Student reviews about tutors

Reviews of tutors on Wyzant by students and parents in your community

Amazing Tutor!

Baishi was a very professional and knowledgeable Tutor! He gave step by step explanations and made sure I understood everything before proceeding. He was very knowledgeable in statistics and was super patient. Would definitely recommend!

- Josef reviews Baishi X. from New York, NY
Very helpful!

I look forward to continuing sessions with Daniel! He helped me issue spot a very dense property exam and helped my narrow in on specific issues. I plan on continuing sessions with him.

- Jarrod reviews Daniel H. from New York, NY
Justin is awesome, explain concepts very clear.

Show to him my advance about a vector implementation and he explain clear the points that I need to understand to continue with the project. Discuss about inheritance and virtual functions. I will recommend him.

- Jose reviews Justin H. from New York, NY
Excellent tutor

Ivan's a great tutor. Knows what he's doing, kind, and intent on building self-confidence of the language learner (which is important but often overlooked). Very recommended.

- Emma reviews Ivan S. from New York, NY
Valuable Tutor

Edwin brings real value to WyzAnt and I am glad he can be found here. I had a college literature paper due in 72 hours. Edwin answered right away. When he reviewed my writing he saw that it lacked command. He pointed out problems with the document. I corrected it. As a result, I received an "A" for the semester, maintained my GPA and the Professor asked to keep the essays to share with future students. I look forward to working with Edwin on future projects.

- Lisa reviews Edwin M. from New York, NY
Explains everything clearly and is extremely helpful

I would greatly recommend Charles as a tutor. He is extremely thorough in his explanations and knowledgeable in mathematics. He has helped me a lot in calculus thus far.

- Michelle reviews Charles P. from New York, NY
Hands Down The Best Tutor!!!

I highly recommend Manny as your tutor. Not only does he devote a lot of time on making sure you get your assignment or lesson is being done in efficiently and effectively, he really makes sure you understand everything. Best of all he's always available and accommodating around your schedule.

- Elaine reviews MANNY C. from New York, NY
So knowledgeable and creative..

My husband and I had an incredible lesson with Constance. The information was super clear and she made lessons according to our English level. She is super knowledgeable and has great tools. I highly recommend her.

- Alejandra reviews Constance S. from New York, NY
Wealth of experience

The most important consideration for an adult student is finding a teacher who has experience with all different types of learners. I find Nina can teach anyone of any level and walk of life. She is amazing.

- Susheel reviews Nina S. from New York, NY
Helpful last-minute tips

JD was helpful in giving me some last minute tips the week before the test. Nothing revelatory, but useful mental things to stop getting in my own way. Thanks JD!

- Sarah reviews JD M. from New York, NY