBM 1620 computer. I later worked with several companies in Dallas,TX where I learned not only the basic language but how to repair devices used with the computer. This included printers,disc drives and keyboards. I took several classee learning electronic repair and continued my education as a certified recording engineer and certified TV production. I owned a company that repaired sound and lightning devices which used computer software to work. This included programming. In 2000 I started a software company with a partner that designed an application that stops data piracy. I use a computer everyday and have been taught how to access data, use the web. In late 2006 I finished a class at OTC in Springfield,MO on HTML which is used to develop web pages. I'm educated in Microsoft Office,Windows and DOS which is the machine language for most PC.

General Music

I grew up singing music since I was 5 years old. I learned to read music so I could perform the songs. In the course of this action I was able to teach myself the rules of music. To sing you need to know the timing,the key in which it's done,the beginning,whether a verse is repeated and the end. As I began singing in grammer and high school it became apparent I needed to know more about my craft. When I majored in college I took courses in music theory and composition. These courses taught me rules.Since I was fourteen I started playing in bands and this taught me the how music is used in building a song , the rythmn,the timing, and certain keys that work and don't work. I also have a complete knowledge of the theory of music. This would include the circles of fifths,chord structure,scales and modes. I have been performing,writing and playing musical instruments for 45 years. I also have been involved in the business of music for 35 years with my own production company wich includes recording,publishing and producing.


I started learning guitar when I was fourteen. My folks bought me one and provided me the lessons. I learned using a Mel Bay handbook. I also a had a background in sight reading music through school and this helped me grasped the technique. I was able to read the music. I later learned by playing in music playing in folk and rock groups. Listening to records also helped.
After 35 years of playing in bands and performing by myself I feel I have a pretty good concept of the instruments.
I teach the basics of guitar and the theory behind the instrument. This includes learning the scales of each string. The chord structure involved using the octave scale. I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII. This structure is used in all music genre. It's also the foundation for learning chords.
I expect my students to practise everyday. It takes at least an hour . I also try to use all fingers when performing scales and chords. As the student progresses I teach inversions, bar chords, and different modes used in lead playing.
I teach the student how to train their ear and timing which is essential to playing with others and jamming. A student should be able to listen to a song and chart the music after hearing it.

Music History

As an active member in the musical field you learn about all aspects of music history. If you play a certain genre of music it helps to understand and know the history. As a music major you are required to know the background of the writer whether its blues,classical or rock. I'm a history buff and try to research the people I learn from. Music had a beginning with people talking. Music was used as a way to commnuicate to others just as today we have a satellite that carries muscial scales as a form of communication. Music soothes the savage beast and creates the mood whether for war or peace to the mind. Music is based on math. The scales are a structure of eight notes with half notes intertwined to produce a sound in harmony with each other. Some of the early languages were based on these equations and harmonies. Music was sometimes reguarded as magic and a key to open doors. Music history is the history of the world.

Sight Singing

Sight singing is something I learned in church and high school. When singing within choral groups you need to able to read the selected parts such as tenor,alto, or bass. most choral music is written in four parts. Some music contains double parts. Most instructors expect their students to be able to sight read. Ear training is a big part of the equation. They both go together.It helps to hear the part and keeps you in sync with the chorus.
Sight reading also helps when given a piece of music off the cuff from a pianist or asked to perform (audition with a band). In college you are required to read music and I have studied and learned since I was 7 years old.


Having a basic knowledge of musical structure is the key to writing songs. The more you know the more intricate the music. Basic music is founded on certian rules and laws. Knowing those rules makes your job a little easier. I have written over hundreds of songs but count maybe thirty as truly finished works. I belong to the Dallas Songwriters Association. I helped organize the group in the late seventies. I was chosen to perform my songs at the Keerville Folk Festival from a field of 700 songwriters from across the country. I also was a finalist for the Dallas Songwriters event in 2005. I have recorded several songs on a CD that was released in 1996 with a group I perform with now.
I own two music publishing companies with BMI and ASCAP affiliations.
I own a record company in which a listen to a lot of music and this gives me the experience to know what's good and whst's not.

Voice (Music)

I have been singing since I was 5 years old. I started singing in the church with the choir as a tenor. In many situations I was chosen as the lead vocalist. I continued singing both in school and church throughout my growing up years. I sang in several musicals in high school.I performed in folk groups and through that I was exposed to performing popular music and the professsional aspects of the music field.
When I attended college I majored in music as a vocalist. I attended Missouri State University. In college I was trained both to sing correctly and prepare my voice to perform. That's very important knowledge because it will protect your voice. Your voice is like an instrument and needs to be kept strong,clean,and healthy.
As I was going to school I played in bands to earn extra money. In most bands I was the lead singer but I was also able to sing backup of which I learned singing in choral groups in church and school.
Presently I still perform and sing in a band earning extra money.

Missouri State


Missouri State (Comm)

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