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Great and patient.
— Ping, Potomac, MD on 7/1/13


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All children can learn and succeed. It is the responsibility of a good teacher to help children develop the confidence needed to be willing to take risks without fear of failure. Children need to be guided to realize their strengths and use those skills to achieve success in anything they may pursue. Through many years of teaching and tutoring children, I have kept these ideas in mind watching children learn and grow. I use a multi-disciplinary approach that caters to children's different learning styles. No two children are ever the same; they are unique and should be treated with respect and kindness. Developing a good rapport with a child is always important for their comfort and success. I look forward to celebrating with parents and children as they challenge themselves to achieve their goals.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Pathology/Education. I began my career providing speech pathology services to developmentally disabled/delayed children in a Kindergarten setting. Following that job, I was a resource teacher at a private, primary school diagnosing and appraising needs of children from ages 4-9. I developed programs for each child for all elementary subjects based upon their individual needs and wrote individualized educational plans. I did ongoing evaluations and observations and monitored each child's progress while working with teachers and parents to ensure maximizing children's success.
I also taught 2nd Grade for for seven years, teaching the prescriptive school curriculum, developing tailored lessons to meet the needs of challenged learners and wrote individual transcripts for outplacement to continuing schools. I worked closely with resource teachers and parents throughout the year making sure that each child was being attended to meet their individual needs. I was also a curriculum coordinator at the same school for 6 years. I rewrote and revised the entire school curriculum and worked with teachers to integrate all subjects across the curriculum with follow through and carry over at each grade level. I have successfully tutored children individually and in small groups throughout my educational career, providing them with tools and knowledge to help achieve their academic goals, develop greater self-confidence and apply their learning to every challenge. I have enjoyed every aspect of work I've done with children, parents, teachers and other professionals.
All children can learn and succeed. It is the responsibility of a good teacher to help children develop the confidence needed to be willing to take risks without fear of failure. Children need to be guided to realize their strengths and use those skills to achieve success in anything they may pursue. Through many years of teaching and tutoring Read more

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"Great and patient."

- Ping, Potomac, MD on 7/1/13
Elementary Science
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Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Phonics,
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Pathology/Education. A strong academic/social foundation is essential to the success of all elementary age children. I am able to use a multi-disciplinary approach to work with elementary children in all subjects to develop their abilities and build self-confidence.

Elementary Math

Math can be daunting to children if they cannot grasp a concept and apply it. Children need to be given the right tools to use to become successful learners and build a strong foundation. Since Math involves sequential building blocks, children need to develop their skills step by step in an organized manner which makes sense to them. I have used many different methods with children of all learning styles, watching them delight in learning the skills necessary to make them feel successful and confident to move forward. While it is important for children to learn number basics, operations and various number concepts, they must also learn critical thinking/logical skills to master problem-solving and reasoning, which they can apply to their thinking in other subjects as well. A successful math student is well-rounded in all basic operations and reasoning skills.


Strong, foundational language arts skills are the cornerstone to academic and personal success. Being able to read, comprehend, speak and write are critical to everyone, not only for academic studies or building a career but for personal enjoyment of the printed word as well.

Reading opens new doors to learning and allows for discovery throughout life.


I have had many years of experience teaching/improving English with children and adults from all over the world both in small groups and individually. Most recently, I worked with Japanese and Chinese students, who learned to be completely conversational within a few months! My methods are tailored to best suit the needs of the students.


Being able to identify parts that make a whole is necessary to being proficient at grammar. Identifying all parts of speech, kinds of pharases, subject-verb agreement, word use and many of the other grammar skills makes a student a stronger reader, speller, and writer. The best analogy to illustrate this point is to say that a gymnast would not develop the skills needed for successful, safe competition is he/she did not strengthen muscles, eat the right foods and practice. Grammar studies are necessary to have the tools available to developing strong, overall writin and reading skills.


I understand and have taught the basic sound/symbol relationship of phonemes that create syllables to make words and have a working knowledge of the Phonovisual Phonics program along with knowing all combinations of consonant, vowels, diphthongs and sounds to pronounce, spell and create words. I have also studied American phonics for decoding. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Pathology/Education.


Proofreading skills involve several abilities. It is imperative to organize writing in such a way that sentences and paragraphs flow, are sequential and make sense to the reader. It is also necessary to make sure all grammar, spelling and punctuation is correct before submitting any writing assignment. I have done ongoing proofreading as I have written many lessons, documents and papers. I am also capable of proofreading the work of students to ensure their work is of the quality it needs to be prior to turning it in. Proofreading involves editing, revising, rewriting and finalizing an assignment/paper.


Being able to decode the printed word and comprehend what you read impacts everything we do as children and adults. Reading opens the doors to new opportunities and endless possibilities. The ability to read well is critical. There are many skills that need to be addressed individually to become a proficient reader, like decoding, making inferences, context clues, drawing conclusions and many others. I am capable of evaluating those skills and finding the best methods to remediate and strengthen reading weaknesses by using various methods to help children/adults develop their skills.


Proper intonation, diction, flow of words, blending of sounds and articulation is an essential part of effective communication. My degree in Speech/language Pathology has trained me to address the needs of those who seek improvement in accent reduction, articulation, and diction for effective, intelligible oral communication. I have worked with various students over the years in using proper articulation, developing fluency, phoneme knowledge, elements of speech and overall speaking skills.

I am capable of demonstrating and instructing proper pronunciation of sounds which blends into words, phrases, sentences and carries over into running conversation. Through practice and application, students have met with great success and reported enjoying speaking more because they were able to be understood more readily.


While many good readers and writers are not always great spellers, being able to spell proficiently saves a lot valuable time and is a extremely useful tool that can be applied to all learning. Spelling is directly related to a solid foundational base in phonics, which is an area of concentration in my teaching spelling. The English language has so many exceptions to rules in spelling, so those words would be emphasized individually during lessons.

Study Skills

Sharp study skills are imperative to every student. Being organized, focused, detailed, and able to manage a workload is an asset to students who understand that time management is of the essence. Developing skills in memory, note taking, and review/test strategies are critical to students' success in school. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Pathology/Education.


Vocabulary is ever-growing throughout life. Through reading, discussion, listening and speaking, we constantly learn new words and apply them to our reading and writing. A strong vocabulary is critical for students as words are building blocks for comprehension, writing and further reading skills. Most students are required to take SAT tests, which require a strong foundation in vocabulary. Professionals in every field are required to understand and use a myriad of words in their work. Learning vocabulary does not only constitute learning lists of words and their meanings, but understanding their etilogy and multiple uses in context. It involves extracting meaning from words in context through reading and applying new vocabulary to strengthen writing skills.

Voice (Music)

I have professional performance experience singing many different genres of music in a variety 3-piece band, 5-piece band and doing solo acts. I have recording experience and done vocal instruction with children and adults.


Good writers are quickly identified by the strength of how they string words and phrases together to get their message communicated. A proficient writer can say something succinctly and emphasize their point, no matter what the subject matter involves. A strong foundation in grammar and basic writing skills usually assists good writers. Being clear, concise, creative and organizing thoughts in logical sequence are critical to a good writer. I address each area individually then teach how to integrate all the necessary skills to become a strong, proficient writer.

Pacific University


Pacific University

Great and patient.

Ernette has been working on my daughter's articulation/speech for the past two months. She is great and patient with students. She comes prepared for each session. My daughter loves her and we also see the improvement. We are very pleased with her.

— Ping, Potomac, MD on 7/1/13

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