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He is the best
Anuj explained everything and made it clear to understand, he never gives up when you keep asking him questions, and he tries to make the science simple and easy.

- Mufida reviews Anuj M. from Woodbridge, NJ

Absolutely Amazing!
My son is in 8th grade and was doing well enough in Latin until recently when he just hit a wall. He got a 41 on his test and couldn't get through his homework. He would stare at the assignment for hours, then close the book and go to bed. With a series of incomplete homeworks and a failed test his grade plummeted from an A to an F. My son is an A/B student and so naturally he wanted to do better. He asked his teacher for help, but the teacher continually said "you're a smart kid figure it out yourself." The basic feeling was that he's too smart to need help so he must just being lazy or lying. So I offered my son to get a tutor and he really didn't want to do it. He just reached a point where he felt no adult would help him. I finally found Phil on WyzAnt and it was the best thing that ever happened. My son got on Skype with Phil and about 30 minutes in I could hear him asking all his questions and even laughing at moments. They stayed online together for 2 hours which is a miracle for my son because he likes to catch onto things quickly and move on. He doesn't like to spend more than 20 minutes on anything. But he also likes to understand how things apply to real life, and where this will be used later on for him or what will come next in a more advance level. And Phil was willing and able to go in any direction my son needed him to. After the session ended, my son told me that "He was amazing mom!" He said he learned more in that one online tutoring session with Phil than he had learned all year and that he really understand the materials now. Phil answered every question my son had no matter how basic or advanced the questions were. My sons said that Phil was also really funny which made the entire learning experience incredible. I was stunned to find out that Phil tutors in something like 40 other subjects too! So he is absolutely our homework tutor from now on. Phil was also very fast in responding to my initial inquiry and was willing to chat some beforehand so that I felt comfortable. I just feel like it's too good to be true. To have access to someone like Phil for online tutoring anytime my son needs it. As our kids get older it's a lot harder for us to help with homework subjects we don't know ourselves. So to have Phil right there via Skype homework help feels like a miracle. We feel incredibly blessed to have found him and we'd highly recommend him!

- Laura reviews Phillip P. from Woodbridge, NJ

Very professional and organized!
Dan is an outstanding tutor! He is always well prepared for our tutoring sessions. He guided my hard work, helping me ace both General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry at Rutgers.

- Kevin reviews Daniel J. from Woodbridge, NJ

Very helpful and knowledgeable tutor
Fiona is a very helpful tutor and has genuine concern for my son to have a better understanding of the subject matter. She is readily available for any questions regarding the subject matter and provides helpful tips/information.

- Carlo reviews Fiona Z. from Iselin, NJ

Very competent and knowledgeable
Prashant knows his stuff. He comes from a strong chemistry background and is still actively working in the field. Also a wealth of useful information, he can help explain concepts of high level material using diagrams and models from lower level classes the student already understands (eg. teaching inorganic concepts using organic concepts). A solid tutor who will go out of his way to find extra resources to send to you even off tutoring hours.

- Dave reviews Prashant B. from Iselin, NJ

Carmen is a very patient and knowledgeable tutor.
We worked on vocabulary in Spanish and reading in Spanish. We also practiced conversational skills in Spanish as well. August 5th, 2015 Session: I practiced learning and continuing to use the verbs Ser and Estar in written and verbal form. It was a great tutoring session.

- Christine reviews Carmen P. from Fords, NJ

Great teacher. My child really likes her.
My daughter likes Susana. She is very patient with her. I would highly recommended her. She is always on time and teaches well.

- BEAULA reviews Susana M. from Colonia, NJ

Great Tutor!
My child needed a quick Chemistry review over winter break and Mansi was wonderful. She is intelligent, thorough and provided alternative ways of approaching a chemistry problem. Most importantly, she relates well to children.

- Mary reviews Mansi V. from Colonia, NJ

Very Patient Tutor
Gary has a great style of teaching. He is patient and tries to help his student by choosing appropriate software & hardware. He is good with MS Office & also efficient in Java Script & html. If I need anything in the future, I would consult him.

- Murad reviews Gary M. from Edison, NJ

Knowledgeable and Easy-going Tutor
Eric is well educated tutor, who uses humor to make the experience enjoyable and easier to understand. He is patient, and never makes you feel like you have to understand right away. I highly recommended him.

- Brittany reviews Eric F. from Rahway, NJ
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See what students have to say

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