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Liz V.

Wantagh, NY

Ms. Liz Physical Ed., Special Ed. Teacher of Blind


I am a New York State Certified Teacher in Physical Education, Special Education, Health Education and Teacher of the Blind. I completed a certificate program in Deaf Studies at Hofstra University's... read more

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Jessica W.

Camden Wyoming, DE

Making learning fun!


My name is Jessie and I make learning fun. The way I make learning fun is I apply it to every day life instead of just reading a textbook. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual, but we are... read more

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Britni W.

Selinsgrove, PA

Multiple subject tutor for an affordable price!


...The best part of tutoring for me is watching a student grow to love a subject that in the past they once resented. I would have to say the thing that makes me qualified to teach braille is that... read more

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Patience P.

Rosedale, MD

Tutoring Services - Nights/Weekends


Hello! My name is Patience P. and I am a highly qualified and certified teacher in Maryland. I am currently working full-time at Sheppard Pratt Health Systems as a blended classroom teacher. I am looking... read more

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Ebony S.

Baltimore, MD

Hello, my name is Ebony. I am a diligent worker. I love teaching!


...'ve loved learning since before I could walk. I'm really observant, and I grasp things quickly. I'm totally blind, and fluent in braille. I'm an avid reader; English was my favorite subject in grade... read more

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