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Helpful Interview Prep

Michael helped me with interview preparation. He gave me advice on how to present myself in a confident way. With his advice, I do know what skills I need to focus on and how to deliever my thoughts.

- JISOO reviews Michael N. from New York, NY
Good Experience!

Jean-Antoine is a very talented and knowledgeable tutor. He is patient and supportive and had a very nice way about him. He came extremely prepared which impressed me. A pleasure to work with and definitely a class act.

- Bonnie reviews Jean-antoine N. from New York, NY
Very engaging instructor

I really enjoyed Arash's first classes. He is tough and keeps a very challenging pace. He is also happy to teach about iranian culture and poetry. The book tha he uses is very useful. I am looking forward to having more classes with him.

- Filomena reviews ARASH N. from New York, NY
Exceptional Literature Tutor

Rachael was exceptional in tutoring my 10th grader on understanding her assigned reading and formulating a coherent essay on the book. Would recommend her highly to any student looking for a tutor in English literature and writing!

- Jun reviews Rachel F. from New York, NY
Patient and helpful tutor

Eli was a very friendly tutor who knew a lot about the admission process. We had a lot done in a few hours as deadline was approaching. He gave me a lot of great ideas to talk about in my personal essays which I wouldn't have thought of on my own. Great tutor overall, definitely recommends for students who are looking for help in their college application!

- Nick reviews Eli S. from New York, NY
Excellent Tutor!

I'm starting a new job in a few weeks and needed to learn Excel FAST. Shir not only taught me what I needed to know, he actually got me EXCITED to use Excel (a program I've been avoiding my whole life)! In the past, tutors have overwhelmed me with too much information, but what I loved about working with Shir is that he didn't teach me anything I didn't need. We only focused on the important concepts I'm going to need for my new job. Shir, I can't thank you enough for giving me the confidence to start my new job on solid ground, and even be able to show my colleagues a thing or two! :)

- Wendell reviews Shir M. from New York, NY
Helped me a lot with my financial strategy work!

Helped me with my homework and explained it well to me! Was patient and took time to explain what each step was

- Moulay reviews JD P. from New York, NY
Excellent tutor

Tonia is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge of complex material in a manner easily understandable. Highly recommended.

- Jun reviews Tonia M. from New York, NY
Patient and Encouraging

Nico was really patient and encouraging. I have a lot of trouble with the tones but he takes his time and modified the lesson based on my skill level. Highly recommend Nico!

- Victoria reviews Nico J. from New York, NY
Excellent Teacher

I spent a lot of time looking for a tutor that could take math to another level for my daughter and it was hard to find someone who could go beyond computational math. Stuart is a true mathematician and delights in the world of problem solving. The work is more challenging and creative and he is totally versed at teaching this more difficult material. He understands all the nuances of teaching and learning math and inspired my daughter to love math even more.

- Janice reviews Stuart R. from New York, NY