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Very Intelligent Tutor with Excellent Teaching Skills
— John, San Francisco, CA on 12/9/11


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Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany
LMU Munich, Germany
Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany


Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany (Economics)

LMU Munich, Germany (Master's)

Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany (PhD)

About Andreas

I hold a M.S. in Mathematics and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics. Over time I have been working at universities in Germany and France, at research labs and a company in Germany and the US.

I have been teaching math and computer science as a tutor and lecturer in multiple countries at high schools, boarding schools, and universities. I am proficient in teaching math at any high school, college, or university level.
I hold a M.S. in Mathematics and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics. Over time I have been working at universities in Germany and France, at research labs and a company in Germany and the US.

I have been teaching math and computer science as a tutor and lecturer in multiple countries at high
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"Very Intelligent Tutor with Excellent Teaching Skills"

- John, San Francisco, CA on 12/9/11

"Helpful and Efficient"

- Yuriko, Berkeley, CA on 3/13/17

"Great tutor"

- Max, San Francisco, CA on 2/8/17

"Highly Recommended! Extremely knowledgeable and wonderful Tutor"

- Elizabeth, Weston, MA on 11/6/16

"Great Tutor!"

- Reuben, Berkeley, CA on 8/5/16

"Help with Linear Programming"

- Janelle, Oakland, CA on 6/5/16

"Knowledgeable and communicative."

- Artemis, Oakland, CA on 5/26/16

"Whip-smart, on top of things, excellent communicator. Sharp!"

- Maura, Berkeley, CA on 10/26/15


- Lauryn, Fremont, CA on 4/9/15


- Max, Berkeley, CA on 1/23/15

"Excellent Tutor! Patient, Clear, Kind and Reliable"

- Rebecca, San Mateo, CA on 12/15/14

"Excellent Tutor"

- Stacey, Oakland, CA on 10/16/14

"Very patient and knowledgeable"

- Haiyang, Pleasant Hill, CA on 10/12/14


- Sarah, Irvine, CA on 9/19/14

"Very knowledgeable, patient, and good at explaining concepts"

- Katie, San Rafael, CA on 9/10/14

"Excellent tutor"

- Paola, El Cerrito, CA on 9/8/14

"Cares about the Student's Success"

- Jacqueline, Vallejo, CA on 8/23/14

"Great Tutor"

- Matrix, Oakland, CA on 7/9/14

"Would use no other!"

- Melissa, Alameda, CA on 6/27/14

"Passionate about teaching, helping student to understand and succeed in math."

- Anna, Alameda, CA on 2/19/14

"Great Tutor"

- Elizabeth, Moraga, CA on 6/20/13

"Andreas is an excellent tutor."

- Julia, Alameda, CA on 6/1/13

"Fantastic tutor."

- Sheree, Palo Alto, CA on 3/28/13

"Andreas is friendly, always on time, and patient"

- Rick, Walnut Creek, CA on 3/7/13

"Great Tutor"

- Margaret, Oakland, CA on 3/5/13

"Excellent tutor."

- Ricardo, San Mateo, CA on 2/25/13

"Great tutor! Amazing knowledge of math, explains it well, very patient and encouraging"

- Joyce, American Canyon, CA on 2/23/13

"Great Tutor"

- Bill, El Sobrante, CA on 12/10/12

"Great Tutor!"

- Eva, San Leandro, CA on 11/27/12

"Excellent tutor improved my GRE score!"

- Megan, Oakland, CA on 11/27/12

"Great tutor."

- Elizabeth, Moraga, CA on 11/24/12


- Sarah, Berkeley, CA on 7/5/12

"Great Tutor"

- Alan, Palo Alto, CA on 6/28/12

"Excellent Tutor"

- Alexandra, San Francisco, CA on 5/22/12

"Very Efficient and Knowledgeable"

- Tiancheng, Daly City, CA on 5/21/12

"Great tutor for multivariable calculus and linear algebra!"

- Katherine, Stanford, CA on 3/19/12

"Great and patient tutor"

- Giridhar, San Ramon, CA on 1/13/12

"Awesome / Insightful / Patient / Communicates Great"

- Robert, Dublin, CA on 1/4/12


- Sheree, Oakland, CA on 12/21/11
ACT Math, Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Differential Equations,
Discrete Math,
Econometrics, Elementary Math, Finite Math,
Linear Algebra,
Prealgebra, Precalculus,
Probability, SAT Math, SPSS, Statistics,
Adobe Photoshop, Photography
Test Preparation:
SAT Math
Adobe Photoshop, C++,
Computer Programming, Computer Science,
Linux, MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Photography, SPSS, SQL, STATA, UNIX
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Study Skills
Economics, GMAT,
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is the first math class that introduces equations with variables and how to determine solutions for equations with first one and later with two variables. In Algebra 1 we also study graphical methods in order to visualize functions as straight lines or parabolas. Further we learn about factorization and the solutions of quadratic equations. Seeing many advanced students who struggle with algebra 1 concepts makes me feel good about my algebra 1 students because I help them to learn it properly from the beginning. It helps for many upcoming years.

"Great Tutor"
- Margaret P. Oakland, CA
Andreas is a fabulous tutor. He has assisted our 8th grade child in knowledge, understanding the concepts, and our child's grade has risen to an "A" from "C". He is a very patient and effective tutor, and builds confidence in his student.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 introduces independent and dependent variables and how their solution can be determined by for linear relationships for two or three variables. Algebra 2 also gives an overview of more complex mathematical functions like basic trigonometric functions, power functions, logarithms, and exponential functions. I tutor Algebra 2 almost daily and based on my tutoring experience in more advanced topics I know very well which areas of Algebra 2 are important in further math classes.


