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Learn German from a German :-)

Learn German from a German :-)


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"Never knew before what eternity was made for. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German."
Mark Twain

This quote always makes me laugh. Maybe you have heard about Mark Twain`s struggle with the German language. I do understand his frustration. However, I also do believe it does not have to take an eternity to learn German. You just need the right approach, tools...

"Never knew before what eternity was made for. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German."
Mark Twain

This quote always makes me laugh. Maybe you have heard about Mark Twain`s struggle with the German language. I do understand his frustration. However, I also do believe it does not have to take an eternity to learn German. You just need the right approach, tools and the right teacher that helps you through the struggle.

I am born and raised in Berlin, Germany. Two years ago I moved to DC. I love love love German. Although it is a bit difficult it also is such a beautiful language and I would love to help you speak it. I have been a German tutor for many years. I also tutored law students in different areas and am also a life and business coach. I really enjoy helping others reach their potential.

I have been teaching German now for over 16 years in different capacities. I started during high school tutoring younger children. Later I started working for a German NGO where we helped Arabic children with their schoolwork and their language skills. Not only have I practical experience with teaching German as a foreign language, I also have a profound knowledge about teaching methods to help you learn the best way possible.

Do you want to learn the basics or do you want to discuss literature with me? Do you need German for your work or do you want to learn how we "really" speak ;-)? Do you want to meet in person or prefer having lessons online?

Although I started my teaching career tutoring children I have shifted my focus to help adult learners particularly. I am especially interested in assisting you if you already practiced the basics but are now hitting a wall and feel like you are not making any progress. Or maybe you learned German for many years but still find it difficult to entertain a conversation in German?

I also gained a lot of experience helping students pass various levels of Goethe-Certifications. I am sure I will be able to also support you if you are trying to pass one of these difficult language tests. Since I have worked in the law profession for over 15 years I will be also able to assist you if need to practice your business German.

I also work as a Life and Business Coach so I can help you prepare for a job interview, make a career change, work on your public speaking abilities or another goal that you would like to implement. If you are interested in this service just contact me with further information and I can figure out a route to go and to adjust the fee accordingly.

Since I am a German lawyer (1. Staatsexamen) and have worked as a law tutor for many years I can also help you learn German law and/or the German law language. My favorite areas are Constitutional and Criminal law.

As you can see - whatever your German needs are I am the right gal for you. I am aware that German is a very difficult language but I love my native language and I´ll be happy to help you love it, too ;-)!

My schedule is constantly changing so feel free to hit me up, even if your preferred time seems to be not available. However, it might also be that the shown times are not available at the moment.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!


Freie Universität Berlin
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
American University, Washington College of Law


  • Hourly rate: $45
  • Rate details: If you cancel the lesson less than 24 hours in advance, I reserve the right to charge half the rate. If you skip the lesson without any notice, I reserve the right to charge the full rate.
  • Tutor’s lessons: In-person and online
  • Travel policy: Within 1 miles of Washington, DC 20008
  • Lesson cancellation: 24 hours notice required
  • No background check

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Highest recommendation for knowledgeable and fun German tutor.

My tutoring sessions with Esther exceeded my expectations in every way. If you are seeking a German tutor for whatever reason, you would be lucky to be counted among her students! I came to Wyzant and to Online weekly lessons with Esther with the goal of preparing for a family vacation to Berlin. I had been fluent as a child and wished to brush up my very rusty understanding and speaking skills. Esther was extremely professional, punctual, and well prepared for every lesson. She produced appropriate grammar reviews, and adapted her lesson plans and the subjects of our conversations to my personal needs and interests. Esther is a warmhearted, smart and generous teacher who loves teaching and seeks to make the lessons interesting and fun. Our one hour flew! At the end of each lesson, I had notes to take away from our session that Esther had prepared during our discussion. These whiteboard notes serve as a great review. She found and downloaded podcasts specifically suited to my family. She even gave us in-depth suggestions for our travels in Berlin. I feel lucky to have picked the right tutor. I couldn't be happier to have crossed paths with this exceptional teacher and person.

Amanda, 7 lessons with Esther

Wonderful tutor!!

