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— Lynn, Bedford, MA on 9/2/15


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Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
Boston College Law School
MAT, Simmons College
Graduate Coursework


Harvard College, Cambridge, MA (Psychology)

Boston College Law School (J.D.)

MAT, Simmons College (Graduate Coursework)

About Monica

I am an enthusiastic, experienced tutor with great reviews; as my students know, I am warm, flexible, and efficient, making the most of the time we work together. My typical SAT student gains up to 150 points on the SAT, and ACT students improve by similar percentages. I provide test prep advice, targeted critical skills and tricks for taking the SAT, ACT, SSAT, PSAT and SAT II tests (or the GRE or LSAT). I also teach essay writing and tutor for high school and college courses, with expertise in psychology, history and English.

I have a Harvard BA in psychology, business training experience, and a law degree from Boston College. In addition, I am studying for a Master’s degree in teaching English in the classroom. Currently, I prefer tutoring to law practice; I love working with teens, helping them to overcome obstacles and find their way to doing their best on standardized tests as well as school subjects. I am especially strong in helping students with their writing.

I teach at client homes, libraries, or my home, in the Greater Boston area. The lessons are always creative and lively. I prefer to teach for 90 -minute sessions, with a break. My students enjoy the lessons, while developing strong test-taking and study skills. Some of my special approach involves evaluating the student’s level and then customizing lessons to each student's needs, while making the lessons pleasant and productive. At minimum, a student preparing for a specific exam can make progress in ten to fifteen sessions, with outside homework time. I provide feedback to parents by email or by phone. In my lessons, I make sure to get students to participate and I test their progress. Looking at my history, I have had success with many types of needs, from underachieving students facing anxiety, to top students who need practice with tips and tricks. Preparation for lessons includes obtaining the texts I recommend, plus a study 'toolkit' that I assign. There are many study materials online, but I find that learning is best accomplished with pencil and paper, for standardized tests.

One non-negotiable element of being a successful tutor is establishing clear, honest and open communication, and knowing how to motivate each student. I can only be successful if I get direct feedback from either you or your student (which I prefer, but which is not easy with younger students). Like most people, I may not be perfect, and I need your support to make this a successful partnership. You will find me reliable and easy to work with.
ONLINE STUDENTS: please note that I offer a discount for online lessons purchased in multiple lessons. Please contact me for details.

I hope to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.
I am an enthusiastic, experienced tutor with great reviews; as my students know, I am warm, flexible, and efficient, making the most of the time we work together. My typical SAT student gains up to 150 points on the SAT, and ACT students improve by similar percentages. I provide test prep advice, targeted critical skills and tricks for taking the Read more

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*Summer Online = $60/hour. **Cancellations - <24 hours notice, 1 hr. charge. Also special focus: college counseling, essay writing.

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"Capable and Versatile!"

- Lynn, Bedford, MA on 9/2/15

"Great tutor. Knowledgeable and flexible"

- Ellen, Winchester, MA on 6/1/17

"Positive Tutor"

- MaryFran, Auburndale, MA on 2/6/17

"Confidence Builder"

- Judy, Auburndale, MA on 5/24/16

"Determined and resourceful"

- Kelly, Lincoln, MA on 4/22/16

"Excellent--she is patient, sensitive to the individual child"

- Suzanna, Brookline, MA on 1/27/16

"Great Tutor"

- Jon, Newton Upper Falls, MA on 12/22/15

"Thorough and Flexible"

- R, Lexington, MA on 11/10/15

"First Session went very well"

- Katie, Medway, MA on 11/6/15
Monica replied on 11/8/2015

Thank you Katie - I think your son has really strong intuitive intelligence, and we just have to harness that. How can we get him interested in reading, any ideas?

"Intelligent insights, knowledgeable, efficient"

- Erin, Watertown, MA on 10/19/15

"Went Well"

- Jill, Sharon, MA on 9/25/15

"SAT tutoring"

- Karen, Needham Heights, MA on 4/14/15

"Patient and Dedicated Tutor"

- Susan, Boston, MA on 12/19/14

"Great Tutor!"

