How to get votes for the Wyzant Scholarship Contest

Six ways to promote your essay and get more votes.

You’ve submitted 300 perfectly crafted words of scholarship-worthy gold and now it’s time to make it known. Of the 20 finalists selected during the first round of voting, 10 will be determined based on highest number of votes from the community. This means that with every vote your essay receives, your chance of automatically proceeding to the final round increases. If this, then that. Get it, got it, good.

Here are six tips for effectively and efficiently raking in those essay votes:

  1. Send the right message to the right place

    Right after you publish your essay, you’ll be provided with a number of ways in which to share it out, including:

    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
    • Text
    • Email

    When sending out your unique link via any of the above channels, it’ll be helpful to provide context to your audience. The more they understand why the scholarship is important to you, the more likely they are to take the time to show their support with a vote, and possibly even distribute it out to their own social circles. Maybe this scholarship will allow you to attend a school you had originally thought was out of reach? Maybe you’ve become fed up with your current career and need a change? Maybe you were unable to finish college the first time around and are ready for a second chance? Whatever the reason may be, give it life and share your story.

  2. Add a hashtag

    Make it easier for people to find your unique link on social media by distinguishing them with a specific hashtag(s). The official hashtag of the Wyzant Scholarship contest is—well, you guessed it: #WyzantScholarship

    Including the official hashtag in your postings also allows our network of tutors and students to interact with your unique essay link and encourage more votes. We will be promoting the contest throughout our social media channels, so look for posts to interact with throughout the duration of the application period (September 28, 2017 - May 31, 2018).

  3. Get by with a little help from your friends

    You share, they share, we share—everyone shares. Ask your family, friends, classmates, co-workers, and anyone else willing to listen to spread the love by sharing your essay out on their own networks. Social media makes this step a cinch because a) you’ll have a unique link that’ll point every click to your essay and b) social media. Make sure your settings on Facebook allow for your postings to be shared publicly in order to reach people you aren’t necessarily connected to. You can also ask your family members and close friends to share your link by sending them an email or text.

  4. Be persistent

    Your friends have busy lives and with an abundance of recipe and kitten videos to watch on the daily, they could easily miss your posts on Facebook and/or Twitter. That’s why it’s important to stay top of mind with check-ins every month.

  5. Email your existing contacts

    When you submit your essay, you’ll receive a unique link that takes people directly to your essay page for voting. You can also send an email directly from our website. We make it easy, so you don’t even need to type in addresses. Just select the email program you use, like Gmail or Outlook, to access your address book.

  6. Keep your phone handy

    You can also text yourself a link, so you have it on hand and available to send at a moment’s notice. Just make sure the person you text it to has a mobile phone that accepts texts and GIFs of the happy dance you’ll do when they follow the link to vote for you.