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Great Service

I needed a tutor for my son and didn't know how to go about getting one that was good, trustworthy inexpensive and that he would feel comfortable with so I did a search in Google for "tutors" and Wyzant Tutoring popped up. At first I was skeptical, but after sending out a couple of emails and talking to some of the tutors I decided to give the service a try. I found a great match for my son and I'm happy to say I am satisfied with my choice. I would definitely recommend this service to other parents.

- Madeline from New York, NY
Helpful and well organized system.

I have had an excellent experience using Wyzant Inc. I was looking on the internet for a possible tutor for my son, I never heard about Wyzant before. It was joy to my eyes when I started looking at the volume of tutors available for me to interview close to my zip code. I emailed a few tutors and had very quick feedback from each of the tutors, plus the first hour is free if the tutor is not suitable for your child's needs. It's like going to the supermarket and picking until you find everything that your looking for. I think that I have found the right tutor for my son and if not the possibilities are endless because I have Wyzant's help. Now that I know about Wyzant, I will be using this system well into my son's college years. Thanks and well done to the founders of Wyzant.

- Joanne or Bertram from Brooklyn, NY
Great Tutor Search

I found a great tutor and so far everything is working out wonderfully. I searched many tutors on this site and I am grateful because as my child go up in school, I now have a place where I can search for additional help for him.

- AUDREY from Brooklyn, NY
Patient Tutors

Thankful to patient tutors like Ms. Atira helping my 11-year-old daughter learn a whole new other language. Very proud mother and highly recommended.

- SANDRA from Brooklyn, NY
The experience using WyzAnt was a very easy process.

The experience using WyzAnt was a very fast and easy process. The tutors reaching out to my posting were excellent and finding a tutor to meet my needs was great.

- Margaret from Brooklyn, NY
Very good selection of tutors and good support

I really liked the selection of tutors on the site and especially appreciated the 1 hour free lesson guarantee. I met with someone for an hour but didn't think it was a good fit and decided to go with another tutor from this site. WyzAnt reimbursed me for that first hour as part of their guarantee policy. That makes it really easy to try and find a good tutor without the pressure of paying for someone that you didn't like. The site is also easy to navigate and I would recommend this highly.

- Jordana from Flushing, NY
Great Tutor

This is the best website to find a tutor. My tutor is great!!! The website helps you find a local tutor and its so easy.

- Christian from Flushing, NY
We're very comfortable and confident working with WyzAnt

WyzAnt tutoring service and web site score very high with us. The web site is easy to navigate and we found the right tutor for our needs. We are more than satisfied with the caliber of our tutor. We are also confident in WyzAnt's payment process. Overall a great experience. Good luck!

- Laurie from Kew Gardens, NY
Great tutor platform

After trying several tutors, we finally found one that my son likes. Thanks for the effort on the part of your staff.

- Florence from Nutley, NJ
Great tutor for my needs

This is my first experience with WyzAnt and so far I am exceedingly pleased. My tutor is not only great at finding my weak spots, but comes to my sessions prepared to push me forward. I feel confident this connection with him will get me where I want and hope to continue learning each time we meet. WyzAnt as a website is easy to use and I feel confident recommending it to others.

- John from Englewood, NJ