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Factoring quadratic trinomials

When asked to factor a quadratic equation such as 2x^2 - 7x -15, many students are uncomfortable with the guess and check method. I created this video to describe a 7 step method that requires NO GUESSING.


This is terrific!  Thanks so much.
Thank you Bonnie.
It takes a long time and much effort to make these videos and it motivates me to do more when I get positive feedback.
Please use the video any way you think it will help people teach or learn.
Steven G
I am doing "solving quadratic equations by factoring" and "zero product property"...
in all the examples of factoring, they do NOT have any with fractions - so i'm not sure what to do first.
Can you help me to find the solution set for this : 4/5x2 = 2x - 4/5
I've tried this: 4/5x2 - 2x +4/5 =0  but now i'm sure what to do I factor or get rid of the fraction part?
The technique in the video works only when the binomial factors include integers.
Here is how I solved the problem you listed.
Multiply by 5/4 to get x2- (5/2)x + 1 = 0
Use the quadratic formula to get x = 1/2, 2
(x - 1/2)(x - 2) = 0