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Great tutor!

He did a great job with reviewing essays and helped to a great extent in directing the flow of the essay. I would highly recommend him in the college application process.

- Irene reviews Eli S. from New York, NY
Very comprehensive and experienced teacher

Arash is a very comprehensive teacher, certainly one of the best I have had regardless of subject. I have been studying Persian for nearly six years, but I still make a lot of mistakes. Arash is going through each subject making sure I know it, filling in the gaps of what I don't know, and polishing what I do know. I greatly appreciate the direction and thoroughness.

- Steven reviews ARASH N. from New York, NY
Helped me a lot with my financial strategy work!

Helped me with my homework and explained it well to me! Was patient and took time to explain what each step was

- Moulay reviews JD P. from New York, NY
Excellent tutor

Tonia is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge of complex material in a manner easily understandable. Highly recommended.

- Jun reviews Tonia M. from New York, NY
Professional Tutor to motivate to learn more

I'm in an lntermediate or advanced level of English. I was looking for a mentor to show me right diretion of studying; I feel that my English doens't have growth for long time. In terms of that, he is a great teacher. I like his teaching methods. 1. He kept asking me many questions to make sure my comprehention. I think it was very good way to confirm my understanding and transforming my understanding to speaking in English. That was good to find my weakness. Sometimes I feel I understood, but it was not clear understing. He corrected my understanding and speaking. (Many teachers just try to TEACH, but it might not helpful for students to really speak in English. Balance is important among teaching and making them speak.) 2. Extending topic is helpful for me. Even one word might have profound meaning or background. He explained it extending those meanings. I could get more than just memorising vocabulraries. It will make me understand English deeply. 3. Covering diverse issues including politics, society, economy and culture is quite helpful and interesting. Interest is important matter, and I like those issue to learn. Regarding that, he has great knowledge. I would like to study intensively. Motivated thanks to him.

- Ryan reviews Michael N. from New York, NY
Very Intelligent and Just what you need

Shir is a wonderful Excel Tutor, he came prepared and guided me to take the best suitable path for my work. I appreciated the simplicity he used in his explanations. I am now better equipped to perform some vital functions in my work. Thank you, Shir! Shir helped me create systems that allowed my small business to sustain and grow. His work with me was quite extraordinary! Thanks again!

- Tammy reviews Shir M. from New York, NY
Patient and Encouraging

Nico was really patient and encouraging. I have a lot of trouble with the tones but he takes his time and modified the lesson based on my skill level. Highly recommend Nico!

- Victoria reviews Nico J. from New York, NY
Excellent Teacher

I spent a lot of time looking for a tutor that could take math to another level for my daughter and it was hard to find someone who could go beyond computational math. Stuart is a true mathematician and delights in the world of problem solving. The work is more challenging and creative and he is totally versed at teaching this more difficult material. He understands all the nuances of teaching and learning math and inspired my daughter to love math even more.

- Janice reviews Stuart R. from New York, NY
Great tutor

Individual approach, great advice, positive attitude. Always on time, ready to help, very easy going, intelligent and kind. Thanks so much!

- Iryna reviews Jeannine F. from New York, NY
Can pick up whereever the math students needs him

Very good at focusing on the material at hand without getting the student distracted. All math is linked but Shane is great at focusing on what needs to be done and learned without making the task unduly complicated.

- Sohaila reviews Shane R. from New York, NY
See what students have to say

See what students have to say