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I was looking for a part-time job and found the WyzAnt website via a Google Search. When I saw the request for help from a mother of a high school senior needing a tutor to help her child pass Algebra 2 to graduate from high school, as a Chemical Engineer and tutor for Algebra 2, I quickly signed up and passed the certification exam to provide help. It is a pure joy and satisfaction to have a part-time job where you can use your knowledge, experience and education to help others. Thank you very much WyzAnt for the opportunity! The WyzAnt website is very well designed, easy to use and provides an excellent method to work as an independent contractor.

- John M. from Seattle, WA

My experience so far has been very positive. I am most impressed with the organized website, the rapid response from correspondence to the WyzAnt team at their corporate offices, and the easy access to my account information when changes need to be made. I have also experienced smooth communication with my prospective and new clients. I think the way they structure the correspondence is fantastic, offering their website as a way to communicate with a potential client.

- Elizabeth F. from Kirkland, WA

Hello - Working for/with WyzAnt has a been a great experience for me. I have been tutoring the same student for close to a year now. It has been a challenging, fun, rewarding way for me to do what I love to do - working with each student one on one. There has been a lot of progress for this student in all areas. I have tutored a few students who are preparing to take the PSAT and the SAT. Science and Math are my favorite subjects to tutor. Therefore, I answer almost every request I get from WyzAnt for new students. I have experience working with students from Kindergarten to college. I like the diversity and it keeps me on my toes to meet the needs of so many differently aged people. I tutor because I enjoy watching the 'Lights go on' when a concept is understood. It is a pleasure for me to come up with creative ideas to help the student become an enthusiastic learner. The great thing about tutoring is that I learn as well. I have taken the exams for many of the subjects that WyzAnt offers to their students and have qualified for a variety of subjects. WyzAnt has taken over the marketing aspect of being your own contractor. Because of this I can spend my time doing the thing I like most - teaching! I look forward to filling my schedule with WyzAnt students. Please consider me as the tutor for your needs. I would love to help you. Jill J Maple Valley, WA

- Jill J. from Seattle, WA

WyzAnt has been an excellent source to help me be able to connect with more students in my area. It has also allowed me to expand the types of subjects that I tutor in by providing such a large pool of students with needs. If I see a need and I feel that I am competent in that subject then we have a match! Thank you WyzAnt.

- Chau H. from Redmond, WA

Let's me focus on teaching
I am impressed with your system. It relieves me of marketing and prospecting and let's me focus on my teaching. And teaching is what I love. I've been a teacher all my life, in classes, and small classes have always been especially fun. One on one is the ultimate!

- Michael S. from Seattle, WA

Great Service
Wyzant works great because the scheduling is set by me. However, initially the pay percent is very low unless we set a high price for tutoring in which case the number of students approacing us is minimized.

- Annapurna C. from Sammamish, WA

WyzAnt has provided me the opportunity to enhance my coaching skills and develop new skills in others. Not only has it been a rewarding experience, but the WyzAnt system is so easy to use that I had no less than six clients in a month. This experience is likely to add a lot of value to others in the same way it has for me and the great people I work with. I greatly appreciate this opportunity.

- Ryan G. from Bothell, WA

Instant Notification of Tutoring Jobs is Great!
Wyzant alerts me automatically to students looking for help in the areas in which I am certified. It makes it easy to decide which students to contact based on my schedule. I have received many responses in a short time.

- McKenzey B. from Lynnwood, WA

I have been a tutor for WyzAnt for almost two years, and I have really benefited from the opportunity to increase my client base. As a graduate student, I am always looking for ways to earn money for school and tutoring for WyzAnt has been easy and fun. I also take great pride in seeing the successes and accomplishments my students experience while working with me.

- Holly W. from Bothell, WA

WyzAnt is an excellent resource for both the student and the tutor! An easy to use format allows students to find a local tutor and contact them for help in a particular subject. The most useful tool I have found, so far, is the email notification. If a student sends an email to you, the WyzAnt team sends your personal email account a notice. I don't have to check my email on WyzAnt daily! I have too many email accounts to keep track of. Thank you WyzAnt!

- Steve V. from Everett, WA
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