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Math Question Hard Probability

There are 3 urns, each containing 2 balls. One urn has 1 black ball & 1 white ball. Another: 2 white balls. The third: 2 black balls. The urns are labeled but through a mix-up all of the labels...

Physics Help

A heat pump is used to keep a house warm at 22 degrees Celsius.   (a) How much work is required of the pump to deliver 2900 J of heat into the house if the outdoor temperature is 0 degrees...

Statistics Question

If a specimen is weighed 8 times on a scale.  σ = 0.001.  The average weight is 4.1602 grams.  A 99% confidence interval for the true weight of this specimen would be?

Statistic question?

If we have an SRS of 1600 students and the sample mean = 148.  Compare with an SRS of 900 students with the margin of error for a 95% confidence interval of µ is ?  the answer should be...

Roofing a home

  One roofing crew can finish a 2,800-sqaure-foot roof in 12 hours, and another crew can do the job in 10 hours. If they work together, can they finish before a predicted rain in 5 hours...

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