I worked for several years as a Software Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) using C/C++ for projects using high volume databases for distributed storage systems.


Calculus is my most tutored subject. I tutor high school, college, and university students on a daily basis in AP Calculus classes and in single and multivariable calculus courses at colleges and universities. I also teach calculus to individuals outside of any class. I supervised small groups with aspiring math teachers learning calculus and I taught for several years my own university courses that built heavily on calculus. More than one third of my tutored hours covers calculus.

"Great Tutor"
- Alan K. Palo Alto, CA
Andreas was an excellent tutor for our son in Calculus this year at Stanford. He would never have done as well as he did without the talents and effort of Andreas. If you want the best, Andreas is your man!


I tutor any level of math including the math portion of the CBEST test which I took myself successfully. I also help with test strategies to master this part specifically for candidates who haven't studied math for some time. I don't tutor the language parts.

Computer Science

I have been working in computer science related fields in research (Academia & labs) and industry. My PhD thesis is in numerical models for high performance computers. I also worked for several years for a company modeling hazards based on data driven computational models.

Differential Equations

I worked more than 10 years in research using different forms of differential equations covering stiff ODEs and multidimensional equations in Computational Fluid Dynamics applications. I tutor on a regular basis university students in calculus and differential equations.

Discrete Math

I have a B.Sc. in Economics/Operations Research and I studied optimization, graph theory and applied Operations Research methodology to research and modeling.

Finite Math

My Finite Math knowledge is based on studying Operations Research as part of my Economics degree. My following math studies helped me to understand Finite Math on a more rigorous level. I regularly tutor Finite Math topics as part of other classes like Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, and Probability.


I used Fortran for many years in high performance computing for climate research models and non linear finite element systems.


I tutor geometry almost daily to multiple students attending regular and honors classes at private and public schools in the East Bay.


I am a native German speaker and I raised two children bilingual in the U.S. I help students at any level of German, I assist or perform translations and proofread German documents. For beginner to intermediate level, I use language programs as used in Germany to teach German as second language.


I regularly help preparing for the math portion of the GMAT.


I help at all levels of math including the test preparation for the quantitative part of the GRE. I had several GRE students and they all exceeded their initial expectations in the math portion.

"Excellent tutor improved my GRE score!"
- Megan G. Oakland, CA
Andreas was a huge help to me in preparing for my GRE. We met several times and his combination of patience and humor helped to keep me on track despite my admittedly deep-seated math phobia. I hadn't taken a math class in over 10 years and he was able to refresh my memory of important concepts and equations. He even lent me a GRE prep book to use in conjunction with the one I had purchased. With his assistance I was able to develop a successful test day strategy and my performance on the test was better than I thought was possible (and much better than my timed pretests). I'm confident his tutelage gained me the score I need for acceptance to UC Berkeley. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra investigates the linear relationship between multiple variables. On one side it is for many students a first encounter with mathematical abstraction and on the other side it is a topic that occurs in many scientific applications like in numerical or economical models. At different universities I taught my own courses that built on linear algebra. I also taught groups with aspiring teachers in linear algebra.

"Great Tutor"
- Elizabeth from Moraga, CA
Andreas is a very thorough and patient tutor. After tutoring with Andreas, my test scores went up by two whole letter grades in college-level Linear Algebra, which led to an overall B grade in the class. Andreas is excellent and I highly recommend his services.


I learned formal logic as part of my mathematical education and I additionally studied the use of logic as part of set theory and computer science. Logic supports the understanding of basics and limitations of theories like math, sciences, and philosophy.


Precalculus is the gate to calculus and provides a comprehensive view of the behavior of polynomials, rational functions, and trigonometric functions. I tutor high school, college, and university students on an almost daily basis in Precalculus. I emphasize the understanding because it will not only help in getting better grades but also serves structural learning.

"Excellent Tutor"
- Alexandra K. San Francisco, CA
Andreas was more than willing to help and he not only answered my questions but clued me in on other connections and hints between problems. He helped me to thoroughly understand concepts and catch up in Precalculus. I would definitely recommend his tutoring services to anyone seeking a patient and concise math tutor.


I worked for many years professionally with statistics and next to precalculus and calculus it is my most tutored topic. Statistics doesn't require advanced math classes but it requires a good understanding how to translate word problems into a mathematical form and vice versa. Most classes cover descriptive and inferential statistics using extensively the normal distribution, which also plays with the Student t-distribution a key role in hypothesis testing. I tutor statistics multiple times a week.

"Excellent tutor."
- Ricardo from San Mateo, CA
Andreas has been an excellent tutor for my son. He is very patient and allows my son to understand even the toughest items of probabilities and statistics. I recommend him for future tutoring. Thanks.

Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany
LMU Munich, Germany
Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany


Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany (Economics)

LMU Munich, Germany (Master's)

Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany (PhD)

Very Intelligent Tutor with Excellent Teaching Skills

Andreas has been very helpful in terms of teaching me how to think like a mathematician when approaching my schoolwork. He not only teaches you what you need to know to succeed on your exams, but he also will give you a deeper understanding of what you're doing. He's also extremely knowledgeable in many fields relating to math and computer science. After an hour with Andreas, I feel like a smarter

— John, San Francisco, CA on 12/9/11

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Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Group of 2 students: $130 Group of 3 students: $160

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