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Easy to Use

Great setup and system for students and tutors to be able to come together. It was easy to setup appointments and go out and do my job. I have had no problems on the job forefront. Thank you for a reliable source.

- Matthew S. from Columbia, MD

WyzAnt has helped me get started in the tutoring business. Starting any business is very difficult, but with WyzAnt there to facilitate the administrative end of the business, it lets you concentrate on the business of tutoring.

- Francis D. from Port Deposit, MD

This site has been a blessing. I didn't know tutoring could be so easy!

- Michelle J. from Cary, NC

I have enjoyed working with WyzAnt as a tutor in multiple subjects. I so far have had only one active student, but that student was a regular student who needed many hours of instruction per week. I found it easy to enter tutoring hours and through direct deposit my payment was delivered promptly on the 1st and 15th of each month. WyzAnt is careful to keep an exact and accurate account of your hours and the amount owed to you. I was impressed that WyzAnt actually caught an error in which a few dates had not been paid for on the 1st payment that I hadn't noticed. They contacted me to let me know and added that amount to my 15th payment. I didn't have to discover it on my own then badger them and show proof and then wait weeks for a reply, they were quick to act and did it without me even notifying them. Overall I am very pleased with WyzAnt. My only wish is that WyzAnt had more tutoring clients in my area so that I could do more work for them. While there have been several inquiries, only one person has actually signed up for tutoring. I would like to have a much higher active student count with WyzAnt.

- Frances S. from Denver, NC

I started tutoring for Wyzant at the beginning of August 2008. It is a great way to network whether students/parents find you or wyzant contacting you if someone might need your services. Everyone is very professional and polite. The best thing is your student gets one-on-one attention that he or she might not be receiving in the classroom. I use examples from class, and then I invent new ideas to make things more interesting and relevant to life that I then use in my classroom. I only wish that more people, whether they are students or adults, would inquire more about French!

- Laura B. from Mount Pleasant, SC
It's been great!

Although it took a while for things to get started, I am enjoying tutoring the students I've obtained through WyzAnt. It's a great communication tool and an easy way to find clients I wouldn't have otherwise. I need to start using the rewards program more, so I can get points for the many people I refer to the service.

- Janet D. from Atlanta, GA

My experience with WyzAnt has been very good so far. I truly appreciate all of the emails that WyzAnt sends when there is a potential new student for me to tutor. Moreover, I like the layout of the website and find it to be very user friendly.

- Denise P. from Jacksonville, FL

I have been teaching for WyzAnt since the summer of 2010. All my paychecks have been by direct deposit. The website is designed to see how each penny earned is distributed to the tutor. Customer service is prompt and the website also notifies me when a potential students needs one of my services. Thanks WyzAnt for helping me!

- Yems H. from Hollywood, FL

I think WyzAnt is a very professional organization. They are very prompt in responding to us when a student has requested us as a tutor. Also they are very prompt in the procedure for payment. I have and would recommend this company to prospective students and tutors alike. I also like the fact that any tutor can respond to the prospective tutoring opportunities and we are not forced to accept any particular position. I am happy I found this outlet as a means of tutoring and helping students.

- Joan L. from Homestead, FL

WyzAnt has proven to be a reliable and growing source of referrals for students. The confidence, security, and results it offers is a welcome asset from so many of the other sites which promise so much and deliver little. I plan to continue with the "little ant" for a long time.

- Hugh C. from Miami, FL