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I give Khoi A+ in communication! 100% for the tutor time! Plus extra credit for his approach!
— Susan, Aptos, CA on 12/12/11


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University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Berkeley (Bioengineering)

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I am an energetic, thoughtful, dedicated instructor who designs his own lesson plan for any field of math and science for any age. My fourteen years of experience in teaching college students at the University of California, Berkeley, have prepared me to teach motivated minds and see them succeed. My past students have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, and even teachers like myself. My method of choice for tutoring is hands on one on one tutoring with the students doing active learning where they are applying what they learn to real life situations. They can apply this knowledge so that they can see future applications. I find that this method helps them visualize future skill sets where they would find joy doing a certain job. I have also taught in a huge classroom setting and I find that it is a necessary skill to learn in a large group format so that you do not get lost in the crowd. I always encourage students to ask as many questions as possible and do my best to always provide them with a thoughtful answer. In time, I hope to be a trusted friend and compatriot who will provide life long advice to my fellow students. I am an energetic, thoughtful, dedicated instructor who designs his own lesson plan for any field of math and science for any age. My fourteen years of experience in teaching college students at the University of California, Berkeley, have Read more

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"I give Khoi A+ in communication! 100% for the tutor time! Plus extra credit for his approach!"

- Susan, Aptos, CA on 12/12/11

"Great Tutor"

- Qingyuan, Saratoga, CA on 1/2/17

"Awesome tutor"

- Henli, San Ramon, CA on 12/6/16


- Vijee, San Jose, CA on 6/24/16

"Wonderful tutor"

- Pam, San Jose, CA on 3/31/16

"Knowlegdeable tutor"

- Rithin, Cupertino, CA on 3/16/16

"Fantastic Tutor! The Best I've Ever Had!"

- Nicolette, San Jose, CA on 2/25/16

"Great Tutor Who Knows His Stuff"

- Thomas, San Jose, CA on 9/9/15

"Excellent Tutor"

- Tim, San Jose, CA on 7/26/15

"Knowledgeable of the subject (chemistry) taught"

- Mai, Santa Clara, CA on 7/19/15

"Knowledgeable and understanding tutor"

- Sara, San Jose, CA on 6/26/15

"Great tutor!"

- Steve, San Leandro, CA on 6/4/15

"Great Tutor"

- Samit, Cupertino, CA on 2/9/15

"Wonderful tutor"

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"Excellent Tutor!"

- Lauren, Saratoga, CA on 10/30/14

"Outstanding Teacher"

- Linda, Morgan Hill, CA on 10/5/14

"Kind but Strict"

- Ashvin, San Jose, CA on 9/21/14

"Great Teacher"

- Meeta, Campbell, CA on 5/16/14

"Fantastic tutor"

- Alex, San Jose, CA on 2/28/14

"Great tutor"

- Chris, Campbell, CA on 1/31/14

"Great at Physics and Calculus"

- Justin, Campbell, CA on 1/30/14

"Really good tutor."

- Rohini, San Jose, CA on 1/30/14

"Very Strong in Concepts- Highly recommend"

- Radha, Coppell, TX on 11/16/13

"Great Tutor (even for people who aren't used to tutors!)"

- Summer, San Jose, CA on 10/10/13

"Great tutor in his knowledge and professionalism"

- Irzana, Cupertino, CA on 10/3/13


- Cooper, Los Gatos, CA on 10/3/13

"Excellent Tutor for Algebra2/Trig"

- Rajesh, Santa Clara, CA on 7/20/13

"Lucky to find him."

- Aspasia (mom name), Campbell, CA on 5/11/13

"Excellent resource"

- Chris, Los Altos, CA on 5/1/13

"Very patient and understanding."

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"Great Tutor"

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"1st Class tutor"

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"Great tutor"

- Kim, San Jose, CA on 10/2/12

"Great tutor and very knowledgeable"

- Joseph, San Jose, CA on 10/2/12

"A+ tutor!"

- Chris, Milpitas, CA on 9/28/12

"Great tutor"

- Tien, Sunnyvale, CA on 9/14/12

"Very good tutor"

- Salinda, Fremont, CA on 9/13/12

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"Great tutor!"

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ACT Science, Anatomy, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Biostatistics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Genetics, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, Nutrition, Organic Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics,
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Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Study Skills, Vocabulary
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I have lived breathed and played basketball my whole life. I have played organized basketball since grade school and have been a leader on the court and have always coached my teammates as a point guard. I was heavily recruited coming out of high school, but turned the opportunity down because I wanted to further my studies as an engineer. My credentials are that I played 2 years of high school basketball at Oak Grove High School. We won our division both years that I played and made it to the final of the CCS championships the last year that I played. To this day, I use my knowledge of biomechanics to help players improve their game and learn better techniques to improve shooting, dribbling, and defense.


As an active instructor of Physics and General Chemistry for over 10 years at the Berkeley Review (MCAT Preparatory center), I am well versed on this testing manner. Along with my background in Bioengineering, I am well versed to teach the Biological Sciences. My qualifications comes from my score of 36T(PS 13; VR 10; BS 13, WS T)to teach this subject matter.

