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Nancy is patient and persistent
— Alexandra, Santa Ana, CA on 10/9/16


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University of Texas, Arlington
California State University, East Bay (Hayward)


University of Texas, Arlington (Sociology)

California State University, East Bay (Hayward) (Master's)

About Nancy

I am pleased to announce that I am lightly taking on NEW or RETURNING tutoring/consulting students. If you are interested in working with me, please send me a message. We can discuss your needs and determine if there is a good fit at this time. Also, I am testing out online tutoring primarily for working with adults in tutoring in writing, English, and in computer related subjects. (That might work for you especially if you are not in this area. Don't worry, I offer a generous amount of free minutes while we are both getting the online tutoring tools to work for us.)

There is a possibility that I may be putting together a small group for kids getting ready to go back to school. This small tutoring group will meet in the city of Brea. This approach particularly tends to benefit families during the summer. Let me know if you are interested. If there is enough interest, then I can start that up again. (Target age/grade level for the summer tutoring small group would primarily focus on middle school to early jr. high ages. When I did this approach before, as long as there were enough students, then I charged per drop off session rather than hourly. Most students ended up staying a couple of hours per session, so in a way it was like getting an hour free. Students enjoyed the fact that they were not by themselves and able to make new friends.)

I enjoy tutoring and consulting with students ages 11 through adulthood. I tend to tutor in academic subjects and consult in computer/technology subjects. My primary academic subjects include reading, writing, English, math (up through beginning pre-algebra), and overall study/organization skills. My consulting/tutoring subjects for college and adult level primarily include general computing, Microsoft Office --Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and some Outlook, and a few other misc. technology related things areas. I invite you to review the rest of my profile and send me an email inquiry to discuss your particular need.
I am pleased to announce that I am lightly taking on NEW or RETURNING tutoring/consulting students. If you are interested in working with me, please send me a message. We can discuss your needs and determine if there is a good fit at this time. Also, I am testing out online tutoring primarily for working with adults in tutoring in writing, Read more

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I charge a flat fee of $45 per hour per person.

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"Nancy is patient and persistent"

- Alexandra, Santa Ana, CA on 10/9/16


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"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Bible Studies

I currently work at the church over 40 hours each week. I teach Bible classes in the children's church. I also work one on one with ladies in sharing Bible studies with them. I have also done group Bible studies in the past.

Personally, I am a Christian by faith, and I read and study my Bible daily. I continually dig through faith based books and listen to audios. I am a faithful member and love sharing Jesus and the Bible with others.

I am currently preparing to facilitate/lead Life Studies beginning in January. These are Bible studies offered through my church. They are free for those desiring to attend.

Career Development

I have had experience in working with people one on one in the area of resume development, career exploration, and job interviewing. In my role of teaching and supervising in post secondary schools, assisting students preparing to graduate and land their first career position became common place. I helped my student prepare for interviewing and prepare their resumes.

In a middle management role, in the field of Information Systems, where I worked for over sixteen years, I periodically would do interviewing and hiring of candidates for positions in our department. I received formal training within the company to perform interviewing and selecting of potential employees. This skill of interviewing and wading through a pile of resumes gave valuable insight and allowed me to assist friends, family, and now church members.

In my role as our pastor's church administrator, he refers people to me for help in this area. I assist them by helping them explore possible positions that they may fill in the community, and then we work through creating their resumes. People have been very pleased at the result as they do land jobs and are able to support their families.

I enjoy helping people discover more about themselves, and discovery their passions. I believe that just getting any job to pay bills is perhaps good temporarily. However, finding that which you really enjoy doing and can receive payment for doing has a higher reward.


I enjoy the art of the English language. It is very colorful in speech, writing, and literature. I am a published author. I have a Master of Science degree in Education from the California State University at Hayward.

I incorporate journaling into my day almost daily. I enjoyed sharing with others, and helping them learn. I have taught for many years. I am very patient, and I work well one on one with others.


Obtaining a high school diploma or completing the GED exam is one huge step towards empowering yourself to have the skills needed in the workforce today. My heart goes out to those who for whatever reason did not complete high school and now struggle to keep a job. I would enjoy helping people assess their current level, and then make goals and work towards their GED. I taught in post-secondary schools for over 11 years and assisted individuals train for working in the computer field. I have my Master of Science in Education and enjoy teaching.

General Computer

Many people would describe me as "techie." I currently serve in the church as the administrator. In that role, I am the go-to person for computer needs. In my prior position, I worked over 16 years supervising a team that kept computers up and running throughout the credit union. We also did technology classes for the staff there. Prior to that, I taught the computer classes at post-secondary schools for over eleven years. There is hardly a day that goes by that I am not using the computer to accomplish something. Yet, I am still very much people oriented and enjoy sharing with others.


I am the type of person who mentally makes edits when reading other people's letters, computer postings, or whatever else they have written. However, I would not consider myself an extremist. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy people. I promise not to drive you too crazy as I did with students who I kept sending back to their seats with more corrections. I hope through working together with my students, they will develop a joy for the English language, and for writing. They may even pick up some keyboarding skills along the way.

I am a published author. Though it's been a few years, I wrote a computer book for Prentice-Hall. It did go into a second edition publication.

Anyway, I could ramble on, but this is not about me; it's about you or someone you love or at least know. It would be my pleasure and a great honor to tutor new students.

