Current video of Algebraic Long Division

I cover both the case of a monomial dividing into a polynomial, and the case the monomial is not a factor of the polynomial. Give it a view and tell me how you like it.


Fantastic display and pacing. Great that you continually clarified 'where you were at' and 'what do we need to do next?'  Students learn so much by seeing and hearing the steps So they learn to 'see' what to do.  I like to have a short discussion with algebra students as to 'when will I ever use this?' I tell them that the 2 great benefits of algebra are being able to analyze (hence, what do I have and what do I need to do next) and to carefully & neatly show their steps. Your display of these problems were great examples of this!  Thanks for helping students!  Mary Ann
You have a typo in your last addition. -(-10x+30) is 10x- 30 not -10x-30. You have a minus sign in front of the 10x.
Great Job! I remembered something.  Thanks
I love your use of colors.  I think using colors really assists the student in seeing what's what.
I am new to online tutoring and am having trouble doing what you have done so beautifully. I have learned the use of individual keys on the platform, but don't know how to create a lesson like yours. Please show me how to use the keys to have a lesson like this or to prepare beforehand. Thank you for your help. Suzanne  
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