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Great Tutor Search

Great site very helpful. This is my second time using this site because I a quite satisfied with it. The tutor I have is very knowledgeable about his lessons, and his price is suitable for such hard economic times. My daughter feels very comfortable with him; hence my reason for using him over and over to assist her. Thank you WyzAnt

- Catherine from Brooklyn, NY
Great Tutor Selection

I'm so happy that I've found WyzAnt. Now I can finally start to learn Italian! I'm sure I'll find the best tutor here.

- Anna from New York, NY
Best Customer Service - Exceeded Expectations

WyzAnt has a policy about keeping their clients/customers happy, and delivering only what they promise. WyzAnt has exceeded my expectations regarding Customer Service - I couldn't be happier. I will be referring this website to everyone I know who is looking to learn something; if I need to search for a tutor in the near future, I will most definitely come back (I love their service and the convenience so much that I'm almost thinking about racking my brain to come up with something just to use their services)! Do not hesitate to use their service, it is by far the most reliable one out there.

- Sunny from Fort Lee, NJ
Excellent tutor

I couldn't be more pleased with my recent experience with this website. My tutor seems to be the perfect match for me. He was very patient and NOT in a rush. I've had tutoring before but NONE have been able to break down the material in a way where I can grasp it. I know that with continued tutoring I will do great! Finding a tutor was quite easy and the payment method is extremely convenient. I would definitely recommend this site to my fellow classmates.

- Ana from Ridgewood, NY
Great Tutor/Great Program

I've been using WyzAnt for about a month and find that the program has made it easy for me to find a great tutor for my daughter. The procedures are very easy to follow and the costs are affordable. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for tutors in the future.

- Sheina from Ridgewood, NY

We found our TUTOR DIANA G. from Wyzant. THANK YOU!!! She is a perfect fit for our daughter and we could not be happier. Wish the pricing was a tad lower but C'est La Vie. Your platform is wonderful and kudos for the ease of your program navigation.

- Eric from Rego Park, NY
No more worries

No more asking a thousand people (family, friends, educators) for help in searching for a tutor. It's so convenient at the touch of a button to click on a tutor's profile, price, credentials and chose a fit for us. In addition to the choice to pay for the first visit if you are not satisfied. It was so comfortable not to worry about cash, atm, the bank before the tutor arrival. No exchange of money at all, all payments are paid through WyzAnt site. I was so pleased with my first experience for my children. Unfortunately I just now discovered this site through a girlfriend of mine and started sharing it with all my friends immediately. My boys are in high school now and they are immediately ready and prepared to come out to meet and teach with a prompt and friendly approach and very knowledgeable about their area of interests and most importantly they're honest when they may not be the best fit for you. I'm very happy and recommend it for you or your family.

- Sean from Brooklyn, NY
Fantastic teacher and great and comforting selection process by WyzAnt.

I used WyzAnt for the first time to find a tutor for my grandson and I was doubly impressed by the results. First, WyzAnt sent me comprehensive data on the background of several tutors - including criminal background checks on my candidates - and then they constantly followed up after I made my selection and got into the tutoring process. Throughout the selection process - and long afterwards when we got deep into the tutoring sessions, WyzAnt gave me great comfort and confidence that it knew what it was doing and that it really cared that I (and my grandson) were getting great and safe care and attention. Second, the tutor I eventually chose (from a large list of qualified candidates) was incredibly qualified and a GREAT teacher. He bonded instantly with my grandson and his parents. He gave fabulous and meaningful tutoring lessons that inspired my grandson to work hard. And he constantly followed up with detailed reports and candid recommendations. This is a great service that is easy to use and that produces awesome results and instills great confidence. I highly recommend the WyzAnt experience.

- Peter from New York, NY

My experience with Wyzant so far is God sent. My tutor is excellent with my daughter. Come January I know for sure my baby girl will be getting her diploma because she will pass the two regents that has been a nightmare to her. Thank God and thank Wyzant for placing her in our path.

- ANTOINETTE from Brooklyn, NY
Great Service

I am satisfied and grateful for the service WyzAnt has provided thus far. It is great to be able to go to a centralized website to search for a tutor; then find a good one. Thank you.

- Keshun from Corona, NY