Microsoft Access

I taught MS Access several years ago at a post secondary school. I was the lead business teacher. I also wrote the curriculum for the classes. I have current up-to-date experience due to my day-to-day work at church. I am responsible for our church database. I designed and developed it using MS Access. I am continuing to build on to it. Currently it is used to house information for our members, our attenders, and our visitors. I use it to develop and print out special reports such as the new people's report for our pastors and child check-in sign-in reports. I am also versed in integrating from MS Access to MS Word. That's how I do our church's weekly mailing to our visitors and thank them for joining us. That is also how I produce our kids church name tags for the children to wear upon arrival. I really enjoy working with MS Access. I don't consider myself a "programmer" as such. Though I can do some cool things with MS Access. Special programming falls outside of my scope/expertise at this time.

Microsoft Excel

I worked for over 16 years in information systems as a supervisor in a credit union. I both used Excel and taught it. Prior to that I taught in post secondary schools for over 11 years, and also taught Excel in that role. I have my masters in education from CSU East Bay. I graduated in 2010 with my masters.

Microsoft Outlook

I really enjoy Outlook. I taught Outlook enterprise wide as part of the company's technology training at the place I worked last. Additionally, I went through Franklin Covey's certification workshop to get trained to use Outlook in teaching their Focus workshop at the time. I don't think they still have that exact workshop; however, the principles are still applicable. I am comfortable with Outlook and people would often stop by my desk and ask questions.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I taught PowerPoint classes in a post-secondary school environment for many years. I also taught PowerPoint in a corporate setting as well. Additionally, I've used PowerPoint many times to deliver presentations. PowerPoint is fun. There is much you can do with it, especially with the newer versions of Microsoft Office. You can make leaves fall off the tree. You can have the airplane fly across your page. You can add graphs, videos, charts, pictures, and control transitions and animations. Your viewer, the person benefiting from your PowerPoint presentation, does not have to own PowerPoint, as you can also pack up your presentation to present to even those without PowerPoint.

Microsoft Windows

MS Windows is a broad topic! However, I am very versatile with MS Windows. I worked over 16 years as the supervisor in the Information Systems Dept in a credit union. When people come to me needing help with Windows it's normally something to do with the way they are structuring their files, viewing their files, or other operational kinds of questions that involve the operating system. I am comfortable. If they get super complex, then I will be open with the individual and send them back to look for a tutor who does more of the programming or engineering aspects.

Microsoft Word

I love creating documents and helping people to make presentations that sing! I am Microsoft Expert Level certified in MS Word 2010. I am also comfortable with other versions. I really use Word almost every day. There is so much you can do with this software. I taught Word classes in both the corporate/enterprise environment in my last position where I worked for over 16 years.. I also taught Word classes at post-secondary technical schools. I taught in post secondary schools for over 11 years. I use Word constantly in my role as a Church Administrator and also in supporting our kids church program. If you do not understand how to use Word, I would love to help you. It's a great adventure!


Having a solid foundation in math is essential for students. I am currently tutoring students after school mostly in math and English. Students coming to me typically start by completing a diagnostic learning assessment on the computer. This testing process takes a number of hours to complete. Once completed though, it gives me a good indication of the student's level. I can then assign individual curriculum to better assist the student with filling in any math learning gaps. The curriculum I use one on one with the student is tailored to helping that particular individual. I find that math is pretty straight forward; however, there are basic concepts that the student needs to learn in order to succeed with math. Overall, it does take practice. I encourage the students to practice until the problems become easier to complete. With practice and proper instruction the student can feel more comfortable.


I enjoy both reading and writing. I have my masters degree in education. If a student is having a hard time with reading comprehension, then I have diagnostic software tools to assess the grade level of the student and also prescribed materials to assist the student.

I make use of the ACE curriculum which is excellent and effective in assisting students.

Study Skills

I have my Master of Science in Education from California State University East Bay. I find that I commonly share study skills and tips naturally while tutoring students. I can share note taking and outlining tips. Thought mapping is very helpful for capturing new information. Also, for students lacking focus or having difficulty being attentive while reading, there are some techniques that I can show them and work with them on. For some students, simply organizing their binder and folders makes a huge difference. After all, if they cannot find their papers, then no credit is received in the classroom. I find that teaching study skills and organizational types of skills help provide structure to the students' learning environment. These are also lifetime tools and habits that are really, really great especially when taught early.


It's amazing how writing a paragraph transforms into a masterpiece simply by selecting appropriate vocabulary words. I encourage students to first capture their thoughts on paper, then go back and see which words they can change to better portray the essence of their thoughts to their audience.

I do have special testing software that I use to diagnose vocabulary deficiencies. Curriculum is then selected for the student.


I write quite a bit. I write curriculum for our kids church currently. I also journal almost daily. I am use to writing and creating documents. I write devotionals and express my own thoughts on paper. Several years ago I took the time to write a computer related book and it got published by Prentice Hall. As far as my style goes, I tend to write in a simplistic form and consider my audience. I find that many people do not understand super long words, so I avoid using them unless I have time to explain the words. If you need some help with writing, just let me know! It takes patience and practice. It takes being gracious with yourself and allowing time for your thoughts to develop. You also need to be willing to rewrite parts or all of your paper or document until you, not just your readers, like it. Writing is something that is seemingly inescapable. We live in a technology savvy, information age in which writing is a key tool. Is it time for you to learn how to use this tool more effectively?

University of Texas, Arlington
California State University, East Bay (Hayward)


University of Texas, Arlington (Sociology)

California State University, East Bay (Hayward) (Master's)

Nancy is patient and persistent

She really cares about my kids and their education. She takes the time to know my kids and how they are motivated. I recommend her highly.

— Alexandra, Santa Ana, CA on 10/9/16

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Standard Hourly Rate: $45.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

I charge a flat fee of $45 per hour per person.

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