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Arizona State University


Arizona State University (Master's)

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I teach C++, Javascript, Java, Android Programming, Unity, Unreal, Developing Virtual Reality applications with Oculus Rift and the GearVR, OpenGL, Shader Programming, WebRTC, and WebGL.

Learning to write software is an essential 21st century skill. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing jobs in the U.S. and only 400,000 computer science students. The tech skills gap may be widening but for many this is an opportunity. With the right education, guidance and experience this highly paid, creative, challenging and varied work is yours for the taking.

Good programmers are among the most sought after on the job market today. What you see in your head is what you write. I'll teach you the most important things in programming that will be of practical application. Many times, students are confused about why they are learning a particular concept, and how does it apply to anything in the real world. I teach in a way that makes it fun for students to make that connection.

I have been teaching for a few years. My experience, listening to many different students and their problems, enables me to deliver a lesson that is unique and most applicable for each individual. In addition, I make myself available, free of charge, throughout the week over emails. The more excited you are to learn, the more you can get out of me.

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science. I have worked as a Computer Scientist on US Defense projects through Honeywell Aerospace. My projects have ranged from classified mission critical systems to commercial aviation. Formerly I was an Engineering Fellow, and Software Consultant at the Manpower group. I have been honored to receive awards for my work on Computer Graphics technology for display sub systems in commercial and military air-crafts. Currently I work in the field of Virtual Reality.

Let me know if I can help you.

I teach C++, Javascript, Java, Android Programming, Unity, Unreal, Developing Virtual Reality applications with Oculus Rift and the GearVR, OpenGL, Shader Programming, WebRTC, and WebGL.

Learning to write software is an essential 21st century skill. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing
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"Best Tutor On Earth"

- Mickel, Marina Del Rey, CA on 1/29/15

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I've been teaching C/C++ for a few years. I've been working with these languages for the last 15 years. I've worked on mission critical projects sponsored by the Department of Defense along with commercial projects for the aviation industry.

My teaching method focuses on building the student's sense of logic. Thinking like a programmer in C/C++ needs a little bit of guidance. Most of the time, I find that basic guidance in the fundamental concepts gets overlooked in the middle of heavy coursework, lengthy requirements for homework assignments, and the load of 3 - 4 classes that students have to tackle during their normal semester. Limited time and strict curriculum requirements from the state are driving teachers in universities and colleges to increasingly depend on the student to figure it out.

Some of today's most successful programming languages like Java, Javascript (scripting language) have borrowed heavily from C. If you can make a commitment to learn it, it can pay off big time. When you know C and C++, your confidence in programming will grow. Learning any programming language in the future will not be a chore.


I have more than 15 years of experience in both C and C++. I have worked on projects ranging from Mission Critical systems to Commercial Aviation.

I started teaching a few years back, and know how to guide students around many pitfalls of learning a new programming language. My students range from absolute beginners to very advanced.

For Advanced students, I teach concepts, and important details of the C++ Standard Library, and the latest features of C++11.
You'll learn practical programming using C++11, and STL with working code samples.

I also teach C++ problems that come up in technical interviews. I have interviewed with, and worked for Fortune 500 companies. If you're proficient with C++ and STL, and are looking to warm up for your technical interview, I can help you prepare for it.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering encompasses many things. My Bachelor's degree is in Computer Engineering, and my Master's degree is in Computer Science. I've been in the field of Computers for the last 20 years. I primarily teach Programming languages, Software Engineering, and Computer Science.

Besides that, I also have knowledge of computer hardware. I used to build all my machines myself, and would build PCs for my friends while I was in college. If you want to build your next gaming rig, I can teach you how to research the parts. You'll learn how to select hardware that are compatible with each other, and how to put it all together from scratch. I wouldn't charge you $99 / hr for that. Just email me if you have a quick question on hardware, and I'll be happy to guide you in the right direction free of charge.

Computer Science

I have 14 years of successful experience in programming and overseeing both high and low level software development. My primary job responsibilities have been design, development, programming, performance tuning, speed optimization and structural coverage analysis of software, firmware/embedded applications.

Sometimes syntax can be boring but the good news is syntax is the short and the easy part. The fun is in the logic. As learning to read music isn't the most exciting thing and you cannot really make good music by reciting the notes only, learning the syntax for a computer program alone will not make you a good programmer. I'll help you to develop your sense of logic, appropriate algorithms and practical data structures. I can help you to learn the concepts of Software Engineering and Software Design - how to identify and apply the correct Object Oriented Programming patterns to real world problems.


Learn HTML to be able to build web pages. It is the glue that holds together all your elements, content, styling, and scripts.

There are a few software on the market that will write the HTML for you but it is something you'll need to pick up if you plan on learning CSS and Javascript, and become a front-end web developer.

HTML is really the easiest language to learn. If you're learning Javascript with me then either you already know HTML or you're learning HTML as we go along. if you want to just learn HTML on its own, I can teach you the fundamentals necessary for moving forward with web-development in 3 sessions.

There are web pages on almost anything you can think of. Your only limit is your imagination. And they are all written in HTML.


I teach AP Java. I've been teaching for a few years. I mostly use Java for Android Development to connect with C++ programs using Android NDK and Java Native Interface (JNI).


I currently work for a company that designs 3D Computer Graphics applications for the aviation, medical and the defense industry. Among other things, we're also bringing the power of desktop 3D computer graphics to the web, portable devices, and virtual reality headsets using Javascript, WebGL, THREE.js, CSS3 and HTML5.

I'll teach you Javascript that is immediately applicable. You can be at any skill level. I have courses designed to start you off based on your experience. If you're not proficient with CSS or HTML, don't worry because I'll teach you the basics of CSS and HTML along the way. You'll also learn about the latest Javascript language changes that are introduced with the recent ECMA 6 standard.

Arizona State University


Arizona State University (Master's)

Best Tutor On Earth

I was having trouble with with templates in C++. I tried two tutor before Bivas, and they didn't even know what it was about. Bivas helped me complete my projects and explained the concepts in a way that made sense. I felt I was talking to a artist in the way he see's and write codes, it's really impressive. Recommended to anyone from beginners to very advanced, he's really the best. Also, he's gr

— Mickel, Marina Del Rey, CA on 1/29/15

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