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A one of a kind tutor!

Being a great teacher is a rare talent, and Landon definitely possesses it. In fact, Landon is the best tutor I've ever had. He is very intelligent, thoughtful and attentive to my needs. He also understands that different people learn best through different methods of teaching. Therefore, he lets me figure out the answers and guides me with very thorough explanations. What is most admirable about Landon is that he is always hungry to learn and to expand his skill set. As a teacher, he approaches every lesson as an opportunity to learn as much as his student. Therefore, all of our lessons have been engaging and fun. Landon makes every convoluted concept understandable and has the patience and dedication to explain difficult concepts until they become coherent! I recommend Landon to anyone who is looking for an amiable, intelligent and respectful teacher!

- Mia reviews Landon Y. from New York, NY
Smart and Methodic

Daniel systematically plugged holes in my son's knowledge in math and science. He does not teach you how to do tests; he teaches you the fundamentals of the subject. You will do better in the tests as a result, but more importantly you will have a better understanding of how the world works.

- Ying reviews Daniel J. from New York, NY
Very helpful!

I look forward to continuing sessions with Daniel! He helped me issue spot a very dense property exam and helped my narrow in on specific issues. I plan on continuing sessions with him.

- Jarrod reviews Daniel H. from New York, NY
Justin is awesome, explain concepts very clear.

Show to him my advance about a vector implementation and he explain clear the points that I need to understand to continue with the project. Discuss about inheritance and virtual functions. I will recommend him.

- Jose reviews Justin H. from New York, NY
Excellent tutor

Ivan's a great tutor. Knows what he's doing, kind, and intent on building self-confidence of the language learner (which is important but often overlooked). Very recommended.

- Emma reviews Ivan S. from New York, NY
Very patient tutor

Helped me prepare for a math exit exam . I was very weak with many of my math skills . Erica reviewed everything with me and worked really hard to make sure I understood it all .

- Vita reviews Eri S. from New York, NY
A tutor of the highest caliber

Grant is a sincere and dedicated tutor. He is punctual, knowledgeable and, most importantly, able to excite my daughters about the sometimes arid material. I enthusiastically recommend him.

- Avery reviews Grant M. from New York, NY
Valuable Tutor

Edwin brings real value to WyzAnt and I am glad he can be found here. I had a college literature paper due in 72 hours. Edwin answered right away. When he reviewed my writing he saw that it lacked command. He pointed out problems with the document. I corrected it. As a result, I received an "A" for the semester, maintained my GPA and the Professor asked to keep the essays to share with future students. I look forward to working with Edwin on future projects.

- Lisa reviews Edwin M. from New York, NY
Extraordinary tutor

My son had a lesson with Christopher on the phone which I could over hear. It sounded like he, my son, was talking with one of those "Crash Course" slightly hyper-active (in a good way) love what they do guys! Christopher made my son straighten up his spine, put on his thinking cap and focus and my son wanted more and more. He learned a lot and in a fun way in a short amount of time. This tutor stands apart from most. So if you have a fantasy that one of those Crash Course guys comes into your life in the flesh, this is the guy for you.

- C reviews Christopher B. from New York, NY
Great tutor and resource on college process

Deb helped my daughter to organize her thoughts and complete a college essay that helped to showcase her strengths and experience. She also gave valuable advice on the college process, ideas on colleges that may be a good fit and a resource on the application process. I recommend Deb for anyone who needs some guidance during the stressful college application process.

- Daphne reviews Deb H. from New York, NY