Student reviews about tutors

Reviews of tutors on Wyzant by students and parents in your community

Knowledgeable and friendly tutor!

Arash was great! He's easy to work with, encouraging, and patient. Certainly understands the language and culture very well. I'm excited to continue my studies!

- Mauhan reviews ARASH N. from New York, NY
Very helpful

We set up times to meet and worked on a few strategies. I feel more confident. Look forward to meeting again!

- Thomas reviews Casey C. from New York, NY
Great lesson

Ayako-sensei taught me a lot in such a short period of time, including grammar, conversation and vocabulary. I recommend her to anybody looking to study Japanese.

- Wojtek reviews Ayako S. from New York, NY
Knowledgeable and caring tutor

Dr. John is a reliable tutor. He was always available to answer any questions I had. He is very knowledgeable with the IRB process. Dr. John worked with me in improving my proposal and with my data analysis. I would recommend Dr. John to anyone who is interested in improving their grade in any of their psychology classes.

- Bianca reviews Dr. John G. from New York, NY
Tailors approach to your child

Three sessions with Samuel and my son enjoys working with him to improve his writing stamina, his organization and his style. Samuel is playing to my son's interests to engage him in the writing process.

- Christina reviews Samuel S. from New York, NY
Helpful Interview Prep

Michael helped me with interview preparation. He gave me advice on how to present myself in a confident way. With his advice, I do know what skills I need to focus on and how to deliever my thoughts.

- JISOO reviews Michael N. from New York, NY
Good Experience!

Jean-Antoine is a very talented and knowledgeable tutor. He is patient and supportive and had a very nice way about him. He came extremely prepared which impressed me. A pleasure to work with and definitely a class act.

- Bonnie reviews Jean-antoine N. from New York, NY
Excellent Tutor!

I'm starting a new job in a few weeks and needed to learn Excel FAST. Shir not only taught me what I needed to know, he actually got me EXCITED to use Excel (a program I've been avoiding my whole life)! In the past, tutors have overwhelmed me with too much information, but what I loved about working with Shir is that he didn't teach me anything I didn't need. We only focused on the important concepts I'm going to need for my new job. Shir, I can't thank you enough for giving me the confidence to start my new job on solid ground, and even be able to show my colleagues a thing or two! :)

- Wendell reviews Shir M. from New York, NY
Helped me a lot with my financial strategy work!

Helped me with my homework and explained it well to me! Was patient and took time to explain what each step was

- Moulay reviews JD P. from New York, NY
Excellent Tutor, The best

I'm in an intermediate or advanced level of English. I was looking for a mentor to show me the right direction of studying; I feel that my English hasn’t grown for a long time. Dwight is a great teacher to help my English improve. I like his teaching methods. - He kept asking me many questions. I think it was a very good way to enhance my speaking ability. I can find my weakness at the same time. - He is very passionate to explain exact meanings. And he helped me to use better expressions. - He is always very positive. He willingly teach me many things. Thanks to him, I am motivated to dive into my English studies.

- Ryan reviews Dwight D. from New York, NY