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Knowledgeable and patient tutor

I learned critical writing skills and organizational tools. Ben is a very clear thinker and is excellent at helping me with my writing. His extensive vocabulary and facility with grammar make him a wonderful teacher!

- Penelope reviews Ben H. from New York, NY
iPhone tutor Review

Elise is GREAT! We had her tutor our family on Mac products and it's been tremendously helpful. I highly recommend her! She's very easy to work with and also very pleasant in general.

- TEMIDAYO reviews Elise M. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and patient tutor

Agnes is teaching me the correct structure of the language and the rules to help me be more confident in speaking.

- Nadine reviews Agnes L. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and Patient

Anna is very sweet and connected with my daughter very quickly. She is knowledgeable and patient. She is detailed and knows her stuff!

- Rita reviews Anna L. from New York, NY
Super smart, professional and patient.

Adam called to make sure everything was ready to go before he arrived. We sent him the rubric and he was very prepared. He helped my son in guiding him to get everything done in what seemed like an enormous task for school. He was patient, kind, understanding and down to earth. Highly recommended.

- C reviews Adam L. from New York, NY
Excellent c++ tutor!

I needed help and guidance with my c++ project and Sean did a great job in explaining the concepts and helping me where I did not know what to do. Knowledgeable, patient and very nice tutor! Highly recommended!

- Yulia reviews Sean K. from New York, NY
Caring and Very Knowledgeable

I am a second year pharmacy student and received help from Ami in Pharmacokinetics. I would recommend Ami to anyone who wants an A in this class. She is very knowledgeable about the subject material and takes extra time and effort to make sure her students understand it as well. She teaches the material in a way that is very easy to grasp. She also goes above and beyond what is required and offers additional practice problems to her students when they want it. Finally, she is very understanding and can adapt to your schedule. Overall, she is an excellent tutor!

- Sabiha reviews Ami P. from New York, NY
Absolutely Amazing Tutor

Sacha helped my son review for his Differential Equations exam. He is bright and patient and I believe helped my son to master a very difficult topic. I would not hesitate to use Sacha again.

- Beth reviews Sacha N. from New York, NY
Fantastic German Teacher!

Sasha was fantastic!! Articulate. Patient and he made learning German fun!! I need fun. I get stressed if I don't understand st first! Sasha made me very relaxed!

- Jane reviews Sascha V. from New York, NY
Proactive and thoughtful!

Lauren has been a huge help for me as I prepare my application for a EMBA program. She gives me enough confidence to fly on my own but provides support when necessary.

- Sandra reviews Lauren K. from New York, NY