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I have been providing academic tutoring for English study for over 15 years. I assist students with the improvement of grammar, writing, speaking, and vocabulary acquisition skills. I also teach a reading comprehension skills development course.


WOW! You are really a renaissance woman if I've ever met one! Very impressive! I'm a tutor on here, but really could use a tutor to improve my reading speed and broaden my vocabulary, as I need to score well on the GRE and am, by no means, ready for the vocabulary portion of the GRE. I see you teach reading comprehension, but can you also teach speed reading?
AND could you teach it over the internet on Skype or on an instant messenger?
Hello, Catherine! Thanks for your comments and your support.  Yes, I teach speed reading and it can be done using Skype. I have many students from all over the world who have been with me for a few years now.
I see that you ha
Catherine, I see that you have a lot of good stuff going on as well. Let me know when I
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