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About Joy

I hold two master's degrees -- one in applied mathematics, one in physics. I started teaching math in 1999. While many of the intervening years saw me as a part-time adjunct instructor of mathematics, I did enjoy a full-time appointment to the math faculty of Alabama A&M University for 5 of those years. I have also used my skills in industry and government, most notably at NASA and Intergraph.

I've taught just about every undergraduate math course and tutored some graduate ones, too. I started out teaching introductory statistics and probability for several semesters at Oakwood College (now Oakwood University). I have also taught at UAH, Strayer, and Calhoun. I am familiar with the undergrad curriculum. I've tutored students from schools all over north Alabama and even one or two from south-central Tennessee -- high school and college.

I have tutored students from pre-algebra to differential equations (and in an assortment of "off-road" courses like business calculus, statistics, discrete math, finance, graduate psychology statistics, etc.). Some students have followed me through their entire undergraduate career: trigonometry, calculus 1-2-3, differential equations, and linear algebra. High school students, too, have stayed with me from pre-algebra through two algebras and geometry into pre-calculus or even calculus. I foster loyalty by making the student a priority.

I also have a depth and breadth of experience that helps me help you figure many of the WHY's of the math you are tasked to learn, and I know the really salient points that you need to hang onto as you progress.

Drop me a line if you have any questions! I want to help.
I hold two master's degrees -- one in applied mathematics, one in physics. I started teaching math in 1999. While many of the intervening years saw me as a part-time adjunct instructor of mathematics, I did enjoy a full-time appointment to the math faculty of Alabama A&M University for 5 of those years. I have also used my skills in industry and Read more

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"Wonderful Teacher, Coach and Tutor"

- Kim, Deltona, FL on 10/27/15

"Knowledgeable and easy to talk to."

- Dana, Raleigh, NC on 11/18/17

"Encouraging and knowledgeable"

- Donna, Huntsville, AL on 7/24/17

"Excellent tutorand great help during my applications process!"

- Brynna, Huntsville, AL on 7/13/17

"Great Teacher"

- Jennifer, Huntsville, AL on 6/19/17

"Great calculus tutor"

- Cindy, Nolensville, TN on 4/28/17
Joy replied on 4/28/2017

Thanks for the (unsolicited) review, Cindy! It has been a real pleasure to work with your son and he clearly has an aptitude for this math. I do hope I get to work with him again, but either way, I'm sure he will be successful!


- Margaret, Huntsville, AL on 4/6/17

"Fantastic math. tutor! (GRE Math)"

- Bailey, Brownsboro, AL on 8/14/16

"Fantastic teacher"

- Beverly, Madison, AL on 7/25/16

"Symbolic logic proofs"

- Andrea, South Beach, OR on 6/15/16

"So helpful!"

- Katrell, Huntsville, AL on 3/4/16

"Would have failed without her"

- AJ, Madison, AL on 3/1/16

"A true educator"

- Frederick, Huntsville, AL on 2/26/16

"Understanding and Helpful Tutor"

- Syed, Hoffman Estates, IL on 1/11/16


- Paula, Huntsville, AL on 12/21/15

"Very helpful and really knows her stuff"

- Anson, Huntsville, AL on 11/12/15

"Great Tutor!"

- Caitlin, Ramsey, NJ on 10/22/15

"Good tutor, knowledgable and good at explanation."

- Seth, Huntsville, AL on 10/15/15

"Kind and helpful tutor"

- Melissa, Huntsville, AL on 10/12/15

"Great Tutor!"

- Tucker, Tuscaloosa, AL on 7/9/15

"Knowledgeable and very helpful"

- Terri, Huntsville, AL on 6/15/15

"Awesome teacher. Easy to work with."

- Richard, Hazel Green, AL on 3/27/15


- Connie, Huntsville, AL on 3/20/15

"Great tutor"

- Heather, Danville, AL on 2/16/15

"Helped improve daughter's math ACT score"

- Doris, Huntsville, AL on 10/13/14

"Great Tutor"

- Patricia, Owens Cross Roads, AL on 8/21/14

"Great tutor who really made a difference"

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"Extremely helpful and friendly!"

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"Great Tutor!"

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"Excellent Math Tutor - Book Her While You Can!"

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"Very Happy"

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"Excellent tutor!"

- Cynthia, Madison, AL on 1/17/13

"The Best Tutor in North Alabama"

- William, Decatur, AL on 1/17/13
Joy replied on 1/17/2013

Thank you so much, Will, and may I say that it is even more important that your future endeavors are profitable and full of luck!!!

"Great Tutor"

- Rose, Toney, AL on 1/4/13

"You won't fine a better tutor!"

- Denise, Huntsville, AL on 8/28/12

"Great Tutor!"

- Nicholle, Madison, AL on 6/16/12

"AWESOME Math Tutor!!! Excellent results!!!"

- Andrea, Huntsville, AL on 6/9/12
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ACT Math

I have worked with quite a few students the past few years on ACT Math test prep, and my students have been doing well I'm happy to say. I have my own material and welcome other material from the student also. I like to work a lot of questions pinpointing and alleviating weakness and finding time saving strategies.

