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Essay by Adan in Las Vegas, NV

My Parent's Precious Feet

My parents had it difficult. If you think about the American dream that was what they were hoping for when they prearranged a future in the US. My parents, while in Mexico, heard a plethora of stories which stated, “those who go to the US make money so easily they basically sweep it off the streets.” They both had the intention of coming to the US to have an improved life for their future families. After my parent's first rendezvous in Las Vegas, they soon got married and raised a family. Both speaking no English, they made it work. They each had to work two jobs so we had ends meet. My mother and father would come home from work with low back pain and foot pain. Subsequently, they would ask if I could take their shoes off and massage their feet. The first time I saw my parent’s feet I wanted to rip my heart out because of how battered they looked. From that point on I would massage them without asking and, they reciprocated with the biggest smile in the world. I wanted to find ways to heal those who had chronic pain. Early on, I decided to intern with a Physical Therapist. It confirmed my desire to assist those in pain; there I saw mountains of miracles. In one case, I worked alongside a patient who could not walk at all because of an ankle surgery. After months of difficult labor, perspiration, and motivation this patient walked again. Words could not describe the happiness I felt when I saw his accomplished smile. I spotted my parents smile in that man that day. With the knowledge I’ve learned, I have been helping my parents. I’m eager to start PT school within the next two years and transform lives.

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