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An amazing tutor
— Alicia, Springfield, IL on 11/12/13


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I'm Jen.
The tutoring services I offer are Mandarin Chinese Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening; and ESL (English as a second language) for non-native speakers. I believe I am uniquely suited for these areas because of my education and experience.
I graduated from the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign with a BA in Chinese Language and Culture. I have spent the past eleven years in China, continuing my education and teaching English at all levels from kindergarten to adults. I have mastered Mandarin Chinese, and can also speak several south/south-western dialects.
All together, I have almost twelve years of teaching experience, including transition tutoring, IELTS/TOEFL training, business English, US History, pronunciation and speech therapy, private tutoring, multimedia lectures, adult education, and teacher-training. I did transition tutoring for two years at Edison Middle School in Champaign for a group of 9 Chinese immigrant children who needed tutoring in all of their subjects in their native Mandarin, as well as intensive English to prepare them to join their peers in classes taught by American teachers. I have trained teachers and offered speech therapy/pronunciation courses at China's Southwest Normal University in Chongqing, taught US history (in Mandarin) for an adult education program at Yunnan University in Kunming, and most recently, completed a three-year contract at Zhaotong Teacher's College which included Business English, Listening Comprehension, Oral English, and Tourism English. Over the years, I have also offered IELTS/TOEFL training at private schools in Chongqing, Sichuan and Yunnan, taught English at several kindergartens (part-time), and tutored many Westerners (American, British, French) in Mandarin Chinese as well as the Kunming dialect of Mandarin.
I especially enjoy teaching pronunciation because this aspect of language teaching is often overlooked by other teachers. I take pride in sounding completely native when I speak Chinese, and several people upon meeting me for the first time were surprised because they assumed I was Chinese over the phone. I can help any student to sound natural when speaking Mandarin, and can also help to make sense of difficult Chinese characters (Traditional or Simplified). I can also help new-comers to America to streamline their English- to make it sound more natural, improve listening skills, increase speaking speed, and make writing error-free. My specialty, of course is teaching English to native Mandarin speakers, but I will also be able to help Spanish speakers, or French speakers, or speakers of any other language as long as there is a basic English foundation in place for communication in the classroom.
Many of my students have gone on to study abroad, received scholarships and speaking awards, and quite a few are continuing their education in graduate schools across the globe. I guarantee that my tutoring will begin to yield tangible results within 3-5 teaching hours, and I hope to continue to inspire students to further their education and broaden their horizons!
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
I'm Jen.
The tutoring services I offer are Mandarin Chinese Reading, Writing, Speaking, and
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In-person lessons

"An amazing tutor"

- Alicia, Springfield, IL on 11/12/13

"Jennifer is an excellent tutor."

- Xin, Springfield, IL on 11/13/13
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Grammar is absolutely essential in language learning. Think of it as the glue that holds your meaning to the words you use. I have found that you can operate with a limited vocabulary as long as you know how to explain things. For this you need grammar. Grammar is also all-encompassing; you need it for all four aspects of a language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. My focus is not to overload you with terminology and sentence diagrams, but to teach language in chunks. Some words and phrases just go together naturally, and occur quite frequently in those groups. I will teach you to identify those groups when you read and listen, and to produce them in writing and speech. If you learn to think of a language in phrases and ideas rather than single words, grammar begins to come naturally. You know you've got it when incorrect grammar just starts to "feel" wrong. From there, everything else really is a piece of cake!


Proofreading isn't just for editors and publishers; it is an essential skill for anyone who writes! If you are a student or someone who needs to write at work, you must have proofreading skills. Spell-check can only do so much... Being able to check your own work and avoid mistakes will ensure top grades and efficient communication. I can train your eye to spot the most common errors, not only in spelling but also grammar, word usage, and punctuation. With real-world practice, proofreading can become second nature!


The main reading skills are comprehension, speed, and critical evaluation. Sometimes reading comprehension can hinge on a tiny word or phrase, such as "and vice versa", or "in some circles". You can't miss those, or you will misunderstand the point of the material. Studying these phrases in context will improve comprehension. Reading speed is also a skill I can teach you- scanning and skimming can come in handy when the amount of material is too large. Reading for knowledge and reading for pleasure are two very different things, but I've found that if you start by learning speed reading skills with fun material, you can move faster when you get to the academic material. As well with critical evaluation, starting with familiar material is essential. With me you will learn to identify exactly which part of an author's views you disagree with or are skeptical of, and practice note-taking to sum up your ideas. The ability to read is truly a great gift that will keep giving all through your life!

Study Skills

It's amazing what having the right study skills can do to improve grades and knowledge retention. Having a "plan of attack" before going to a lecture or reading a textbook chapter can help you stay organized and focused during learning. Study skills are also critical for practice and review of learned material. Some tried and true study methods I'm a fan of include knowing how to make efficient use of reference materials such as dictionaries, glossaries, bibliographies, and online sources; breaking down material into chunks or timelines by doing chapter outlines and bullet lists; making flashcards for vocabulary; shorthand for note-taking; and skimming to find main ideas and key words in text. There are too many study skills to list here, and each student may use a different combination to reach their goals.


Learning new words can be fun! In many educational situations, memorizing lists of vocabulary words can be dry and boring, but it doesn't have to be. By learning new study habits and retention methods, you can make vocabulary fun and interesting. Vocabulary retention by association and practice is just one method. The study of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes will give you the tools to deduce the meaning of each new word you come across (and give you the ability to make up your own silly words!). Other methods particularly useful in ESL and foreign language are songs, flashcards, rhymes, and memory games. I can not only help you learn the words you need now, but also give you the tools to learn on your own in the future!


The subject of writing overlaps with spelling, vocabulary, and grammar and can be the trickiest thing to learn for some. I take the gradual approach: first, learn the art of penmanship; then learn to take notes and make lists; after that, move on to writing in complete sentences; next comes writing notes, texts and e-mails; lastly, you can begin to use sentence chains to form paragraphs and longer passages. I've taught at all levels, and can also help refine a student's academic writing or prose.

U OF I Champaign


U OF I Champaign (Chinese)

An amazing tutor — Jennifer G. is the most amazing tutor I have ever met. She initiates contact with our student's teachers; asks for lesson plans, books and worksheets; researches and studies the material; and gives our student life application techniques so he can learn in a way that works best for him. Her follow-up is also in-depth. I would highly recommend Jennifer G. to anyone looking for a tutor. She is a ...

— Alicia, Springfield, IL on 11/12/13

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