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"Great tutor"

- Leslie, Wellesley Hills, MA on 9/17/12
ACT Math,
Algebra 1,
Elementary Math,
Microsoft Excel, Prealgebra, SAT Math
ACT Science,
PSAT, Psychology
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
American History,
European History, Government & Politics, Social Studies,
World History,
Career Development,
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Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

Many students find the ACT English section challenging. I have found several skill-building techniques that I share with my students, and they are happy to see their scores go up quite significantly. I would be happy to share my philosophy of ACT test prep with you, if you hire me.

ACT Math

The Math portion of the ACT is a perfect subject for tutoring. I enjoy preparing high school students for the ACT. In my experience, good students make tremendous progress when I can give them drills, strategies, and specific areas to work on, according to their own strengths and weaknesses.

You are welcome to contact some of my references to hear success stories from previous students, who have improved their standardized scores dramatically after a few months of lessons. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

ACT Reading

ACT reading requires concentration and good vocabulary. Because there is limited time, the pressure to read quickly is very clear. However, in addition, each student must realize that the details of the questions as well as the exact wording of the answers are very important. Learning to master the Critical Reading is a challenging task, but with my tips and strategies, my students find they gain confidence, skill, and many points as well.

ACT Science

For most students, once we work together on understanding the question structure for the ACT Science section, they find that this is a fun part of the test and their scores really go up a lot.

Algebra 1

I love teaching math, because there are significant building blocks that sometimes have been overlooked or skipped in prior lessons. So once I can teach the students how to approach class preparation, homework, test reviews and specific calculation methods, there usually is a really dramatic improvement. Especially for young women, gaining confidence in quantitative skills is so important and enhances their self-image and skills.

American History

In Fall of 2014, I have spent many hours tutoring the new curriculum in AP US History with a high school junior who has been improving substantially. Having studied US History and also being a history fan, I have a lot of knowledge of the subject area. My experience has included tutoring college level, AP level and high school level courses. US History can be a fascinating subject that leads to an understanding of current events as well as theories of how democracy functions. It is a good course to use to develop memorization skills as well as strong writing skills.

Bar Exam

I am both an attorney and an experienced tutor. I graduated law school and passed the bar on my first try, in 1992. I attended BC Law School and took the BAR/BRI bar exam prep class and in fact acted as a BAR/BRI representative. The bar exam is a difficult hurdle to overcome, and it requires a different strategy than many of the exams a law student encounters in law school. I find that studying with the right approach makes the exam much more manageable.

Career Development

I have been tutoring for 3 years, and in my career path I have engaged in several different professions, from computers to consulting to teaching to non-profit work to a law practice. Most relevant, I worked for 3 years at Winter Wyman, a well-known headhunting firm, and I was consistently a top performer in that time. I am very good at cover letters, resumes, and career exploration leadership.

College Counseling

I have been tutoring many students for the SAT and ACT, as well as assisting them with their college essays, for the past four years. Helping edit the essays is one of my favorite tasks. In all, I have tutored about 40 students, and have always included goal-setting and college targets as part of the test preparation process. My knowledge of the college application process is extensive, as I have worked with several students from start-to-finish on acceptance, including the financial aid application process. I use college search directories, both online and in books, as well as aptitude evaluations and student profiles. My experience includes contact with high school and college admission counselors, who are very helpful to me and to my students.

Elementary Math

Teaching elementary math is a fun process for me. Most topics require reaching the student on their level - and there are multiple methods of communicating the basics. Demonstrating with physical blocks and illustrations, using video-based games and exercises, and making sure that the student reads the problems carefully are all techniques that I have used. Please contact me for more details.


Working with a student to improve their English is one of my favorite areas of tutoring. From grammar, spelling, sentence structure and critical reading skills, their basic communication improves. Also, working to develop the ability to read critically, and to analyze different types of literature are areas that my students enjoy learning.


