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Word Problem Answers  

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This number has a 9 in the thousandths place And a 1in the ones place. The total sum of the digits is 17. There are no 3's or 5's and all of the digits are greater than 0. The smallest digit is in...

There are 250 pounds on the left side of a barbell and 150 pounds on the right side. Suppose that you must balance the scale by adding 5 pound weights to the left side and exactly the same number...

At what annual interest rate musts $2500 be invested for three years in order to yield $412.50 in simple interest? Do you not round the decimals to percent, change the decimals to percent and write...

Tommy has taken a job in which he earns $1 on the first day of the month, $2 on the second day, $3 on the third, and so on. How much money will he earn in the month of October with 31 days?

A farmer had some ducks and cows in the field. He sent his children out to count the number of animals. Jean counted 50 heads. Charles counted 154 legs. How many of each kind were counted?

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