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— Katie, Cheshire, CT on 9/15/12


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Excelsior College (Formerly Regents College)
Math and Economics
University of Connecticut, Storrs
AUA College of Medicine
Graduate Coursework


Excelsior College (Formerly Regents College) (Math and Economics)

University of Connecticut, Storrs (PhD)

AUA College of Medicine (Graduate Coursework)

About Stephanie

Dr. T’s Biography
2005: Ph.D., Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut
2004: M.S., Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut
1991: B.A., Economics and Spanish, Regents College, University of New York

During clinical social work training at Yale Child Study Center, I developed a keen interest in the role of aberrant synaptic functioning in relation to disease processes. After twelve years of working in a variety of treatment milieus as a social worker, I decided to change careers (during a southbound thru hike of the Appalachian Trail) and pursued graduate studies at the University of Connecticut where I earned my doctorate in physiology and neuroscience. At UConn, my doctoral research allowed me to pursue my interests in synaptic functioning.

I currently teach part time at Naugatuck Valley Community College in addition to tutoring!

Beyond teaching, I love swimming, kayaking, hiking and UCONN Basketball - Go Huskies!
Dr. T’s Biography
2005: Ph.D., Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut
2004: M.S., Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut
1991: B.A., Economics and Spanish, Regents College, University of New York

During clinical social work training at Yale Child Study Center, I developed a keen interest
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- Katie, Cheshire, CT on 9/15/12
ACT Math,
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Econometrics, Elementary Math,
Logic, Prealgebra,
Probability, SAT Math,
ACT Science, Anatomy,
Anthropology, Archaeology, Biochemistry, Biology,
Biostatistics, Chemistry,
Genetics, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry,
Philosophy, Physical Science, Physics,
Music History
ACT English,
ACT Reading, English,
Grammar, Literature, Reading,
SAT Reading,
SAT Writing, TOEFL,
Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English,
ACT Math,
ACT Reading, ACT Science, ASVAB,
College Counseling,
SAT Math,
SAT Reading,
American History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Criminal Justice, European History, Geography, Government & Politics, Music History, Religion,
Social Studies, World History
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Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Grammar, Phonics, Reading,
Spelling, Study Skills,

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ACT English

Preparing for the ACT English takes time and perseverance as it covers material that you may not have seen for a while. Having tutored many students in this area I can help you to find the most effective and efficient study methods while reviewing the content for the actual exam. I am a dynamic tutor and know that when it can be fun, we learn more.

ACT Math

Standardized exams seem to have a knack for unearthing any weaknesses in our fundamental knowledge base and in our test taking strategies! They can also be intimidating due to the sheer volume of material!

It is as joy to undertake a review with a student as I witness their confidence grow as they awaken long forgotten knowledge and begin to glimpse how it all ties together! Math in particular is a subject that most of us can use a refresher on, no matter how bright!!


As a former child and adolescent social worker (including 3 years of training at Yale Child Study Center) I have worked to both diagnose and help students adapt their coping strategies to minimize the impact of ADD/ADHD on their academic goals. It has been my experience that most youth with ADD/ADHD are extremely bright and their success has been in large part due to this gift of intelligence. If you feel I can be helpful to your student please feel free to contact me by email!

Algebra 1

I really enjoy tutoring students in Algebra 1 as it offers me the opportunity to bear witness to those 'aha' moments that make teaching so rewarding! Having tutored students at the high school and college levels in this subject, I am comfortable with and well equipped for a diverse array of learning styles. I am thus confident that I can help your student meet their learning goals for Algebra 1!

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is a great subject to tutor as it is the time when the student begins to integrate and apply all the information they mastered in Algebra 1. It thus provides the tutor with lots of moments where they can bear witness to the student mastering the material. I am very patient with students and enjoy the opportunity to help a student realize they can learn an master the material with the right approach!


Anatomy can seem overwhelming to even the brightest of students due to the level of detail involved. I enjoy helping students learn how to prepare for this course and to learn completely new study habits that help them adapt and prepare for their career goals!


One of the best parts of tutoring is helping individuals achieve their career goals in life. All too often entrance exams such as the ASVAB can become a stumbling block toward a career goal. So it is especially rewarding to help individuals prepare and conquer the challenge of this test. I work with students to help them comprehend specific subject matter which may present as a weakness, to help them formulate a study plan tailored to their needs and to help them foresee the twists and turns of questions in a standardized exam!


My favorite aspect of teaching biology is seeing the subject come "alive" for students as they learn that these 2D pictures are actually animated 3D components of a larger vastly coordinated symphony called the human body! Having my PhD in physiology and neurobiology from UConn, I have taught biology at all levels from high school through medical school and am thus ready to help you succeed in all your biological sciences!


