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University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh


University of Pittsburgh (Math)

University of Pittsburgh (Master's)

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I have been working as a Substitute Teacher for a while. I teach Math and Science classes in middle school and high school. I support middle schools and high schools both in West Sacramento and Davis Joint Unified School Districts. Math and Science subjects are the two subjects that many students (about 90%) does not like and I would like to change the mentality. Both Math and Science subjects make up the entire universe. Students have to be very good at both subjects in order to compete in the real world.

Teaching is my passion. I started teaching when I was very young. In my early career, I taught Police General Order and Penal Code in the police force. Especially in Math, I hope that I can help one student (at a time) to discover the fun in learning and using Math.

I spent better part of three (3) decades (from 1984 to 2009) running a successful electronic company. I also served as one of the Chief Scientifics in the company. I have authored and co-authored many technical papers. I used Math and Science everyday on the job. I have been constantly helping my colleagues in answering fundamental Math and Science questions.

The universe is huge. If you do not have a college degree, you will have a hard time to find a good paying job. I will like to help you to success. I was invited to attend many high schools graduation ceremonies, and at almost every high school where I was invited, about 30% of the senior class is going to on to a four-year university/college. Please prepare yourself early so that you can attend a four-year university/college.
I have been working as a Substitute Teacher for a while. I teach Math and Science classes in middle school and high school. I support middle schools and high schools both in West Sacramento and Davis Joint Unified School Districts. Math and Science subjects are the two subjects that many students (about 90%) does not like and I would like to Read more

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"Excellent Tutor"

- Zane, Sacramento, CA on 5/26/16
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Common Core, Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is the second math course in high school and will guide the student through among other things expressions, systems of equations, functions, real numbers, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, radical and rational expressions. Algebra 1 as it relates to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics. I do not expect students to accomplish this alone throughout this CCSS algebra lesson.

I will help students feel comfortable and supported and trusting of one another. There are some days we just need to direct instruction, but some days we could just let the students explore. I will provide supportive method, non-judgmental, fun, and helpful ways, which are four of the attributes that I would give to all of my classes and to all of my students.

Algebra 2

In algebra 1, we have built a solid foundation from which the student can explore linear equations, inequalities, and functions. In algebra 2, I will help the student build upon that foundation and not only extend the knowledge of algebra 1, but slowly become capable of tackling the questions of the universe. I will again touch on systems of equations, inequalities, and functions... but I will also address exponential and logarithmic functions, logarithms, imaginary and complex numbers, conic sections, and matrices. These are big words. Do not be afraid, I am on this journey with you!


I have seen too many students have difficult dealing with Calculus. Keep up on the homework: do not let yourself go behind. If the student get confused by something, get help then: do not wait until the exam to learn what the student did not understand. Do not feel stupid going to get help from the tutor. If the student do not go there, get help from the teacher, a fellow classmate, or a friend.

When a problem or question arises, it is always helpful to go to the teacher/professor for extra help. The teacher/professor is usually willing to help and explains methods to obtain a better understanding. Review notes before after they are given in class. Always do your homework so you will know what each section is about for the test, and do practice problems (even the problems are not part of the homework assignment) within the sections to help review for the exam. Another piece of advice is to partner up with a few people in class to study with and go over homework because two or three heads is better than one.


I am a Chinese. I can speak, read, and write in Chinese. Chinese is my mother tongue. I have been using the language for the last six decades. I have also been teaching the language at a non-profit school since 2006.

Discrete Math

I have a B. S. degree in Applied Mathematics. I received the B. S. from University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have worked on all types of math problem over the span of three decades. I conducted research and development projects on solving mathematics issues. I have also been teaching since 2006.


I have been working as a Substitute Teacher. I teach Math and Science classes in a middle school and a high school. I am prepare to teach students to use a ruler, compass, and protractor, and give them lots of practice drawing squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and circles with the proper tools and as accurately as possible. If all goes well, in middle school (Grades 6–8) students will proceed to the Van Hiele level (abstract/relational), where they can understand and form abstract definitions, distinguish between necessary and sufficient conditions for a concept, and understand relationships between different shapes. Thus, the students would be prepared for the formal proofs and deductive reasoning in high school geometry.

Physical Science

Physical Science is to help students gaining an understanding of science concepts needed to understand standards-based curricula at the middle school level. Physical Science teacher should incorporate methods and metacognitive strategies to help students learning including scientific reasoning, prediction, and abstract and critical thinking. I will help students through the readings, discussions, assignments, and other interactive experiences, students will have multiple opportunities to develop content knowledge about transfer of energy; light, sound, and
waves; mechanisms of heat transfer; and solubility and density.


Teaching is one of the most challenging and fulfilling careers I could have. We know that confident, knowledgeable teachers not only stay in the classroom for longer but they also pass on their passion to their students. Students would benefit from spending a few days, maybe even weeks, just going over how where when or why physics is used in all aspects of life. Yes, there are formulas and facts to be learned, but that’s not the point. The point is that physics is a story and the universe is its stage. And physics has to be taught and learned that way. There are acts and scenes and characters, plots and twists and suspense, mystery and excitement and beauty, tragedy and defeat and darkness. But there’s also redemption and hope and, above all, there’s reason. If told properly, it is the most amazing story there can be.


First for all, I am a no-nonsense teacher. Please do not expect me to do all the homework for you. I seldom use the word, 'teach'. The reason is because the student will expects me to be better than he/she if I tell them I am a teacher. I do not want my student to remember any math formula. If the student can draw, I will show the student the faster and easy way to remember any of the math formula. Math is not about remembering formula. It should be fun. However, speed and accuracy of solving any math problem can only be achieved by hardworking - solving the same type of problem repeatedly. I have taught many types of math classes and I am willing to show the student the fundamental technique on solving math problem.


Precalculus mathematics is very interesting because it is the first opportunity one has to apply relationships and definitions to problems and to learn how to transform complicated problems into simpler ones. This technique is fundamental no only in mathematics, but in the real world. I always tell the students that "yes, it does not matter if you can compute these numbers, but it does matter if you know how." That concept alone motivated them more than anything else, because it showed them that they controlled their own destiny. For any student frustrated with school, that is a wonderful feeling. Precalculus is one of the few fields where we can actually deliver that consistently.


Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships between the sides and angles of triangles. Trigonometry is found all throughout geometry, as every straight-sided shape may be broken into as a collection of triangles. Further still, trigonometry has astoundingly intricate relationships to other branches of mathematics, in particular complex numbers, infinite series, logarithms and calculus.

If students are given the opportunity to apply and reflected the constructive geometric processes used in evaluating trigonometric operations, they will understand these operations at a much deeper level than if they are taught that these operations are merely ratios that can be applied to given right triangles.

University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh


University of Pittsburgh (Math)

University of Pittsburgh (Master's)

Excellent Tutor

Mr. ChihSin is an excellent tutor. I didn't have any problem to understand his teaching and explanation. I really like him. Thank you!

— Zane, Sacramento, CA on 5/26/16

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