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Very knowledgable and patient!
— Brandon, San Francisco, CA on 2/3/16


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Second level college of science (Lyceum)
Linguistics expert
Catholic University of Milan
Literary Translator (Herzog Agency)


Second level college of science (Lyceum) (Linguistics expert)

Catholic University of Milan (MD)

Literary Translator (Herzog Agency) (Other)

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Hi, this is Nick. As you can see by reading my Profile Title, I'm multilingual (English, Spanish, Italian), Major Linguist (I took my graduation in Milan, Italy), Translator & Guitar Player. I come from Italy and I permanently moved to San Francisco CA on June 25th. Of the many things I did in Italy, tutoring was the one I preferred. What I like is that I can share my knowledge and in the meantime learn something new in every lesson, because this is the way I do the job: teaching to learn. I started to teach English, Spanish and Guitar respectively in the years 2005, 2011 and 2003.

English: when my students are beginners I start teaching the structure of a sentence and nouns, combined with exercises, and some readings; then I introduce grammar and conversation. Otherwise, I focus on their weaknesses and help them solving their problems with the language. Being that at school and at the University they've always taught British English while I've always had an interest for American English, I learned them both, their differences included.

Spanish: my students are beginners, so I start from basic knowledge of the language going on step by step. I begin introducing the alphabet and how to read it, graphic and vocal accents, and some grammar, integrated with some exercises and readings. When I see my students improve, I start dividing my lessons between the study of the language and conversation. My interest is for Iberian Spanish, even if I like to show the differences between different varieties of the language.

Guitar: : I divide my lessons between theory and practice. When my students are beginners, like most of them, I start from basic knowledge and simple exercises. When my students are not beginners, I focus on their skills and weaknesses, to correct mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Moreover, I share my method and tricks to make my students learn faster; whatever worked for me can work for them.

Thank you for reading these lines.
Hi, this is Nick. As you can see by reading my Profile Title, I'm multilingual (English, Spanish, Italian), Major Linguist (I took my graduation in Milan, Italy), Translator & Guitar Player. I come from Italy and I permanently moved to San Francisco CA on June 25th. Of the many things I did in Italy, tutoring was the one I preferred. What I like Read more

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In-person lessons

"Very knowledgable and patient!"

- Brandon, San Francisco, CA on 2/3/16

"Very intelligent and adaptable."

- Joel, San Francisco, CA on 7/14/15
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Composition (Music)

I studied with teacher Dario Tinivella at the School Of Music in Garlasco, Italy, with Jazz teacher Fabio Casali at the Lizard Academy in Italy and I attended the composition exam.

I played in different bands, where I was the main composer.

In the year 1999, together with my band, I released my first 4 track Demo and sent a copy to the Italian magazine called Metal Shock; we had a 3.5 in a maximum of 5.

I have my own style, which doesn't follow rules or any kind of structure. Then, when usually Technical Thrash Metal songs include 6 to 10 different riffs, mine contain always more than 10.


I started to study English when I was 8 years old at the primary school, and I studied it until the years at the university, when I took my major on Linguistics.

When I was 17 years old, thanks to my parents, I went to England to improve my skills with the language, and ten years later I went for the first time to San Francisco to study the Californian accent because I was writing a thesis about it; Phonetics.

In the year 2005 I began to teach as a private teacher, which I like very much and gives me the chance to teach to different students of different levels.

What I also like to do is to show the differences between British English, that is what I was always taught at school or at the University, and the American variety, that is the one I speak and comes more natural for me.


Grammar is one of the most important things to focus on when studying a language, and always I give it a lot of importance.

I started to study English grammar when I was eight years old until my years at the University, when I comprehended something I couldn't before.

When I taught English in Italy, grammar was always my point of departure, to give my students a base to rely on and continue the study of the language itself.


I started to play the classic guitar in the years 1994, with teacher Dario T. at the School of Music in Garlasco (Pavia) Italy.

After a few years playing the electric guitar in several Hard Rock and Heavy/Thrash Metal bands, I felt the need for something different and that let me open my mind; I started to study Jazz with teacher Fabio C. at the Lizard Academy.

Then, that section of the school closed, so I continued my studies with teacher Lorenzo T. of the CPM of Milan, who at the beginning focused on my weaknesses and try to correct any mistake besides teaching me new techniques and styles.

