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Top 5 Baltimore, MD Calculus tutors

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Lutherville Timonium, MD Tutoring Tutoring
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Cornelia M.

Lutherville Timonium, MD

Expert Trig Tutor

Many students are exposed to Trigonometry in Algebra II and Geometry classes. You will learn all about sin, cos, tan and more! Let me help you gain a strong knowledge of Trig. Next to calculus, this was my favorite class in High School! read more

5.0 (856)

2,155 hours tutoring

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Baltimore, MD Tutoring Tutoring
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Grace O.

Baltimore, MD

Essay Expert and High School Tutor

My skills definitely are aligned towards the humanities, in particular writing has always been my strong point. Math, however, has always come naturally to me, and I could likely help with anything up to basic calculus. I edit essays for... read more

4.9 (54)

199 hours tutoring

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Severna Park, MD Tutoring Tutoring
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Joe P.

Severna Park, MD

Experienced College Calculus Instructor

I taught as an Adjunct Instructor at the United States Naval Academy teaching Calculus I and was also employed by the Naval Academy as a tutor for Precalculus, Calculus I, and Calculus II. I continue to teach one section of... read more

4.9 (320)

403 hours tutoring Calculus out of 997 hours

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John T.

Ellicott City, MD

Doctoral-level tutoring for Maths, Stats, Sciences, SAT/ACT, and GRE

**************************************************************** Thursdays 3-4p slot opening up next week. Otherwise, I mainly have time during the weekday mornings and early afternoons for university students and adult learners. Contact me for... read more

4.9 (784)

2,730 hours tutoring

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Baltimore, MD Tutoring Tutoring
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Jeffery H.

Baltimore, MD

PhD Level Tutor in Calculus and advanced Mathematics

Calculus in one of my favorite subjects to tutor. As a Physicist, and even as a software engineer, I have had a long acquaintance with both analytical and numerical methods in Calculus, and in teaching and explaining them to others.... read more

4.9 (154)

15 hours tutoring Calculus out of 571 hours

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A Few calculus Tutor Qualifications

I have tutored calculus to high school students for the past 4 years. I scored a 5 on the BC Calculus exam, had got an A in calculus 3 in college.
Kevin C.
I have a strong background in Calculus due to the extensive use in my Engineering undergraduate and a lot when teaching Physics. As part of my Mathematics degree I took two additional courses that went into the concepts behind calculus and proving each of the theorems. This has given me a strong understanding of the material and allowed me to explain each of the concepts to students in multiple ways. Calculus is a common subject I have encountered while working in tutoring centers and tutoring privately over the years. I really enjoy Calculus and would be glad to help you better understand the material!
Daniel T.
As a student, I received excellent grades in Calculus and differential equations in college, and as an electrical engineer, I have had years of experience applying those concepts. I am able to teach difficult math concepts by relating them to everyday concepts with which the student is familiar. Whether you need help to keep up with your class, prepare for an upcoming test, or qualify for AP credit, I can help you reach your goal.I have experience teaching Calculus to high school students, college students, and to students who need to complete math courses to qualify for graduate and business programs.
Isaac C.
I have taught Calculus in several major universities where I live.
John B.
I have not only taken the standard 1 year course in calculus, but I have also taken multivariate calculus and differential equations which uses calculus extensively.
Elijah C.
I helped many students with some of the hardest topics such as the manipulation of the double and triple integral to polar, Cylindrical and Spherical coordinates and their application to find the surface of Area and the second moment (moment of Inertia).
Mahamadou D.
I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and I have also taken additional calculus classes beyond what was required for the math major. I enjoy calculus very much and even prepared a helpful handout for my high school calculus class. The teacher was thrilled with it, and I was awarded a Distinguished Citizenship Award by the high school principle for my efforts. In all of the calculus classes I have been in, I was a go-to person for other students seeking help; I used to make extra trips to our college computer lab to hep other students with homework, and they indicated that I was of great help to them. I also scored a 4 (exceptional) on the Calculus ACT exam.
Timothy B.
I took this course in college and I received an A as well. Since then I have taken up to calculus 3. So I have a quite in depth understanding of the fundamentals and the application of calculus. I have also tutored this course to multiple of my peers and anyone who looks for hep. I have just finished my minor in applied mathematics.
Jose O.
Calculus seems very intimidating to first time students and having tutored several other students and several other peers, I feel more than confident. Calculus will focus on limits and derivatives practically. It's a heavily example based class and there are a lot of examples to choose from. I really enjoy explaining the topic first, then having you do an example, see where you have questions, explain once more, and then you'll definitely get the hang of it. I certainly intend to answer every single question because there will be a lot of iffy concepts and that's why I'm here.
Caelon B.
As am electrical engineering major calculus was critical. We went beyond calculus and into differential equations and applications. But what makes me a good tutor on the subject is my ability to break it down into simple words when needed and challenge the learn the other times. I have served as a calculus coach at the high school level and have tutored many calculus courses including calculus I, II, III and business calc.
Gil C.

Other calculus Requests From Students Like You

I am looking for tutoring for my High School Senior for his calculus class. We are looking for someone twice a week for a while and maybe back off to one week when he gets up to speed.
Bonnie M.
I need help with my calculus 3 homework. I am working with triple integrals to find center of mass, midpoint approximation, and volume.
NOthingmp i.
My son is a student at Southern Methodist University and is taking calculus 2. He needs a tutor knowledgeable about calculus and trig in the vicinity of SMU / university park.
Mike V.
I am a high school student looking for tutoring in calculus before I go to college.
Akash S.
I am a high school student, a senior. I am taking the AP Calculus test soon and I need a tutor who can help.
Celine D.