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— Shawnta, Columbia, MD on 10/25/16


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University of Missouri, St. Louis
Music Education
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


University of Missouri, St. Louis (Music Education)

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (Master's)

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Military and other discounts available.

I'm an enthusiastic teacher and learner. I love to help others learn. With my Master's in Elem Ed and 30+ years experience, I've learned many different ways to approach every problem. I've tutored over 500 students during my career. I'm a member of 7 professional organizations including Teachers Association International and International Tutoring Association.

Prior to beginning lessons, all students will be given a diagnostic during the FREE consultation. The results of the assessment will be used to determine strengths, weaknesses and preferred learning styles. Information from the results along with information about goals and other needs from parents, teachers and any other stakeholders will be used to write a customized learning plan for you. Lesson plans will be written for all future lessons based on your learning plan. Lesson plans are always available for your perusal.

As my Master's was focused in reading literacy, one of my specialties is reading. I am available for reading assistance at any level. Many skills are involved in learning to read. Skills include phonics, word manipulation, vocabulary and sight words. I also stress authentic reading. Book, article or other reading will be assigned as homework after every session. Teens and pre-teens often seem to suddenly develop reading problems when none previously existed. The difficulties are often related to reading school textbooks. Fortunately, these problems are easily remedied.

In addition to reading, I specialize in math. In the last four years, 75% of my students have needed assistance in math. Pre-Algebra and Algebra have been needed the most often. No matter the math level, I will teach math using concrete ideas as much as possible. Often, numbers and the general concepts in math are very abstract.

Other than reading and math, I am available to help with any K-6 subject, study skills, give homework help and a variety of other subjects. Please see my subject list for more information.

Aside from reading, which is one of my favorite activities, I thoroughly enjoy water activities such as swimming, boating and white water rafting. In addition, I enjoy board games and card games. I frequently play poker online and watch televised games. And yes, I like puzzles. I like Word puzzles and Math puzzles. Sudoku puzzles can be a lot of fun and quite challenging.

Services INCLUDED in my hourly fee:
-Telephone and/or e-mail assistance between lessons
-Communication with Teachers and Schools
-Communication with You
-A Learning Plan that is used to develop specific lesson goals
-Lesson Plans

If you choose me as your tutor, you can expect 3 things of me: Prompt, Thorough, Prepared! In addition, you should expect that I will ask you to do outside work to be prepared for your lessons.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can begin soon!
Military and other discounts available.

I'm an enthusiastic teacher and learner. I love to help others learn. With my Master's in Elem Ed and 30+ years experience, I've learned many different ways to approach every problem. I've tutored over 500 students during my career. I'm a member of 7 professional organizations including Teachers
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FREE Consultation, Diagnostic Testing and Introductory Lesson

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Background Check: Passed

"Outstanding tutor"

- Shawnta, Columbia, MD on 10/25/16

"Very Patient and Smart"

- Waukesha, Little Elm, TX on 4/25/16


- Lisa, Fenton, MO on 7/24/15
General Music,
Music History, Music Theory
English, Grammar, Proofreading, Reading,
Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
Common Core
Music History
Special Needs:
ADD/ADHD, Aspergers,
Elementary Education:
Common Core, Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science,
Grammar, Handwriting, Homeschool, Phonics,
Spelling, Study Skills,
Microsoft Word

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

Many students begin to struggle when encountering Algebra. Prior to Algebra, problems usually only had one-step to solve. When more than one-step was needed, it was simply repeating the same step. In Algebra, many different steps are needed and it can become confusing.

In addition, Algebra begins to use letters. Although students have actually been doing Algebra for many years, most have been unaware of its use. With the letters comes a new way of using equations. Students are now required to "manipulate" math sentences to get the correct answer.

I teach Algebra by helping the student connect previous learning to the new. I encourage learners to explore math and learn to see how math "works". I discourage students from simply following a set of steps. Without full understanding, blindly following steps will frequently lead to non-sensible results.

I use Common Core in my teaching. I will assist learners in understanding Algebra the way it is presented in the classroom. Algebra in Common Core does not prescribe one specific method for solving problems. Rather, it presents multiple ways of viewing the same problem. Learning math the "Common Core Way" will lead to a deeper understanding of math (frequently called number sense).

I never expect students to solve problems my way. My goal is to help every learner develop their own way of correctly solving problems. As long as the solution makes sense and the learner can explain it, I don't care what method was used.


As a certified classroom teacher of 20 years and a tutor of 30 years, I have had extensive opportunities to work with students with Asperger's. Students with Asperger's have difficulty with attention in many situations. It is as though they don't have the filter most of us do to keep out the distractions. This can result in the student jumping from one idea to another with seemingly no relation. In some cases, it can even manifest itself in a variety of types of aggression. The trick to successfully working with students with Asperger's is to connect the content, as much as possible, to areas of interest. I have also used very tangible rewards for doing as asked. For example, I have used a stop watch and set a specific amount of time needed to work very hard and focus followed by another specific amount of time for the student to do as he/she wants. This encourages the student to do what's necessary to get the freedom to move as desired. There are many other possibilities which need to be determined by the individual student's needs. It's been my experience that students with Asperger's are in fact very intelligent but are simply not yet able to harness it.

