Student reviews about tutors

Reviews of tutors on Wyzant by students and parents in your community

Fantastic German Teacher!

Sasha was fantastic!! Articulate. Patient and he made learning German fun!! I need fun. I get stressed if I don't understand st first! Sasha made me very relaxed!

- Jane reviews Sascha V. from New York, NY
Proactive and thoughtful!

Lauren has been a huge help for me as I prepare my application for a EMBA program. She gives me enough confidence to fly on my own but provides support when necessary.

- Sandra reviews Lauren K. from New York, NY
He is an excellent knowledgeable tutor.

He explained how to calculate COGM and COGS and went over other Managerial Accounting concepts. He is always available and flexible with the tutoring schedule.

- Radhika reviews Benjamin P. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and effective tutor

Meg tutored my 10 year old son in reading and writing. She immediately connected with my son and understood how to present the material to him. She is professional, reliable and mature. I highly recommend Meg as a tutor.

- Ann reviews Megan F. from New York, NY
Fantastic tutor

Alex is an excellent tutor with a lot of patience and intelligence. I asked may questions during our sessions and he was very professional in helping me to understand the materials dispute my own personal frustrations with the complexity of my class. He was great in communicating with me about our sessions and always provided me with helpful suggestions about how to tackle my assignments. Because of his assistance, I am doing extremely well in my class. The material is not as difficult as it was prior to meeting with Alex.

- Sacsheen reviews Alex J. from New York, NY
Excellent tutor!

I've worked with Vinay for a year now and I have nothing but great things to say. Not only is he professional but he has helped me improve my grades. I highly recommend!

- MJ reviews Vinay J. from New York, NY
Taught me Powerpoint from the basics to the most advances.

Noel basically created a Powerpoint presentation to my specifications, teaching me every step along the way, patiently explaining every keystroke and making sure I could do most of the inputting myself. Very kind and gentle and a problem-solver.

- Gonzalo reviews Noel S. from New York, NY
Outstanding tutor and resource

Justina worked with my daughter this summer on reading skills in preparation for the MCAT. My daughter has worked with other tutors in the past, but Justina was by far the most knowledgeable, insightful and confidence-boosting coach she had ever had. She clearly diagnosed the active reading skills that needed to be developed, and worked with her on a step by step approach that has improved her mastery of both the main ideas and details of the passages. In addition, my daughter genuinely looked forward to her sessions with Justina, and commented frequently on how much fun they were able to have, while connecting on challenging material. We could not recommend a tutor more highly!! Thank you Justina -- you are a special talent and we look forward to keeping our connection with you. Best, Laurie and Jennifer

- Laurie reviews Justina M. from New York, NY
Great Tutor

Paulette demonstrated the true ability of a teacher. She was able to work with my son and help him understand difficult polynomial concepts. She was very patient and encouraging throughout the session. I would highly recommend her services.

- Richard reviews Paulette S. from New York, NY
Hands Down The Best Tutor!!!

I highly recommend Manny as your tutor. Not only does he devote a lot of time on making sure you get your assignment or lesson is being done in efficiently and effectively, he really makes sure you understand everything. Best of all he's always available and accommodating around your schedule.

- Elaine reviews MANNY C. from New York, NY