Esther has been incredibly helpful in helping to refresh my German language skills (which is no small feat). Not only is she fully prepared for our sessions, but she explains grammar and vocabulary extremely effectively, and provides interesting insights on culture and important issues facing various German-speaking countries. Besides being so effective “academically,” I find Esther extremely fun and a pleasure to work with. As someone who was initially hesitant about doing online tutoring, I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

Kathy, 4 lessons with Esther

Knowledgeable and resourceful tutor

I gave Esther some research work involving German names and family history...she did a great job and provided useful information in a short time. Highly recommend her!

Peggy, 1 lesson with Esther

Awesome, customized lesson

Esther is super helpful with language and pronunciation. She tailors my lessons to fit the time frame I requested and also spent a portion of the lesson helping me understand things that are specific to Berlin (which is exactly what I was looking for!). She's also incredibly kind and patient. Highly recommend!

Lauren, 8 lessons with Esther

Great Teacher

Esther is an excellent teacher and I have really enjoyed the lessons I have taken with her. She is very passionate about her students success and does a great job!

Kyle, 12 lessons with Esther

Fantastic tutor!! I can actually speak German now:-)

My experience with Wyzant German tutors had been hit or miss prior to Esther, but she is hands down the best tutor I've had! In addition to being a native speaker, she also has extensive knowledge of German grammar and language rules. Not only could she tell me intuitively what I wrote/said was correct or incorrect, but more importantly, the WHY. My prior learning had been very piecemeal, but Esther always had exercises ready when I had a request or when we found a gap in my knowledge. She was great at emailing other learning sources she discovered in the time between our lessons, as well as prepared numerous review documents herself. I was very impressed to see these handouts usually had several different approaches to a concept, which can be so important when learning a language, especially if you find yourself getting stuck. Esther is always prompt with her lessons times and emails and has a very patient and enthusiastic attitude towards tutoring! It was a pleasure learning with her. And, as I am now living in Germany, I can truly say her tutoring has been very successful (despite my own shyness with speaking)! Vielen Dank Esther! And for people looking at distance learning, don't be reluctant to do online sessions. The majority of my tutor sessions with Esther were online, and I learned as much as I did when in person.

Julia, 20 lessons with Esther

Ausgezeichnet !

Really excellent lesson. Esther corrected my sentences as I expressed myself and provided exactly the feedback I expect from a private teacher. We ended up speaking for 1.5 hour and almost all of it in German. I could not be happier.

Christine, 13 lessons with Esther

Not very forgiving with rescheduling...

I asked Esther hours in advance if we could meet either later in the day or earlier in the day (due to a last minute client conflict), and she said no. Not only that, she still charged me!

Taylor, 3 lessons with Esther
Tutor responded:

Dear Taylor, I was very surprised to read this complaint here since you had not addressed this complaint to me in person. You informed me only 3 hours before our meeting that you were busy. I informed you that I could not accommodate your rescheduling request for the day since I had standing appointments with other students that day, which I would have had to cancel in order to be able to meet with you. According to my cancellation policy (that is not only available on my Wyzant page but I had also mentioned in our first (and only) meeting and had even sent to you) I reserve the right to charge half of the fee for a cancellation less than 24 hours before our meeting. However, I even informed you about my intention to charge that fee, which you did not contest at first. The first time I heard that you were upset about the cancellation we was the moment you posted this review after our third planned lesson that you had skipped without any notice). Additionally, I sent you some of the material that we were going to discuss in the session that you cancelled last minute to at least give you the chance to be able to go over them by yourself. It is unfortunate to hear you feel treated unfairly although I communicated my policy upfront but I still hope the various worksheets that I had provided in the first lesson will be useful tools for learning German.

Friendly, knowledgable, and SO helpful!

Esther helped me review for the German Goethe-C1 exam and knew exactly how to help. It is obvious that she is very experienced and has a passion for helping others succeed. When I pass this exam I owe you a coffee in Berlin!! :)

Lisa, 6 lessons with Esther

Very knowledgeable and very rounded teacher

I started taking lessons with Esther in order to prepare myself for a job interview in Germany. All the questions that I was asked, we had already discussed them with Esther. Esther knows in great detail a lot about jobs in Germany and can train you with the relevant vocabulary Apart from this competency, she is a trained German lawyer with a master's degree in American law and at the moment she helps me enhance my knowledge in that area, as well. The online classes are fun, detailed and she teaches me a lot of new and interesting things. She knows how to communicate information and i absolutely cherish out lesson. I recommend Esther with blind eyes.

Thetis, 9 lessons with Esther
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