Elementary (K-6th)

I enjoy teaching at the elementary level. Though I have experience teaching through Adult, elementary is my favorite!

I have earned a K-9 classroom teaching certificate. I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in reading. I was a first grade teacher for ten years.

Now I would like to use my training and experience to help you!

Elementary Math

I try to teach concepts as concretely as possible. For example, if a student is learning about fractions I would use manipulatives to help him/her see that fractions can have many different names and still be equal.

Once the basic concept is understood, I then help teach methods of finding solutions. In math it is very common to have multiple possible correct paths to finding the solution. I will usually demonstrate several different ways to get the correct answer. Then I ask the student to try the different methods and then to choose one way that makes the most sense. Once a student is comfortable with the basics, I encourage the student to experiment and try to find the correct answer on their own. I have often been surprised by the ingenious (but correct!) methods students have used.

I have found much success when I help students see Math as one big game or puzzle. Once the basic concepts and skills are learned - basic addition, subtraction - everything else is really just an extension. For example, multiplication is nothing more than repeated addition. Algebra is nothing but addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using letters along with the numbers. I compare the letters used in Algebra to a box. I teach many of my students that our job is to figure out what's inside the box (what the letter is worth.) Then we learn different things we can do to the equation to find what's in the box/the answer.

Elementary Science

As an elementary teacher, I taught in a self-contained classroom. I taught all academic subjects, including science. Science should be a fun subject. I have found elementary students learn science best when it is incorporated with other subjects being learned. For example, if learning about measurements in math, it would be a good time to teach students about reading and using thermometers and other weather topics.

Allowing the student to be a scientist is an awesome way to teach science. This helps teach students to be curious and ask questions, helps students learn the scientific method and allows the student to see "failure" as a learning opportunity. My students are always involved in various experiments. Sometimes we will do an experiment before learning about the science, then learn the material and conclude with repeating the same experiment. This allows the student to apply the material and actually see it in work.

General Computer

I am currently an Adjunct Instructor at Southwestern Illinois College where I teach computer basics. Some of the general topics in the course I teach include: Setting up a computer, Internet use, Care and Maintenance (including Virus protection), Using Windows, and the basics of popular Microsoft Office applications.

I use the computer for both personal and work-related tasks. I use Microsoft Word to maintain a newsletter and to write lesson plans. I use Microsoft Excel to track lessons I give, expenses, and grades. I use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations for my class.

General Music

I attained a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. After graduation, I taught general music in the classroom for approximately 7 years.

Microsoft Word

I teach the basics of Microsoft Word as part of a class I teach at Southwestern Illinois College. The basics include topics such as being able to create, edit, delete, rename, and save documents and using format options.

I am currently studying to earn the Microsoft certification in Word. The knowledge gained from this studying has enabled me to create and maintain a newsletter using templates, create my own templates, write lesson plans, and use other less used options.


I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in reading. In addition, I have taught 1st grade for approximately 7 years. Our main focus point was reading. I believe strongly in Balanced Literacy and have taught using the 4 Blocks Method. 4 Blocks includes phonics instruction in the Working with Words segment. This is daily instruction in phonics (knowledge of sound/symbol relationship), phonemic awareness (auditory only, ability to hear and manipulate sounds with a SPOKEN word), phonological awareness (umbrella term which includes phonemic awareness).


I began watching my dad play poker when I was young. It was then that I developed a strong interest for the game. Over time, I have learned new poker games. My personal favorite at the moment is Texas Hold'Em. I play extensively online and watch televised poker. I am available to teach Intermediate and Beginning Poker (all games, poker hand value, basic rules, strategy and tips, and betting).


Pre-Algebra is often a subject in which students begin to struggle. There are many new concepts. Doing math with letters seems strange to many. When I teach Pre-Algebra, I use as many manipulatives and visuals as possible. Most students understand the basic mathematical concepts taught at a very young age. Therefore, when teaching, I've found most of my students do very well when these concepts are stressed. Join me in Pre-Algebra Made Simple!


I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Reading Literacy and taught 1st grade for almost 10 years. Most of every day was spent in improving reading and allowing students to enjoy the process.

Study Skills

"Study Skills" are often misunderstood. They include those skills required to study for tests. However, study skills also include learning skills. They include all skills necessary to improve learning.

Skills that I teach include how to prepare for a homework/study session, organizational skills, how to participate in class, notetaking, pre-reading/reading/post-reading skills, how to read textbooks, and of course effective ways to study. These are just a few of the many skills that will improve a student's academic work.

University of Missouri, St. Louis
Music Education
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


University of Missouri, St. Louis (Music Education)

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (Master's)

Outstanding tutor

Becky works with my son who is homeschooled daily and she is so AMAZING! My son has special needs and she is very patient and more importantly flexible. She always adjusts her methods to his style of learning which may differ from lesson to lesson.

— Shawnta, Columbia, MD on 10/25/16

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $100.00

Cancellation: 6 hours notice required

FREE Consultation, Diagnostic Testing and Introductory Lesson

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