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Cal State Dominguez Hills
Mathematics with an Education Option


Cal State Dominguez Hills (Mathematics with an Education Option)

About Alex

I have had years of experience working with students and I am very family friendly (economically friendly as well). I am also about a man of promises.

I never charge over an estimated time regardless of how much time over I require and if I am under estimate, then I charge only that much.

Second, I want students to not only do math, I feel that it should be rooted in "real life".

Finally, tutors should be proactive with their students and vice versa. Tutors are meant to give students the attention they need outside of class. Tutors are not a burden, they are usually the stepping stone needed to build confidence in the field of their specialty.

This is my Tutoring Philosophy. If you agree with my philosophy please message back to schedule your first session.

Prior Teaching and Tutoring Experience:
I have taught for the East Los Angeles Community College's Escalante Program at Nightingale High School in Los Angeles for struggling Algebra and Pre-Algebra Students (6th to 8th Grade students), tutored at Cypress College Math Learning Center for 4 years as a drop-in tutoring center for everything from Algebra to Calculus 2 including Statistics and Finite Mathematics, Pace Academy of Cypress as a tutor for 5th graders to high school seniors for 2 years, Private Tutoring a wide variety of students for 4+ years and working at DL Academy as a 6th graders to high school seniors tutor for the last year. My expertise leads me to help students in a manner that shows students conceptual values above that of procedural values. The Common Core Curriculum was an area of study during my senior year of my undergraduate degree. My studies have also lead me to study a wide variety of textbooks from Pearson to McGraw Hill to help widen my understanding of Mathematics.

Tutoring Face-To-Face:
Most students find this form of tutoring beneficial because they feel that that they are going to get all of the tutors attention during that point in time. I believe this to be true as well, but I will not give out the notes that I write during a tutoring session. I want the students to make their own version of notes with their own annotations and I will walk them through every step of the way before proceeding on to a new topic. Making your own notes during any a session will reinforce the concept. Reinforcing the concept makes reviewing the concept much easier to study in the future.

Tutoring Online:
I love tutoring online. First I have invested in a Surface 3 to make working with the whiteboard easier. Second I have worked a significant amount of hours with the Wyzant's Online Whiteboard. Many of the testimonials on my Wyzant are from students that I have tutored online. Just like with tutoring Face-to-Face it is the responsibility of the student to make their own notes. Furthermore there are more items to work with online that make tutoring look very much like someone is working straight out of a textbook.

For Parents and Legal Guardians:
I give a free hour interview session that must involve your student. Not only to do I have to earn your trust but I want to make sure that we all acknowledge the same goals for your student. Furthermore I love to give to-do lists to the students during the week. Also my methods involve a lot of flexibility due to my exposure with multiple college professors, I know what methods to use and when not to use them to make your students life easier. I will never force my methods on a student but, I will make sure they can verify their work before they leave the session. I have no issues with helping a student getting ahead of a class, so long as they prove they are studying at home as well.

For College Students:
I work for colleges every semester and more importantly I know the stresses of being an undergraduate. I give a half hour free mock tutoring session. The majority of my time is spent with college students and working along side professors. Each session is catered specifically to what you want and trying to get you ahead of your professor. If you feel that you do not have enough information to complete an assignment, I have no problem condensing a weeks worth of lectures to a hour and a half. Trust me, with the amount of students I see daily, it is not uncommon for someone to arrive stating "I seem to be missing a topic, what is it?".

Personal Tutoring Policies for All Students

1. All appointments must be booked at least 24 in advance and are subject to availability.
2. Tutoring can be done in a public location or online.
3. All tutoring times are subject to availability
4. All tutoring times will be confirmed via text or email along with a calendar reminder.
5. Cancellation within 24 hour notice will result in a 1 hour cancellation fee regardless of total assigned time to session.
I have had years of experience working with students and I am very family friendly (economically friendly as well). I am also about a man of promises.

I never charge over an estimated time regardless of how much time over I require and if I am under estimate, then I charge only that much.

Second, I want students to not only
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36 hours notice required

My rate also offer night time emergency sessions, basic homework help during the week and several other economically friendly policies that parents love.

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"Really cares"

- Grace, Highland, CA on 1/21/17
Alex replied on 2/26/2017

And we will continue to keep your daughter striving for the highest path possible :)

"Patient, Knowledgeable, Very Nice & On Time!"

- Tresa, Rancho Cucamonga, CA on 8/23/17

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Shelley, San Juan Capistrano, CA on 2/27/17

"Very Informative and easy to understand."

- Bert, Riverside, CA on 11/14/16

"Fantastic tutor"

- Mariam, Rancho Cucamonga, CA on 10/15/16

"Patient and dedicated"

- Susan, Highland, CA on 9/21/16
Alex replied on 9/27/2016

Your daughter has done a significant amount of work. She understands the need to communicate and the need to progress effectively in school. I am naught more than a catalyst.

"Not Like Most Tutors"

- Danielle, Corona, CA on 9/21/16

"Satisfied customer"

- Kim, Riverside, CA on 9/17/16
Alex replied on 9/27/2016

Thank you very much. I hope that we have a lasting and beneficial reationship

"A Math Wizard!"