Then, I always study by myself combining what I learnt thanks to my teachers and with personal taste.


I'm a Northern Italian Major Linguist who came to the U.S. as a legal immigrant. I lived in Italy for 33 years and I speak fluent Italian.

Starting at the Primary school until the High School, I always studies the language and its structure, and one of my first exams at the University was Italian Linguistics.

Moreover, in the year 2012 I attended a literary translator course, which let me understood other several things about how to relate my mother tongue and one another.


Reading is an important part of learning a language. Through reading one can see and consequently learn new words, new expressions that can be used in spoken language and the way to write them as well.

When I teach I give short, in the beginning, or longer passages to read as homework, and each passage is about a different topic.

During the following lesson I focus with the student on all the things he didn't understand and make sure that he/she can fix them in his/her mind.


I started to play soccer when I was 6, in a place close to the Primary school I attended at that time. In a few months I was called by the team of a small town close to where I used to where I live until 1995.

I started playing as defender, especially sweeper, but I soon turned into a wing. In a few years I learnt how to play in different section of the field and different roles, especially attacking midfielder in the left side, despite I play primarily with the right foot.

I was taught many things about soccer, like controlling the ball, the position of the feet for a good shoot, I was taught how to improve my physical resistance. At the age of 14 I decided to quit, simply because I didn't like that team anymore and I felt I needed to learn something that those coaches weren't teaching.

Before coming here I played soccer 5 vs 5 once a week, because I like the game and I wanted to keep it up just for myself and overall keep in mind what I learnt during those years.


Composition and songwriting have always been passions of mine. I wrote my first songs when I was 15 years old, but as it always happens, they were too close to other I listen to in that period.

I like to write my songs in English, especially because I listen to a lot of English or American.

Being that I love Thrash Metal, especially what was called Bay Area Thrash Metal, my way to wrote reminds a bit that style, but during the years I created one of my own, that's explicit and has a certain impact.

In my lyrics I like to talk about different subjects.


I started to study Spanish by myself at the High school, for I've always had the desire to learn it and find out if it's really close to my mother tongue.

Then, Spanish was one of the two languages I studied at the University for my Linguistics Major; despite taking classes with a professor from Ecuador, I was always taught the Iberian variety, and in fact, when I speak, people think I'm from Spain because of my accent.

In the year 2011 I started to teach Spanish as a private teacher, to beginners or any people who wanted to get closer to the language itself.

In the year 2012, I spent 3 months and a half working in Ibiza in a vacation village. This gave the chance to improve my skills with the language itself and practice a lot, being that I especially worked with Spaniards.


Whenever I had to study a language that's not Italian, which is basically easier that others in this matter, I payed a lot of attention on spelling, because it let me understand more about phonetics and pronunciation.

In English, besides the differences between British and American English, I always want my students to do spelling exercises, especially in the beginning because they help learning a bit more of the language itself.

In Spanish, spelling exercises or dictations are very important, at first because there are graphic accents, secondly because it's a language full of homophones and a wrong spelling can generate problems.

As I've already mentioned, Italian language is easier, because "you read as you write", so spelling exercises are useful especially in the very beginning. Then, it's more important to focus on reading.


Writing, like speaking, is one of the most important ways to learn a language and start using it. Then, it's also with writing that a person learns how to use the language having the time to focus on grammar together.

What I do at the beginning is make my students start with short essays made by short sentences, so they clearly understand and consequently focus on their weaknesses. I do it because short sentences are a good base to start with and check the use of the grammar as well, while long sentences on the other hand require a too big effort for beginners. Then, correct mistakes with my students and keep improving.

Then, thanks to writing I can see not only the use of the grammar, but of the spelling as well.

Second level college of science (Lyceum)
Linguistics expert
Catholic University of Milan
Literary Translator (Herzog Agency)


Second level college of science (Lyceum) (Linguistics expert)

Catholic University of Milan (MD)

Literary Translator (Herzog Agency) (Other)

Very knowledgable and patient!

Nicolo helped me gain a better understanding of double object pronouns which have been tricky for me to learn. He literally made the explanation much more simpler than my Italian course book. He also helped me gain a better understanding of comparatives and superlatives - something my course book seems to make quite difficult.

— Brandon, San Francisco, CA on 2/3/16

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