While tutoring athletes at UConn, my favorite subject to tutor was Chemistry. This was because it was geared as a course to eliminate the non serious students. Unfortunately too many students assume that means they aren't meant to be a chemist, pharmacist, doctor, or what ever their goals were that led them to take that course. Learning chemistry is a bit like learning a foreign language and a logic course all at the same time. Helping students find the right study approach for them and helping them stay on track as the material shifts throughout the course can be easily achieved when you have the right tutor.

College Counseling

As a frequent tutor of students preparing for college entrance exams and as a former social worker with youth, I have a great deal of experience in helping high school students through this critical period in their lives. I work from a belief that everyone has the right to pursue their dreams in life and work with each student to help them draw connections between their current choices and the options that will be available to them. College Counseling gives me an opportunity to combine my social worker skills honed at Yale Child Study Center with my academic skills honed during graduate studies.

Elementary (K-6th)

It is a privilege to work with younger children and to help them establish a solid foundation of study skills that will aid them throughout their academic career. Often it is a matter of helping students learn the process of decoding the process of learning in whatever topic(s) they are struggling in. For your child's safety and mine, I do insist on the presence of a parental approved guardian during the tutoring session when tutoring younger children. I used to be a child and adolescent social worker, so I have a great deal of interacting with children! Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

Elementary Math

The fundamentals of math seem to be the one thing in school that we really will use throughout our lives. So helping students to master these skills is a truly lots of fun! There is no joy quite like that of seeing "the light bulb go on" as you share in someone gaining understanding of a concept. So whether it is to help someone learn the information for the first time, or to help those who need to learn math differently from the way it is taught in school, or even just to brush up on basic math skills before moving onto other subjects, I look forward to working with you!


English is a subject that becomes more abstract as we progress through the school years! One of the best parts about tutoring students in English is helping them decode the material and begin to see the more abstract components of their class! So whether your child needs help with reading or writing, I am here to help!


Kudos to all who have decided to get their GED! I really enjoy working with these students as they are typically highly motivated to learn. I can work with students in all of the basic subjects covered in the GED! I hope to have the opportunity to help you or your child achieve your goals!


Geometry is a subject that can challenge the best of students due to the abstract concepts. Thus as a tutor my challenge is to help the student learn many of these concepts using more concrete techniques. Overall, I find math a lot of fun and thus enjoy helping students move from a point of disappointment due to their struggles to a marked increase in their self confidence when they learn that they can master this material!


I'm currently halfway through the MBA program and have a lot of practice tutoring students in math, writing, and test preparation! Thus I am more than happy to work with you to help you get your career goals underway, by helping you to prepare for the GMAT exam!


First off let me say congratulations! If you are planning on taking the GREs then you are ready to move forward on your career goals. Having reached the other side of graduate school, I was once in your shoes, not so long ago. Like most standardized exams, the GREs can seem a daunting task alone. But there is most definitely a way to prepare for this exam in order to boost your scores and I am here to share that with you as a tutor. I really enjoy working with students through this process as it is so rewarding when you get your scores and realize that all the hard work has paid off.


I have taught anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology to a wide array of RN and BSN students! I keep current with NCLEX subject materials and am ready to help you succeed in your exams by mastering the material you will use frequently on the wards. This keeps your learning relevant by employing real life examples.

Organic Chemistry

I really enjoy tutoring students in Organic Chemistry simply because it is a joy to help someone tackle this mostly abstract and visual logic. Reactions need to be understood both visually and using the vocabulary of all the chemical groups. While we learn this way in our everyday lives it isn't always the same way that we approach the subject in the classroom. As a tutor I individualize the approach for learning this subject based on a student's strengths and weaknesses. It is a joy to help students navigate this transition and begin to excel in their acquisition of this subject!


Having completed pharmacology during my second year of medical school, I understand all too well the demands of this course. Having a background in molecular neuroscience and cell biology was a huge help for me and allowed me to fully integrate pharmacology into my working knowledge. Tutoring students in this subject is fun as I am able to witness those "Aha!" moments as it all begins to make sense as if someone lifted the fog of confusion. Everyone can learn this subject -- it sometimes just takes an individualized approach that plays to your strengths and learning styles. So I look forward to helping you learn pharmacology!


Physics is an exciting subject to tutor. Mostly requiring abstract learning skills, it is of little surprise that so many students need assistance with this material. I enjoy helping students discover that they too can master this subject when it is explained to them in ways that build on their learning strengths. I look forward to helping you move forward with this subject as you begin to master with this subject!