Algebra 1

Algebra I is the time to lay a strong foundation for so many techniques that you will see and use again and again. That goes all the way through calculus. Get strong solving simpler equations, and understand concepts especially as they apply to those abstract objects: the variable!

Algebra 2

You'll use again everything you learned in Algebra I and then learn how to use those things in subtler and more sophisticated ways. Your abstract thinking will improve and your problem solving skills will grow.


I have taught Calculus I/A and Calculus II/B and Calculus III/C at the university level many times now. I LOVE the opportunity and challenge of helping students with their calculus. I have lots of experience here, so I really think I can help!

Differential Equations

As a long-time teacher of calculus at the university level, a holder of a specialty in partial differential equations at the master's level in mathematics, and a master's of physics which applied differential equations extensively, I do believe I could help someone with their differential equations! Summer 2016 I got to teach a first course in undergraduate ordinary differential equations - - it was a blast - - and I'm ever more prepared now to help you.

Discrete Math

I have taught Discrete Math once at the freshman level, and I have taught Finite Math several times. In fact, I was a champion of curriculum reform at one university where I was teaching in order to bring a Discrete Math course into our courses. Needless to say, not only do I know a lot about the topics in Discrete Math, but I also enjoy those topics!

Finite Math

I have taught Finite Math at the University level several times. I love the way this course is structured - - many topics - - something for everyone. But I can help students through the parts that are not enjoyable and get them to the place that is!


Lately I have been helping high school students and a GMAT student with their geometry. I really enjoy it! As a mathematician with an analysis bent, I can help to understand how to construct a SOLID proof ... plus the calculations are FUN, too.

I actually taught one section of a graduate Geometry course for teachers at the university level, too. And having taught linear algebra gives me even more insight into the usefulness of geometry ASIDE from an exercise at proof construction. 8-)


I really love the DIFFERENT forms of math questions you find on the GRE these days. You need to develop a fluidity in your problem solving that includes the demands of each different setting you see in the GRE. I really enjoy these thoughtful questions.

Linear Algebra

I can help with the following linear algebra topics, among others: the basics of solving systems of equations using matrices, determinants, eigenvalue equations, linear transformations, linear independence, and bases and dimension, orthogonalization, and normalization. I am ready to help with proofs, too! I have taught linear algebra and tutored many students successfully for linear algebra, too.


I have taught logic in many different courses many, many times over these last twelve years or so! Logic was a part of the graduate geometry class I taught and the remedial graduate math class I helped design. I was even helping a home-schooled high school student with logic problems just this past week.

I really enjoy teaching logic because it is a NEW set of symbols and many students look at them with no pre-conceived notions, no baggage like many people have with subjects like algebra. It's a chance at a FRESH start and fun and success in a really different aspect of math (that is, nonetheless, fundamentally what math is all about).

Physical Science

I hold a master's degree in physics. I especially like these physics classes that are not computationally dense - - it is really great fun to think about reality and how we can predict it and observe it further and draw links between concept and observation!


When Alabama started requiring math teachers pass the Praxis, I was teaching at a local university full time in the math department ... and I volunteered to go sit for the exam myself and report to the department on it.

Not only did I sit the exam, not only did I write a report for my department, and not only did I do well enough on it to get an unsolicited commendation from the Praxis committee, but I also went on to offer prep classes for students at my university for the math portion of the Praxis. I feel very qualified to continue doing so!


Okay, my algebra skills are pretty solid (but I had to work hard to get them that way -- I understand YOU because I once was struggling too). So I get to teach Precalculus Algebra (and Trig) a lot. BUT at least as important is the fact that I also teach and have taught CALCULUS a lot! So I really know what you really need to know and why in order to go from PreCal into Calculus with the best toolset!


Probability is NOT intuitive. I find this subject challenging -- so I understand where the student is coming from -- this stuff is NOT self-evident. Let's work through the twists and turns together -- we'll both benefit.


I've taught Introductory Statistics and Probability classes several times at two different local universities! I, too, was AFRAID of statistics until I taught it -- it's totally do-able -- not to mention INTERESTING! Honestly, statistics is an area that every good citizen should be getting themselves educated in! So That You Cannot Be Fooled By Statistics Ever Again!


One of the first undergraduate math courses I taught was trigonometry and I have taught at least two sections of trig every year in the intervening 10 years or so. I really enjoy trig, and with my heavy calculus background, I really know what you need to take away from trig to your next course and why. I also have enough experience to see where problems occur and good ways to help straighten them out! 8-)

Agnes Scott College


Agnes Scott College (French)

UAH (Master's)

UAH (Master's)

Wonderful Teacher, Coach and Tutor

Joy really knows what she's doing. No matter what question or homework problem I had, it only took her a moment to explain and answer it thoroughly and, best of all, help me to finally understand it, as well! She is patient, caring, and smart, and the things she said helped me complete the rest of my homework--even the material we didn't cover together. I'll be coming back to her again, and I h

— Kim, Deltona, FL on 10/27/15

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If you refer new students to me, I will give you a reduction in your rate.

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