- Adebayo, Keller, VA on 9/9/16
Alex replied on 9/19/2016

You sir are an amazing character. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

"A Math Hero!"

- Jacob and Victoria, Rancho Cucamonga, CA on 9/4/16
Alex replied on 9/6/2016

Thank you so much. I love working with both Jacob and Victoria.

"Smart and friendly mentor."

- Myphyla, Aliso Viejo, CA on 7/27/15

"Engaged tutor, patient with lapses in memory"

- Peyton, Murrieta, CA on 7/6/15

"Great Tutor! Worked Magic!"

- Lisa, Oak Park, IL on 3/22/15

"Great tutor"

- Vicky, Riverside, CA on 3/22/15

"My good tutor"

- Mary, Colorado City, TX on 2/23/15

"Great tutor"

- Maria, Riverside, CA on 2/5/15
Alex replied on 2/8/2015

Thank you, you have been a great student in return. You have followed my advice down to the letter, and have aspired to exceed your own expectations. I will enjoy our time together.


- Carolljane, Westminster, CA on 2/14/14
Proofreading, Writing
Special Needs:
Elementary Math
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math,
Homeschool, Writing

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

I have observed multiple professors from Cypress Community College and their techniques in Algebra 1. This class involves several of my favorite subjects from word problems, factoring, linear mathematics, and radicals.

This class I believe is fundamental to all student learning in mathematics and I will do whatever I can to help the student pass this class with knowledge leading into future mathematics.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is a complex subject because it requires that the student hold knowledge from previous years. Not only do they have to hold the knowledge but they are expected to take it to an extreme. Conics, trigonometry, unit circles, graphing, rational expression evaluations, binomial theorems, matrices and summations, I have done them all.

I believe that students who take this class and want to progress onto calculus want to know why they use the above stated items. Not only do I emphasize the topic at hand, but I also tell students why they want to know their topic.


After the fall semester of 2013, I just completed my first semester of Calculus at CSUDH and I have also taken a Business Calculus at Cypress Community College. This has allowed for fortified knowledge of derivatives, curve sketching through the use of derivatives, related rates etc.

All these pre specified items are essential to a calculus student and items that I love to work with.

Furthermore, Calculus 2 students enjoy my knowledge involving finding the volume/surface areas of curves being rotated about an axis, series, sequences, and parametric graphing.

Overall my Calculus knowledge is practiced and fortified.

Elementary Math

I have also tutored at Pace Academy Of Cypress for 1.5 years in the following subjects: 5th Grade Math, 6th Grade Math, Magnet School Prep., PreAlgebra, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and PreCalculus.


Geometry has been all about proofing. More importantly it is about what you can figure out given the least amount of information. I feel that Geometry is a journey through a realm of underappreciated mathematics. Regardless if your geometry is Euclidean (2 column proofing) or Transformational (reflections, translation and rotations), I am your man.


Pre-Algebra more commonly referred to as 6th grade mathematics tends to be a difficult topic for some. Here we are introducing students to topics involving variables and told it is an unknown. Many of the students who approach me tend to have the same issue of finding this "unknown".

I help students understand how this unknown has been used in their thinking for years. Not only that, I have helped several students understand how to use their previous experiences in mathematics to cater to their issue in this level of math.

In short anyone who has had experience with a check book, handling cash, cooking or anything involving numbers - I can assist them easily and in a clear concise manner.


Precalculus is a combined class of Algebra 2 and Trigonometry. The trigonometry, I love to pieces and have found methods for simplifying trig graphing as well as polar coordinates. More importantly by finding students soon enough and isolating their algebraic needs, it is easier to help them with their trigonometry. Within a couple of hours, I have students plotting almost all forms of basic trigonometry graphs and stating how each addition to the formula affects its shape.


I have been a Cypress Community College tutor of Introduction to Probability And Statistics for 3+ Years. I've tutored: Standard Deviations, Linear Regression, Probability, Independent and Dependent
Z, T, Chi Square Tests, Probability, Discrete Distributions, Sampling Distributions, Tests of Homogeneity, Tests of Independence, and ANOVA.

I have tutored all of these subjects for years at Cypress College, and will continue to do so.


Trigonometry is another underappreciated level of mathematics usually tied up in pre-calculus or algebra 2. Trigonometry on its own is a challenge for three direct reasons. First, the student usually does not know how to interpret the unit circle effectively. Second, the student does not know how to graph trig functions effectively. Finally, the student usually does not know how to interpret what an inverse trig function means. Unless a student has a decent foundation in each of those areas, they will struggled on the final. Thankfully, I am proficient in every single on of these area.

Cal State Dominguez Hills
Mathematics with an Education Option


Cal State Dominguez Hills (Mathematics with an Education Option)

Really cares

Shows that he cares for students to be successful. He is a brilliant teacher and teaches different strategies for solving problems. He is very dependable. Easy to relate to.

— Grace, Highland, CA on 1/21/17

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $45.00

Cancellation: 36 hours notice required

My rate also offer night time emergency sessions, basic homework help during the week and several other economically friendly policies that parents love.

Travel policy

Alex will travel within 40 miles of San Bernardino, CA 92404.