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Although I have had only one student since I joined Wyzant; I am quite pleased with the number of possibilities of new students. My student is very excited about my teaching techniques because he has seen a vast improvement in understanding Chemistry concepts. I am looking forward to sharing with other teachers about Wyzant. I truly believe Wyzant is the wave of the future for matching teachers with students.

- Joseph T. from Stony Brook, NY

It has been very rewarding to work as a WyzAnt tutor. I have helped students during the summer to prepare for the next school year, and to prepare for major exams. I enjoy seeing the growth in my students, and in helping them develop greater study skills to ensure their future success. The WyzAnt site makes the process of finding and contacting potential students easy. With all the recent additions to the site, it is clear that WyzAnt values its tutors, and wants us to succeed. I have recommended this site to all of my teacher friends.

- Gail P. from Clinton, NJ
Clever concept!

I really enjoy the website and find it easy to use. It makes finding students and collecting payment relatively easy. I have yet to dig deep into some of the more advanced features [i.e. blog or video] but what I have experienced I do enjoy. I find the WyzAnt cut to be relatively steep. I am currently charging $25 dollars an hour to make my service affordable and fair to the student but this gives me $15 dollars an hour for payment. This is the equivalent of me giving your company 20 dollars a week [as i currently tutor two students for an hour each] to simply host my profile and process payments. Because of this I am seriously thinking about leaving your site, although I do mildly enjoy some of your features. I feel 10% instead of 40% would be more than a fair cut. I also feel you would get more tutors willing to work for a lower cost and thus have more students use your service.

- Adam A. from Sturbridge, MA
Exceeding expectations

I highly recommend WyzAnt. They do a great job of matching tutors with students. They are also very good about following up to ensure a productive and long-lasting relationship where all parties are feeling satisfied with the outcome. They are quick to make modifications to realize optimal results; serves as a tremendous benefit to both tutors and students.

- Fariba S. from South Portland, ME
Great service

I have been working with WyzAnt for almost a year. I moved back to Conneticut from Spain, after being with my family for 5 years, so I did not know anybody in Connecticut. Thanks to WyzAnt finding new students was so easy. I am very thankful to WyzAnt. Every time I had a problem or a question WyzAnt was very professional helping me and answering all my questions. Congratulations for the hard work!

- Milagros B. from West Hartford, CT

At first I was skeptical about using a paid service, however this has proved to be a fantastic way to find students who need tutors and supplement my income. I maximized my profile right away with a picture and becoming certified in as many subjects as I could. The text and email updates really are an asset because you don't have to keep checking the website - I love being notified as soon as a job becomes available! Also, looking at all the areas/subjects that people tutor in, I would consider using WyzAnt as a student should I want music lessons or need a brush-up on computer skills, etc. I am really glad I found this site.

- Theresa W. from New Kensington, PA

I have found the WyzAnt website very easy to navigate! Being a beginning member, I appreciate the rapid response time from the WyzAnt team. Although this time of year is slow, I have not gained any students yet. However, through utilizing the various marketing ideas, I feel confident that I will soon gain students. Thank you WyzAnt! Keep up the good work!

- Tara M. from Mifflinburg, PA

It was very easy to sign up as a new tutor. My Profile page is very attractive. The Marketing Materials that you offer are excellent. It was less than a week before I received my first client. I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT BEING A WYZANT TUTOR!

- Bonnie ann L. from Philadelphia, PA

I signed up for WyzAnt wondering if I would find anyone looking for the specific tutoring I was qualified to teach. Within the first week I found my first student and it was worked out better than I could have imagined. I have enjoyed the experience tremendously and have recommended WyzAnt to friends and family for both tutoring and to be tutored. WyzAnt takes all the guesswork out of dealing with students and scheduling and allows me to be the most efficient doing what I should be doing - tutoring!

- Craig A. from Lansdale, PA

Hi, I have found working with WyzAnt is very computer friendly. Even though WyzAnt has updated the format in the past months, it really has made the interface more friendly to navigate. I truly appreciate the fact that WyzAnt emails me when there is a new student within the mileage of my home. I quickly go onto the site to email the student.

- Nancy M. from Mertztown, PA