Peoria, AZ Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) tutoring job

posted on: 3/2/13

Job description

I have a 10 yr. old with autism who was raised with floortime techniques. We have started aba therapy in November but I am not so happy with the agency that I chose. My kiddo is not verbal and uses aug com communication. He has been home schooled. I am looking for direction and hands on teaching to help him transition to school in the Fall. My kiddo gets sick easily so I have all workers wash hands and wear clean socks, no shoes, no smokers. While I try to provide a family environment I cannot allow employees to text while working with my son. I need a responsible, focused, hard worker who knows where to go next and is willing to work hard.

- Susan from Peoria, AZ
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– Gregory G, Los Angeles, CA
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