I have been tutoring ESL students in Newton for the past four years, as part of my general tutoring lessons. Now I am enrolled in a Master's programming to get licensed as a public school ESL teacher. Over the past few years, I have had worked successfully with teenage and adult students. Learning English reading, pronunciation and grammar are all very challenging, and I find that working one-on-one produces significant improvement. There are many good books available, but the best practice is speaking with a tutor. Please contact me and we can discuss more details.


Often students need reinforcement to truly master Geometry. I find that working one-on-one with a tutor makes learning Geometry fun, and can uncover the specific weaknesses that need correcting. Usually, a student makes terrific progress in Geometry if you work with them slowly and clearly, making sure they understand the building blocks. Geometry is one of my favorite subjects, and my students find it fun to study it with me.


I have always liked English grammar. It is an area that schools have neglected in the new middle school and high school curricula that I see, and I find my students are really happy to learn what I have to share. Each student finds that their reading, writing and general ability to express themselves really improves.


For the math, here is how I would approach it - we can review the types of problems, give you strategies to solve them, and practice, analyzing your mistakes so you can improve. Please let me know if you'd like to meet. For the verbal sections, we work on vocabulary, grammar, reading with strategic approaches, and various other necessary skills. I enjoy the challenge of helping talented students overcome the test barrier to be able to attend graduate school. And the analytic sections require specialized focus on the test itself.


I have almost fluent reading Hebrew skills, and strong speaking and writing skills. I have tutored for Bar and Bat Mitzvah for years as well.


I have become acquainted with the ISEE and with its unique features. I have a Harvard BA, strong math and English skills, and 4 years tutoring through Wyzant and other services. My strengths include creative strategies for learning vocabulary, math tips, writing skill development, and more. I have investigated the ISEE and developed some specific strategies for that exam. I require students to work hard and practice, while I offer them support and encouragement. Preparing students for standardized tests requires patience, skilled listening as well as teaching, and the ability to motivate students and overcome their nervousness. In addition, I cultivate good relationships with both the parents and the young students, and they have been very satisfied with my help in all areas.


I am an attorney who has passed the bar and practiced for several years and would be glad to help any student prepare for law school, etc.


I am an experienced tutor as well as an attorney. The LSAT presents many challenges in analysis and logic, and working with a skilled tutor will help maximize your score.


One of my favorite tutoring tasks is assisting students with their college essays. The essay is the best opportunity for each student to distinguish themselves, for the admissions officer. While there is no simple approach to writing the 'best' essay, I know some tips that are quite useful. I am careful to preserve the style and personality of each writer. While the essay writing process has potential to cause stress to parents and students, this is a task ideally suited to tutoring. Why hire me? I have read many essays and quickly assess what is important to include (and remove), as a professional emotions do not cloud my judgment, and most importantly, I have a good sense of humor and a positive attitude toward helping students do their best and reduce their anxiety (and yours, as a parent).


I majored in Psychology in college, and have followed developments since that time with great interest. The new developments in psychology have a significant neurological and biological basis, which sometimes makes it more difficult than other social science courses. I enjoy tutoring for college level and AP courses, and I have a lot of experience with high school and university tutoring.


The opportunity to help a student improve their reading skills is a wonderful experience. I find that when students read more fluently and easily, all of their schoolwork benefits. It is necessary to read in order to write well, which is a skill that is badly needed for college level work. I enjoy teaching high school students the 'tricks' for the ACT and SAT Reading sections, as well.

SAT Math

I teach SAT math in two stages: first, reviewing the basic concept areas (and usually students need to review at least one topic in depth). Then, once the basic skills are reinforced, there are lots of tips and tricks that I teach to help in raising a student's SAT math score. I've had great success showing improvement in the total score, and the students have fun as well.

SAT Reading

The SAT Critical Reading section is one of the most challenging innovations that the SAT testers have developed. My approach includes working with the students to improve their vocabulary, reading and analytical skills. Many of the questions involve the application of inference, logic and careful reading of each word in a sentence. There have been several students who have used the skills that I teach them to not only improve their test scores, but also improve their classroom work. There are great resources to improve specific skills, although there is no substitute for the student doing some voluntary reading!

