How to Get Votes for the Wyzant Scholarship

Find out 6 important ways to promote your essay and get more votes.

Each vote you get for your essay gives you a better chance at being a finalist and winner. The best way to get votes is to continually promote your essay to as many people as you can. Here are 6 tips to make it easy:

Send the Right Message to the Right Place

Right after you publish your essay, you’ll see a bunch of ways to share it with other people. You can send your essay out into the world by:

  • Sharing on social media like Google+, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Texting your unique link from your phone
  • Sending an email to anyone in your address book

One thing that will help you promote your essay is giving your audience some details about why you want to win the scholarship or what it means for you to go to college. Also you may want to include some information about the person who inspires you too. Just one or two sentences can pique someone’s interest and make them want to read your essay.

Add a Hashtag

Make it easier for people to find you by adding hashtags to your postings on social media. The official hashtag of the 2017 Wyzant Scholarship contest is:


When you add hashtags, our network of tutors and students will be able to find your posting on social media and–hopefully–will vote for you. Wyzant is the world’s leading tutoring network with millions of users. We will be promoting the contest throughout our social media channels. Make sure your essay is included in our promotions!

Get a Little Help From Your Friends

The easiest way to get votes is to ask other people to also share your essay. Social media makes this a cinch to do. Besides posting the unique link to your essay and asking for votes, you can also ask your friends and family to re-post that link on their own social media accounts, so you can reach even more people.

Make sure your settings on Facebook and Google+ allow your postings to be shared publicly to reach people you aren’t connected to. You can also ask your family members and close friends to share your link by sending an email or text.

Stay on Top

Your friends have busy lives and could easily miss your post on social media. That’s why, it’s important to get back to the top of their feed every few weeks. When you re-post your essay on social media, it helps to change the message you send along with it, to make it look fresh and interesting.

Ideas on how to refresh the message you post about your essay:

  1. Make them curious with a cliffhanger

    Examples: “Find out who inspired me” or “I just wrote about my biggest inspiration. You’ll never guess who it is”

  2. Tug on their heartstrings–just a little

    Example: “It’s my dream to go to college, help me make it happen.”

  3. Be a little funny

    Example: “I’m giving out free hugs to anyone who votes for me.”

  4. Tell them how easy it is

    Example: “It only takes 1 minute to vote for me!”

Email Your Existing Contacts

When you complete your essay, you’ll be able to get a unique link that takes people directly to your essay page, so they can vote for you. You can also send an email right from our website. We make it easy, so you don’t even need to type in addresses. Just select the email program you use, like Gmail or Outlook, to access your address book.

Keep Your Phone Handy

You can also text yourself a link, so you have it on hand and can send it to anyone you know with a mobile phone. Texting is also a good way to contact people who aren’t on social media too!