For physics, I can teach all topics from translational motion to light and optics.
- Translation Motion(vector/scalar notation, breaking vectors into components, trig review, simple kinematic equations, graph analysis of x vs t; v vs t; a vs t, projectile motion, and range)
- Force, Motion, Gravitation(Newton's laws, force problem recipe, statics and dynamics problem analysis, test taking tips, gravitational force, uniform circular motion, rotational kinetics)
- Work and Energy(Work=Fparallel*d, PE(gravitational and elastic), KE, work-energy theorem, heat energy(Q=mCpT), Hooke's Law, Conservation of Energy, Power)
- Torque and Momentum(t=Fperpendicular*lever arm, equilibrium problems, moment of inertia, momentum, conservation of momentum, collisions(elastic/inelastic), angular momentum)
- Periodic Motion & Waves(simple harmonic motion, oscillating blocks, pendulum, period and frequency, damping of waves, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, interference, standing waves)
- Sound & Doppler(longitudinal wave, wave of pressure/displacement variation, speed of sound in different mediums, sound intensity, intensity level, resonance, closed pipe system, open pipe system, beat frequency, Doppler Effect)
- Fluids and Solids(hydrostatic pressure vs total pressure, Pascal's Principle, Archimedes' principle, viscous fluid flow, laminar vs turbulent flow, Poiseuille's Principle, Reynold's Number, Continuity law, Bernoulli's Equation, Young's modulus, Shear modulus, Bulk modulus)
- Electrostatics & Electromagnetism( Coulomb's law, electric fields, dielectrics, induced dipole, work=electric PE, electric potential, magnetic fields, right hand rule, magnetic force, mass spec.)
- Electric Circuits(conductors, insulators, resistance, ohm's law, energy from battery, power dissipation, Kirchoff's Loop and Junction Rule, resistors in series/parallel, capacitors in series/parallel, capacitance, RC circuits)
- Light and Optics(EM spectrum, speed of light, energy of light, doppler shift, index of refraction, polarization, dispersion, law of reflection, snell's law, total internal reflectance, thin lens and mirror equation, plane mirror, convex/concave mirror, convex/concave lens, images are UV or IR, myopia, hyperopia, converging and diverging devices, young's double slit experiment, thin film interference)

Each one of these above is a two hour class that I teach for the Berkeley Review.

For General Chemistry, I have taught everything from electron theory, VSEPR, and periodic trends to Thermochemistry.
- Electron Theory, VSEPR, periodic trends(s, p,d,f orbitals, electron configuration, Pauli's exclusion principle, Hund's Rule, Aufbau Principle, quantum number, periodic trends, Zeffective, VSEPR Theory, emitted color vs reflected color, color wheel, photoelectric effect)
- Equilibrium, Kinetics, Le Chatelier's Principle(equilibrium constant, reaction quotient, Keq, steady state vs equilibrium, ICE equation, partial pressures, iodide experiment, le chatelier's, gibbs' free energy, kinetics, rxn rates, Beer's Law, 0th, 1st, 2nd order kinetics)
- Stoichiometry, Solutions and Solubility(moles, STP definition IUPAC vs EPA, molecular vs empirical formula, combustion hydrocarbon analysis, solvents, solutes, molarity, molality, dilutions, solubility, Ksp, salt dissociation, saturated and supersaturated, molar solubility, common ion effect, ion exchange)
- Gases and Gas Laws(Boltzmann distribution, ave root mean square speed of a gas particle, Vander Waal's Equation, Ideal gas law, Avogrado's law, Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, KE of gas particles, effusion, diffusion, infusion, partial pressures)
- Phase Changes(Phase diagrams, evaporation, condensation, melting, freezing, sublimation, deposition, heating curves, phase change theory, distillation, Raoult's Law, calligrative properties)
- Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics(energy diagrams, exergonic, endergonic, enthalpy, Hess' law, heat of formation, bond energies, calorimetry, heat transfer(convection, conduction, radiation, evaporation), heat engines(carnot cycle, heat pumps, heat engine)

I have specifically taught each of the above courses in general chemistry.

For biological sciences, I can teach anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, genetics, and neurology.

For Writing Sample, I received T on my MCAT and know how to break a prompt down to the x-factor and have a paragraph for the pros and one paragraph for the cons to handle the normative statement from the prompt.


14 years of teaching physics and chemistry at University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Berkeley (Bioengineering)

I give Khoi A+ in communication! 100% for the tutor time! Plus extra credit for his approach! — My first impression of Khoi was his friendly picture and his helpful write up on the WyzAnt website. He kept communication up through email and phone whenever I had a question or change of plans. At one point, before our first session, Khoi took the time to check in with me about all the details and lesson plans of each teacher. I really liked how he was willing to be prepared before he came. He a ...

— Susan, Aptos, CA on 12/12/11

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