I very much enjoy seeing my students improve and respond to my tips and tricks, so don't hesitate to give me a chance to share them with your student.

SAT Writing

In my experience with students, I have found that the writing section on the SAT is very challenging, and there is a huge advantage to working one-on-one with a mature, qualified teacher. The need to master the complex question structure, as well as tips and tricks that I can share, combine to make my tutoring for this section very successful!

Social Studies

I have a BA from Harvard and a law degree from BC. I also have worked in the social change arena for over 5 years, with a specialty in the Middle East. I am very well-versed in current events, and an excellent teacher of essays, advocacy pieces, and general analytic papers. Also, I have tutored about 30 students in the past 3 years and some of them have needed help with history, current events, etc.


SSAT scores depend upon a thorough review of the questions, and the basic topics being covered. This is like a 'junior SAT' exam, and most students who invest time in private lessons are very happy to see the improvement they can achieve in their score. At the same time, my lessons give students basic skills that they can use for all future test-taking and learning.

Study Skills

I have been tutoring almost full-time for the past 3 years. I have a BA in Psychology from Harvard and a law degree from BC. My methods include teaching students how to plan, breaking down assignments into small parts, using a calendar system, using behavior mod 'rewards', creating a functional study environment, self-testing, and more. I have had great success with students gaining insight into how to study better and becoming better self-monitors and more independent.


I am an experienced language tutor, with over six years of experience with students preparing for standardized tests. Many of my students are speakers of English as a Second Language. Often they find that the TOEFL is more challenging than the SAT or ACT, for example. My skills include diagnosing weaknesses, strengthening reading analysis skills, and improving the score in the speaking sections. I am currently Studying for a Master's in Education in a program to get certification for Teaching English as a Second Language. I am excellent at finding areas of weakness and developing strategies for mastering each section of the test, depending upon the individual situation. My students have ranged from beginners to high school college applicants, and even some adults who want to perfect their accent and grammar, and/or take the TOEFL.


Vocabulary is a basic building block for reading, writing and spoken communication. I teach vocabulary to every student who is preparing for a standardized SAT or ACT exam, and the students are thrilled to see the impact it has on their performance.

World History

World history is a broad subject, and many students find that the amount of material is challenging. The methods I use include getting students to create a basic study method, to take notes, to use memorization strategies, and to develop confidence that they can learn history with success. Historical analysis involves both reading and learning to summarize the key points, and these skills are fundamental. Once a student masters the method of learning and making history into storytelling, then the lessons become fun and memorable.


As an experienced tutor and with several years working as a lawyer, I take great pleasure in helping students improve their writing skills. Editing is a collaborative process, and I make sure that each student's authentic voice shines through in the final product. I believe that essays and other written materials should be the result of the student's own work, not that of the editor or tutor. I would be delighted to help with whatever writing or editing assistance you may need.We can work in person, or have remote lessons. The minimum lesson time is one hour per session. Multiple sessions can get a discount.

Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
Boston College Law School
MAT, Simmons College
Graduate Coursework


Harvard College, Cambridge, MA (Psychology)

Boston College Law School (J.D.)

MAT, Simmons College (Graduate Coursework)

Capable and Versatile!

Monica provided SAT and ACT tutoring for my daughter and was very helpful. She has strong interpersonal skills and is capable and knowledgeable in all areas of the exams, including approaches to the essay/writing portion. Monica often provided extra, helpful articles about test-taking approaches, and was available for questions outside of formal tutoring sessions also. Monica was skilled at identi

— Lynn, Bedford, MA on 9/2/15

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $125.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

*Summer Online = $60/hour. **Cancellations - <24 hours notice, 1 hr. charge. Also special focus: college counseling, essay writing.

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Monica will travel within 18 miles of Newton Center, MA 02459.