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"Welcome to WyzAnt! Let me tell you about our company." — Andrew Geant, CEO, Co-founder

WyzAnt is the leading tutoring marketplace on the web with 78,000+ tutors offering private lessons in hundreds of subjects like math, science, test prep, foreign languages, music, computers and much more.

Hello! My name's Drew and I'm pleased that you've found WyzAnt. Since 2005, tutors and students have been connecting through WyzAnt for a personalized learning experience. Here's how we got started . . . After graduating college, I became a math tutor. Looking for ways to promote my services online, I quickly realized that there wasn't an easy way for tutors to connect with local students. With that idea in mind I turned to my friend and fellow Princeton grad, Mike. With some big ideas and Mike's super web development skills, we co-founded and built Over the last ten years, millions of parents and students have turned to WyzAnt for their educational needs. The tutors, students and parents who use our site form an amazing, vibrant WyzAnt community.

Mike and I, along with the rest of the WyzAnt team, are driven to make it ridiculously easy for people to find and hire great tutors. We're equally committed to giving independent tutors a professional platform to promote their services and acquire new customers. Best of all, the result of these two objectives is learning! What better business to be in than one that promotes education?

Accomplishing our mission is incredibly important to us, but so is the way we go about it. That means running our business in a way that is fair to our customers, providing awesome customer support, and also giving back to the community along the way.

Welcome to WyzAnt and happy tutoring!

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See what students have to say

See what students have to say

See what tutors have to say

See what tutors have to say

My experiences with WyzAnt tutors have been very positive. The tutors that I've used through the site have been extremely knowledgeable and have been super helpful. They are both really nice people as well. I'm very satisfied with WyzAnt and their staff.

- Marty from Brookwood, AL