Water Resources

Water leaks from a tank at the rate of r(t) gallons per hour. The rate decreased as time passed, and values of the rate at two-hour time intervals are shown in the table below. The total amount of...


Hydrolysis Written by tutor Kathie Z. Just as the study of water is “hydrology”, hydrolysis means water + separation. Most often, you will be studying the breaking of chemical bonds by adding a water molecule which means the substance you are observing is breaking down. This process involves several Chemistry steps that you have already learned: balancing equations breaking... read more


Properties of Water Written by tutor Sarah V. Water is found all throughout nature, and is a necessary component in nearly all organic reactions. It is the most abundant compound on the surface of the planet. The majority of water on Earth is sea water, and water is also present as solid ice and invisible gaseous clouds. All life on Earth requires water to survive, and it is speculated... read more