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Frog Heart Lab

Frog Heart Experiment
To examine the effects of pre-tension, temperature, and various drugs on the frog heart muscle,
speci cally contraction strength and heart rate.
There are a number of external in influences that can affect cardiac output. Some of these are mediated
by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and other responses are due to temperature changes and ionic
concentrations. Some of the chemicals used in the lab are; caffeine, epinephrine, and cadmium chloride.


Hey Chris,
Very very helpful and illustrative video, but may I suggest adding ("explicit material") to your title.  As many bio, chem, and science folk may really love this, I believe that younger wyzant users (and squeamish older ones) may be a bit disturbed. Keep up the great work!
Is this really necessary?  I'm not young or squeamish, but I know there are computer models for learning this.  Frogs, like bees are dying in droves.  No one is sure why, but given that they are, wouldn't it be more prudent to use a human cadaver heart or computer simulation instead of a frog?  
I respect your concern for the amphibian population, Kathryn. The frogs are probably dying due to some type of chemical runoff into their environment, caused by humans of course. This video was taken several years ago while I was in college. The experiment was one required to pass the course. As sad as it may be, frog hearts are more readily accessible than human hearts, thus the use of a frog in this lab.