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Great tutor selection
My tutor was God sent and I was able to grasp algebra. She let's you use your own mind when helping and I couldn't do it with out her help. What a wonderful tool for learning. Well worth the time, money and effort. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs that little one on one.

- Elnah from Seattle, WA

Great service and great tutor expertise
I find the site very useful and easy to use as well as paying for the lessons, though the electronic system. Most of all I am happy with the knowledge and expertise of my tutor David F. who is so knowledgeable in statistics and in English compositions, and so many other areas! He is such a great resource and so excellent at giving me academic advice. As a student in a doctoral program I am required to address multiple aspects of any subject I write about, and I must address them analytically. I find that David is able to provide that academic milieu for me. So, I hope he will continue to provide the service for me and other students who need his expert advice.

- Nina from Seattle, WA

Great tutor search and selection
We've found a great tutor for our daughter. Once we mastered the details of the site everything has gone smoothly. The only thing on the logistical side is that we registered one email with the account. That email is forwarded to another email account. When we answered the tutor from the second site, we could only do it inside of wyzant. That was awkward. We didn't realize that we should have used the 2nd email to avoid confusion and delay at our end when we registered for the account. Perhaps that was clear, but we missed it. Everything else is great.

- Arden from Seattle, WA

Great Tutor Search
I have had such a great experience using this service. The bios are helpful and most of the tutors reply very back very quickly. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a tutor.

- Nicole from Seattle, WA

Easy, Effortless Tutor Seach and Selection; Customer Support is Refreshingly Helpful and Genuine
I really appreciate the emails with updates about payments and offers for discounts. When I send an email with a question, I actually get a response from a customer support person that feels genuine and helpful. Very refreshing! Our search for a tutor was quick, easy and effortless. We hit the jackpot with Karoline! I also like the quick turnaround on the review of our lessons.

- Adelaide from Seattle, WA

So far, so good
So far, so good. WyzAnt made it pretty easy to find a tutor that fits our needs. I like that everything is transparent and complete in looking at a tutor's experience, skills, and background check. Thanks!

- Randy from Seattle, WA

Great service
This was the first time I looked for a tutor, and was really surprised at how quickly it worked. With in 24 hours of contacting you I was introduced to a tutor that I met with in 48 hours and received some much needed help with an on line accounting class. It was a great experience and I have recommeded it to my school since they do not offer tutor services. Thanks again. Claire

- Claire from Seattle, WA

Our tutors were always professional and the pricing is amazing for the area we live in. Great in a pinch as well when needed tutoring on short notice. We used tutors for Chemistry and Calculus.

- HANNAH SUE from Seattle, WA

Great Experience -- We Found the Perfect Tutor
Finding a great tutor can be a challenge -- especially if your preference, for convenience sake, is to have the tutor come to you. Where to start? I was seeking a Spanish tutor for our son, and just happened upon the WyzAnt site. I began my search, and was returned over 2 dozen tutors who matched our needs. I was thrilled with the variety of Spanish tutors out there -- each with a unique resume, each with unique strengths. There's someone for everyone! I had a good sense of the style of instruction and personality type that would likely work best for our student. The tutors' detailed self-profiles describing their experience, teaching styles and interests, and even client feedback, made it easy to quickly cull down the list to a few finalists. The search process was fun and fruitful. We found our tutor, who has been superb. Our tutor is professional, personable, reliable, energetic, and clearly loves help others learn. Our son is happy to work with her and feels more confident about his ability to do well in Spanish. Her prices are reasonable and I don't even need to have a check prepared or cash on hand. Following each lesson I receive an email both for "lesson feedback" and for payment, which happens through WyzAnt. If we ever need to find another tutor, WyzAnt is the first place we'll turn.

- Bonne from Seattle, WA

Excellent Service. Easy to use. Responsive to our needs.
I was skeptical at first but after we completed the first tutoring session I was completely happy! I found WyzAnt via a google search for an AP Biology Tutor for my son. It was easy to enter the information the WyzAnt website requested. I was able to look at the bio's for several potential tutors and send them an email. I got responses from several tutors right away. I even got responses from tutors I did not contact, which was fine. It was helpful to start the selection process before I had to commit my credit card to the system. The price was right so when I went to the site again the next day and had no qualms about signing up. As soon as I set up the billing I get another email from the tutor and we made arrangements for the first session. She showed up right on time, got right to work and was kind enough to stay afterward to speak with my husband and I. We didn't have to have cash available to pay her because the billing took place overnight behind the scene. Really cool! I'd say we are off to an excellent start! The website seems to provide a service that the high school does not. I spoke with the school counselor previously but he did not have tutor referrals except for student tutors. WyzAnt provides a private tutoring service that is confidential and offers a diverse selection of tutors and subjects. I save time and money using this service. My son is pleased and encouraged. The tutor we selected was recruited by her college. My son is being recruited so this was a added benefit for him. I would definitely use this service again. I did not have to use the phone and I did not have to wait for return calls. It could have taken a lot longer to find a tutor. I would like to know how WyzAnt selects people to be tutors because I noticed that a few of the folks who responded to me were working adults with no experience in tutoring and no recent academic experience. I have found that the best tutors are the ones who know the specific curriculum at the school the student attends. The tutor I selected graduated from college this year. She stated that she took AP Biology as a senior in high school. Her major was biology. For these reasons I selected her even though her high school education was out of state.

- Susan from Bellevue, WA
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