Student reviews about tutors

Reviews of tutors on Wyzant by students and parents in your community

Professional and approachable!

Michael was an excellent excel tutor. He was always on time, very professional and made learning excel really accessible. He came prepared with a detailed workbook, a full agenda and lots of patience! Would 10/10 recommend.

- Molly reviews Michael F. from New York, NY
So knowledgeable and creative..

My husband and I had an incredible lesson with Constance. The information was super clear and she made lessons according to our English level. She is super knowledgeable and has great tools. I highly recommend her.

- Alejandra reviews Constance S. from New York, NY
Wealth of experience

The most important consideration for an adult student is finding a teacher who has experience with all different types of learners. I find Nina can teach anyone of any level and walk of life. She is amazing.

- Susheel reviews Nina S. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and very patient

He's really good with the Math section of the GRE and enjoys teaching people new tips and tricks to help them sped through the section and increase their scores. Excellent tutor overall!

- Sam reviews Rob H. from New York, NY
Helpful last-minute tips

JD was helpful in giving me some last minute tips the week before the test. Nothing revelatory, but useful mental things to stop getting in my own way. Thanks JD!

- Sarah reviews JD M. from New York, NY
Great teacher!

I've only had two lessons with Judith, but she has helped me so much already! She is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable and critical in very helpful way. She is also very flexible with time and locations.

- Sharon reviews Judith W. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and patient tutor

Dr. Sandra taught my daughter the process of writing an essay. Her instruction was clear and easy to follow for my daughter. She can't wait to apply the process to all her assignments this week

- Manisha reviews Dr. Sandra H. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and patient tutor

I learned critical writing skills and organizational tools. Ben is a very clear thinker and is excellent at helping me with my writing. His extensive vocabulary and facility with grammar make him a wonderful teacher!

- Penelope reviews Ben H. from New York, NY
iPhone tutor Review

Elise is GREAT! We had her tutor our family on Mac products and it's been tremendously helpful. I highly recommend her! She's very easy to work with and also very pleasant in general.

- TEMIDAYO reviews Elise M. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and patient tutor

Agnes is teaching me the correct structure of the language and the rules to help me be more confident in speaking.

- Nadine reviews Agnes L. from New York, NY