Hi! I have my PhD in Physiology and Neuroscience from UConn! I have taught anatomy and physiology at the undergraduate level to a wide variety of students. I have also taught medical physiology. It is a fascinating subject as it explores the amazing economy of design employed throughout the human body! I am confident I can help you to succeed in your goals involving physiology!


Standardized test taking can at times feel like it requires mastering an art of its own that can feel completely unrelated to the subject you wish to teach. I work with future teachers wanting to ensure their success by mastering the Praxis exam. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your career goals!


Prealgebra is one of those subjects that can be a struggle for a child until they find the right learning approach. That is precisely the reason I enjoy tutoring math so much is because one of my greatest talents is matching a tutoring style with your child's learning style. It is such a great honor to see a child's eyes light up when they begin to realize they too can master this material.


Precalculus is an interesting subject in which to tutor students. It can be a very demanding topic, yet is often a requirement for most colleges. There is an underlying logic to math and it is a true privilege to watch students as they begin to decipher and understand that underlying logic which will forever guide your mathematical problem solving. I believe that we all learn better when we can relax and have fun with the material. I am confident I can put your mind at ease and help you succeed in your career goals!!


Having over 12 years of experience in social work and as a therapist, I am well versed in all aspects of psychology. My training includes three years of clinical training at the Yale Child Study Center. In addition to being able to explain psychological concepts to students, I can employ numerous real world examples to help reinforce their learning and retention!


Reading is the door to expanding our universe and thus there is no greater joy than seeing a student overcome what ever difficulties they are having. It is thus a privilege to work with reading students and I look forward to helping you or your child!


I have taken New Testament, Old Testament, and World Religion courses in college and have often taught confirmation classes to youth and adults in the Episcopal Church. I am confident I can assist any high school or undergraduate students master their religion courses.

SAT Math

One of the greatest joys of tutoring are those moments when you bear witness to a student grasping a concept that had previously eluded them. Math is a great subject to tutor because it is filled with those type of moments. Far too many students struggle in math when all that is required is to provide students with the logic and the methodology underlying mathematical problems. Teaching students these principals helps them to begin to gain valuable skills that will benefit them in so many other areas of their lives! SAT math is a nice review of all the math skills gained in high school and thus a particular favorite of mine to tutor!

SAT Reading

SAT Reading is ironically not just limited to the reading portion of the exam. Helping students decode the manner in which SAT Reading questions are posed helps them understand how they need to prepare their essay responses and helps them to increase their comprehension of all they SAT questions! With over 12 years experience in test preparation, I am happy to help you and/or your child move forward with their academic goals!


Statistics can baffle the best of us, so seeking guidance to help wade through the wealth of material is often helpful! It's mathematical based terminology often intimidates students before they get to see the usefulness of the subject!

Once understood however, statistics opens our eyes to see the truth of what is NOT said in so many of the claims and promises rampant in advertising at all levels! It thus has practical uses that extend beyond the classroom and will forever change the way you see the world!

Study Skills

My PhD is in physiology and neuroscience from UConn. There I focused on the molecular mechanisms that underlie learning and memory. This combined with prior career experience in social work (including 3 years training at Yale Child Study Center) have provided me with a great deal of practical experience and application of study skills that best promote learning. The key to effective tutoring in most subjects is equipping the student with a new set of study skills required to master the material. Thus I am confident that I can work with you and/or your child to find the best array of study skills to maximize their learning potential.


Mastering the English language can be challenging! When combined with the stress of facing an exam on the English language stress levels can become very high! I'm here to help you reduce your stress levels and master the subjects for the TOEFL!

I believe the best way to learn is to practice and to build on your learning strengths! So I begin with an informal assessment of learning styles and strengths! Then tutoring is tailored to your needs to insure maximal success!


Writing is such a critical part of so many arenas, and it is a treat to work with students to help them enhance their own writing skills. I tutor a wide range of writing students, from high school students to graduate students and even work with students wanting to focus on special components of writing for standardized exams. I look forward to working with you or your child!

Excelsior College (Formerly Regents College)
Math and Economics
University of Connecticut, Storrs
AUA College of Medicine
Graduate Coursework


Excelsior College (Formerly Regents College) (Math and Economics)

University of Connecticut, Storrs (PhD)

AUA College of Medicine (Graduate Coursework)


Stephanie is a fantastic tutor and I strongly recommend her!! She helped me increase my GRE score in a very short amount of time, helping me gain confidence in my abilities. She is someone who goes above and beyond her call of duty as a tutor and made sure that I knew of all the resources I could possibly need in order to get into grad school. She is someone I would highly recommend to anyone w

— Katie, Cheshire, CT on 9/15/12

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