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Phenomenal ACT tutor

Alex did a phenomenal job tutoring my daughter for the math portion of the ACT. She is feeling so much more confident now. He was patient and explained things with great detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone preparing for the ACT/SAT!!

- Shelley reviews Alexander B. from New York, NY
Helpful and fun as well

I enjoy the sessions with Cedric. He makes the learning experience supportive and also challenging. We discuss topics of interest that hold my attention. Also, helpful homework assignments.

- Stephen J. reviews Cedric C. from New York, NY
I highly recommend him!!

James is an amazing tutor! He was very patient and always had different way explaining the same problem. Sometimes I was getting frustrated with myself and he always reassured me that it's okay. I had a test on the day he tutored me and it's because of him I was able to get through the test confidently. Thank you James for all of your help. It's great to find a supportive tutor!!

- Aditya reviews James M. from New York, NY
Great Tutor!

Today I had a full immersion lesson with Wiktor! He was terrific! Wiktor is very informative, and truly helped me improve my Italian as I have forgotten it over the years. What I truly enjoyed about this lesson is that he helps you become confident immediately. He also improves your accent in Italian, as he has the same diction as an Italian native. I highly recommend Wiktor as a tutor.

- Elenoire reviews Wiktor W. from New York, NY
Pratik is a helpful, knowledgeable, friendly tutor

Today, Pratik efficiently and effectively explained a 1040 with all accompanying schedules. He also provided me valuable insight and advice that I need as a business owner. I highly recommend him.

- Jesse reviews Pratik D. from New York, NY
Saved the day, right before an MBA midterm at NYU Stern!

I'm an MBA student at NYU Stern and was having a rough time with my Econ class (core requirement). In a pinch, I reached out to Hassan and we were able to have a session that weekend. He was available, punctual, and had great reviews. He's very passionate about the subject and is able to give good insights that enabled me to learn the material in a different way than what was taught in class. He got me out of a bind and am looking forward to future sessions with him.

- Jason reviews Hassan M. from New York, NY
Great Tutor!

Awesome math teacher. Awesome SAT math teacher. I give the highest recommendation. Breaks down and teaches difficult math in an easy logical way. Great follow up and great communication. Highly organized

- Jeffrey reviews Cayley H. from New York, NY
Very great Totur

She's very good, she understands and listens to you, she makes you feel comfortable while she teach you, and she does not rush she's very patient as well. If you looking for English tutor Roberta she's the One!!

- Agnes reviews Roberta H. from New York, NY
Very good tutor

He is very patient and helpful, he sees your weaknesses and tries to work on them from the more basic concepts, he shows you different methods and is willing to explain as many times as needed.

- Alicia reviews Fikreab A. from New York, NY
Huge relief, incredible

As someone with minimal math background, I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed by a new stats class I'm taking this semester. Meeting with Rachel was such a relief: she was well prepared (to my surprise, she had already solved the problem sets from the homework I had sent her the night before!), and had this magical way of explaining intense math concepts in ways I could understand (again, I have little math background so this all looked very intimidating at first). Bottom line: Rachel is awesome. I'm so grateful I get to learn from her.

- Julie reviews Rachel K. from New York, NY