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Answer. Impress. Convert.

Ask An Expert is more than homework help. We designed it to be a powerful content publishing tool that helps improve your student conversion. Students that land at Ask An Expert are searching for help they can trust; by openly demonstrating your subject prowess, as well as how you communicate and approach problems, you provide what students need to feel confident about reaching out to you to a book lesson.

Now that you’re familiar with how to navigate and use Ask An Expert, here’s more about how leveraging its arsenal of student engagement tools can help you convert more students into lessons.

Jump-start your business

Nobody wants to feel like your “first” student. They want to know that you’ve worked with other people, and how those lessons went. This kind of “proof” most commonly takes the form of reviews or testimonials.

New tutors who don’t have many hours or reviews can build their profile by honing in on answering questions related to their main subjects. Visitors to your profile can scroll through the “Examples of Expertise” section to see your Ask An Expert answers, which appears above ‘Ratings and Reviews.’


This provides potential new students all the proof they need to feel comfortable asking for more personalized lessons. Conversion often means creating a consistent, unified message across all outlets. Why not seize the opportunity to begin defining your style and substance from the very start?

Show, don’t tell

Your “Examples of Expertise” carousel defaults to display your most recent answers, with video answers always presented more prominently. Students can click the link below the carousel to see all of your Ask An Expert content anytime.


Ask An Expert’s video answers are powered by Wyzant’s online tool, so each one is a personalized ad for your unique brand of tutoring. Use video answers to demonstrate your mastery of the Wyzant online tool (or practice using it) and set the tone for the kind of sessions your students can count on.

They’re hosted on YouTube, where anyone - not just students at Ask An Expert - can view, so take advantage of the built-in audience to greatly expand your reach. You can easily grab links to your video answers share, include in your applications on the Jobs board, use as examples for a student who’s having a similar struggle, or otherwise integrate into your branding.

Be your brand

To be a successful tutor, students need to see your skill as something they cannot get from someone else. The single best way to articulate your worth in an uber-competitive marketplace like Wyzant is to develop a personal brand that sets you apart from other tutors.

Your brand is a promise to potential students that helps them derive the value of your tutoring, and what ultimately motivates their choice between you and another tutor with similar qualifications.

Utilizing video answers as your primary method of contact with new students at Ask An Expert provides an incalculably valuable opportunity for students to “audit” your brand. Consider the impact that seeing, hearing, and watching you in action can have on a student’s judgment of how your tutoring fits their needs.

Students hire tutors who make them feel they can achieve their goals, and are looking for someone to welcome, teach, and challenge them. Keep this in mind when answering questions at Ask An Expert, and consider three actionable details in your answers:


How do you approach a problem, and what can you offer to students outside of just a quick answer? Here’s a great example of an answer that demonstrates Philip P.’s ability to break down the elements of a word problem and explain them with unmistakable clarity.



What’s your “voice” and what does it convey about your personality, tutoring style and approach? Mark B., below, establishes a clear voice, which goes a long way in helpfully explaining an algebra problem.



Does your answer leave students more confident in their own ability than before? Would it entice the student to reach out for more help? Check out how J.R.’s answer below helped a student realize they’d been on the right track all along, which piqued their curiosity about booking a lesson.


See, be seen

For your brand to be effective, you need to get your profile in front of as many potential students as possible. The most effective way to do that is to contribute to questions at Ask An Expert. It bears repeating that the nature of the Wyzant community is competitive, and contributing to students’ success in Ask An Expert helps ensure all of your prospective students are able to make better informed decisions about their own needs…and how you can help. After all, your profile won’t get you far if no one finds it.

Word of mouth is one of a tutor’s most effective marketing tools, and what students you’ve impressed via Ask An Expert say about you will ultimately have an effect on your conversion. Ask An Expert is a forum open to any student, meaning there’s no limit to the number of clients who might discover your brand.